Making a Homegoods Run? These Are the 5 Top Wellness Buys You’ll Find

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Similar to a runner's high, there's a certain level of exhilaration that comes with scoring a deal. It makes you feel happy, hyped up, and ready to take on the world (unlike an actual runner's high, there is zero science behind this, but just trust me—it's a thing). When it comes to decking out your home, there's no better place on the planet to chase this good feeling than, well, HomeGoods.

The brick-and-mortar decor mecca offers 20 to 60 percent discounts on a curated selection of designer furniture and accessories, and nowadays that includes some seriously swoon-worthy wellness buys. Every store is different, but a quick trip to local NYC storefronts resulted in crystal bookends, a hygge salt lamp, and an earthy sage holder. Here's the whole haul and what you can similarly find at a store near you.

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Agate book ends
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Agate book ends

Any energy healer worth their (pink Himalayan) salt will preach the healing benefits of agate in the home. Green moss agate is said to be the most powerful for its ability to balance emotions and enhance concentration, success, and endurance, while blue shades are known for their grounding and spiritual qualities.

Wellness buys
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Tea or sage holders

Whether you're looking for a place to stash your favorite herbal tea blends or your favorite herbs to smudge with, a high-vibe canister is just the ticket. This grey and opalescent one will give your herbs a home of their own and help keep your place neat and tidy.

wooden candle
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Wood candle holder

Real talk: Is there anything that creates a Zen den atmosphere more effectively than lighting a candle? Dressing your candles up in a chic holder, like this one, helps better integrate it into decor. Plus, using natural elements plays a huge part in helping to create Scandinavian-inspired hygge #feels.

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This stunning example of raw quartz is a thing of beauty—and a swoon-worthy addition to any room, whether or not you're a believer in the benefits of adding crystals to your space. You can use a piece like this as a book end, a decorative centerpiece, or an accessory on your bedside table, and let it work its magic throughout your space. If you need a little guidance, Los Angeles-based energy healer and crystal expert Luke Simon suggests keeping your quartz in the bathroom. “I think quartz would be great for near a bathtub," he says. "It’s clear and multi-faceted, but very directive like water. It would sort of mirror the clarifying and cleansing of the water, but for the mind."

salt lamp
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Salt lamps

Salt may have a bad rap when it comes to your diet, but when it's put in lamp form, the mineral has become a healthy home staple. Not only are these seriously pretty, but they also reputedly have crystal-like good-vibe properties. According to  Laura Benko, author of The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space, salt lamps release negative ions that can help clean the air of pollutants, including "electronic pollutants" that come from phone chargers, laptops, alarm clocks, and televisions. “This unique attribute makes for a healthier environment where you inexplicably just feel better," she says. And hey, they're easy on the eyes, too.

For even more affordable updates to your decor game, try one of these under-$100 hacks to give your bedroom a top-to-bottom makeover. Need a little inspo for your new look? Here's some hygge home advice, straight from the Scandinavians. 

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