How to Create a Last-Minute, Wellness-Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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You might not always offer them your full attention, but centerpieces are often the under appreciated go-getter of the holiday get-together. They’re the focus of the table, often serving as the spot where all dinner guests’ eyes rest, no matter how captivating the company or sumptuous the menu. So if you're anything like me and totally spaced that tomorrow is Turkey Day, fear not!

There are high-vibe items around your house and backyard that look beautiful as a table display and that people also associate with positivity (meaning: they can go nose-to-nose to with any mention of politics or tiff over whether to leave football glaring in the background as you eat). To help you pick the most successful elements to use as a focal point at your table, Lisa Levine, owner of the Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn, offered her suggestions for how to decorate the table.

“When we bring beauty and objects that inspire warmth, connection, and creativity into our homes, we are inviting these qualities into the gatherings as well,” says Levine. “Think of the centerpiece as an altar to your home, family and holiday wishes, so make it intentional and see what magic comes.”

Read on to discover the perfect mix of feel-good elements to incorporate into your holiday centerpiece.

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When mom says to bust out the crystal, she's probably not thinking rose quartz and garnet, but it turns out these can be a beautiful centerpiece displays. “I like warm-colored crystals for strengthening the lower chakras, which are our relationship centers, especially family relations,” says Levine, who recommends using a mix of garnet and orange calcite. And while any and all crystals can send some form of positive vibes, “rose quartz is especially helpful for the heart and family healing,” says Levine. “I also like carnelian for strength, connection, and vitality.” Need to relieve any recent (or ongoing) tension between family members? "Golden and yellow calcite can promote feelings of trust and warmth, which is perfect for family gatherings," she says. (And find out how to use crystals to clear your home's energy before your guests arrive, too.)

Natural Elements 

Thanksgiving can be a nice time to look to your surroundings for inspiration and gratitude. And the foliage that is outside can round out a centerpiece nicely. “Whatever you can find outside or at the store that’s beautiful, seasonal, and conveys the feeling of the harvest is perfect,” says Levine. “Think pine cones, fir branches, gourds, pumpkins, pomegranates, and figs.” (Here are more Pinterest-worthy centerpiece inspo curated with unexpected and easy-to-find elements.)

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Harnessing the power of aromatherapy to boost positivity and relieve stress is also an easy and stress-free fix so you can concentrate on all the other things you are checking off your pre-arrival to-do list. For mind-altering holiday scents, stick to what comes naturally, especially when considering your kitchen. “I love evergreen scents for candles and for incense—pine, cedar, and fir,” says Levine. Then let the aromas from your holiday cooking (such as sweet and savory cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, onions, pepper, and garlic) mix in with them for a comforting home-y scent that is all your own.

Need to add a dish or two to your menu that can work double duty and help build the perfect holiday aroma? Try one of these Well+Good editor approved Thanksgiving recipes or this vegan pumpkin mac and cheese.

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