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The Best Wellness Stocking Stuffers, All Under $20 (Oh, and They Ship for Free)

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Stocking stuffers don't always have to be purchased from the candy aisle at Target (although, yes, we'll take that too, thanks). Infuse a little bit of wellness into your Christmas morning with these picks—we've got everything from sleep masks, to guided journals, to resistance bands you can use during your next workout. Best of all? It's all under $20, and every item on this list ships for free.

So, before shipping turns into a game of "will it get here in time or not," get your loved ones (or yourself) some budget-friendly stocking stuffers, because you know you're going to forget and leave it until the very last moment—and scrambling down those scant aisles for the very last Terry's Orange Chocolate Ball is as stressful as it sounds.


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The best wellness stocking stuffers, all under $20

Fable & Mane Scalp Massager Comb — $15.00

Not only is a scalp massage soothing and relaxing, but it may promote healthy hair growth, too. This beautiful ebony wood comb is part wellness gift, part work of art.

sephora mask
SEPHORA COLLECTION Goodnight Set Sleep Mask & Gua Sha — $20.00

Speaking of massage, a little nighttime facial massage with a gua sha stone and a satiny eye mask for sleep will help you (or your loved one) score some serious shuteye in the new year.

self care
Guided Journal — $10.00

Truly, one can never have too many journals. That’s the way things go, and we don’t question it. And we love this one especially, because it has guided prompts for those who need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling.

quip Metal Refillable Floss Pick Starter Kit — $20.00

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: Floss? As a gift? And we’re here to say heck yes. Oral health is important, and it doesn’t have to be le boring. Make flossing fun (and stylish) with this sustainable approach to flossing.

PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Mini Hydrating Mist — $7.00

If you need a hair refresh mid-day, just spritz some of PATTERN hydrating mist to revitalize your hair (this is formulated for wavy, curly, and coily hair). It’s got hydrating ingredients like aloe, hops extract, and cacay oil that bring your strands back to life. Oh, and it’s color-safe, too.


NEST New York Grapefruit Mini Hand Sanitizer — $10.00

Hand sanitizer has become an absolute must—why not make it a little nicer? This fresh scent from NEST makes a thoughtful gift out of a posh essential.

Aura Cacia Ready-to-Use Lavender Essential Oil Blend — $8.00

Lavender is such a staple, the yogi (or oil-diffuser-loving bestie) in your life is probably due for a refill. Dab a little bit of lavender on your wrists when you’re feeling stressed or need to wind down, or pour a few drops into your diffuser—lavender can help destress, and it also just smells lovely.

JOMO Journal: Embrace the Joy of Missing Out — $15.00

Give staying in a new (more mindful) meaning with this notebook, which will help you embrace JOMO in the best possible way. It’s chock-full of prompts and activities to help occupy your mind while your body melts into the couch.

bala bands
Bala Bands, Set of 5 — $17.00

Believe it or not, gifting fitness equipment for under $20 is possible. This set of resistance bands comes with five loops (ranging from “extra light” to “extra heavy”) that are decorated with motivational phrases so your recipient can “keep it moving” well into the new year.

self care truth or dare
Self-Care Truth or Dare — $15.00

A new take on the classic “truth or dare,” each of these 100 cards will either ask you to take stock of your current wellness routine (those are the “truths”) or challenge you to try something new (and those, of course, are the “dares.”). Play it alone or with a friend—either way, it’s sure to be a treat.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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