The 5 Best Wellness Retreats for Black Women

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It’s hard to pin down the exact moment in a Black woman’s life when she may begin to feel the weight of the world on her shoulders. For some of us it happens seemingly in childhood, while for others it might strike much later, like when entering the workforce. While we, Black women, are not a monolithic group, many of us do share similar experiences with the familial and societal pressures placed upon us, and because of that shared experience we recognize the power of community-minded growth.

The assumption that we must take on Superwoman-like roles in a society that wasn’t built for Black women can—and often does—take a toll on us. Our need to shed the toxicity of workplace microaggressions, police brutality, and a government that continuously makes adverse decisions against our well-being is real. An overarching issue is that while Black women exhibit high rates of depression, we are also not likely to have adequate mental health care.

The rise of so many WOC-led communities, like Sad Girls Club and Black Girl In Om, does provide hope that we at the beginning stages of a collective healing journey. And it's completely necessary, because, simply put, Black women deserve a break. These are the five best wellness retreats for Black women.

1. The Colored Girl's Imara Retreat



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The Imara Retreat by The Colored Girl is an immersive space that is geared towards helping Black women reconnect with their power, in magical destinations like Marrakech and Johannesburg. Imara offers features that go beyond common tenants of yoga and meditation retreats with an added focus on panels and workshops from influential women. Past speakers have included CMO of Endeavor Bozoma Saint John, online course launch coach Danielle Leslie, and content creator Jade Kendle.

2. OMNoire Retreats

OMNoire was founded in 2017 by yoga teacher and entrepreneur Christina Rice. What started as a humble retreat in Grenada has grown to include destinations like the Poconos, Barbados, and Ghana. While attending the retreats, travelers can expect to connect with other Black women through activities like group meditation and intimate conversations. This social wellness community is one that aims to help Black women live well from the inside out.

3. Women of Color Healing Retreats

When the founder of Women of Color Healing Retreats, Satya, left New York City to explore Central America for five years, it was to escape the everyday racism she was experiencing in the United States. While she traveled to a number of different countries during that time, Costa Rica is where her wellness journey really began to take shape. Since then, she's been hosting an annual healing retreat there for Black women. Satya’s retreats focus on holistic eating, yoga, meditation, and connecting with nature (hello, jungle hikes). They’re designed to help Black women disconnect from their psychological traumas and take the time to heal.

4. The Whole Experience


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Dreaming of Bali 2020 ? We only have EIGHT spaces left for our upcoming retreat. Join us today - link in bio to register!

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As a traveling health retreat, The Whole Experience is open to all women, and is a great choice for Black women who are looking for a safe space that prioritizes health alongside the community. The retreat is hosted in various countries including Italy, Thailand, Bali, and Greece, each location offers vegetarian meals and mindfulness seminars. The Whole Experience is designed to teach attendees how to make healthy living sustainable. If you’re looking for Black sisterhood and community, TWE might be the wellness retreat for you.

5. MTYRetreat

Founded by Myleik Teele, CEO of Curlbox, MTY Retreat is on a mission to restore, educate, and transform its attendees. Talks and fireside chats with Black female actors (like Yvonne Orji, of HBO’s Insecure) and entrepreneurs (like Morgan DeBaun, founder of Blavity) are highlights of the itineraries. The retreat is hosted annually in Mexico, and offers recharging activities, including beach parties and prayer circles.

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