This Is What It’s Like to Walk Into a Real-Life Wellness Wonderland

Picture this: You step into a room and immediately feel the Zen vibes you're always chasing during your self-care time. You look around and see tables lined with all the wellness-boosting tech, tinctures, and teas you can imagine, the healthy pantry of your dreams stocked with all the buzziest snacks, and a mocktail bar that makes you forget it’s not the real thing—all in one place.

When my entire office started buzzing that such a place finally existed IRL, I knew I had to get myself there ASAP. Where is this real-life wellness mecca, you ask? STORY at Macy's—an experiential space that brings a new theme to life every few months. And from now until April at the STORY flagship inside New York City's Herald Square Macy's (along with 19 variations of the experience at other locations across the country) it's focused on—you guessed it—wellness.

Feel Good STORY (which was created in collaboration with Well+Good editors—we are the experts, after all) is chock-full of all the pro tips and next-level tools you need to feel nourished, balanced, and energized.

STORY is like the grown-up version of Disney World, but instead of treats and rides, there are meditation booths and foam rollers galore.

First impression? Those grapevine rumors didn't disappoint. STORY is like the grown-up version of Disney World, but instead of treats and rides, there are meditation booths, foam rollers galore, and tons of other wellness gems I will be adding to my birthday, holiday, and just-because wish lists this year.

Before I got lost on a shopping spree, I wanted to know the inspo behind this wellness lover's fairytale. According to the editor letter on the entryway wall, wellness can be confusing and intimidating (we've all felt it), and with that insight, Feel Good STORY became the wellness store we've all been waiting for.

Keep scrolling for a closer look at the ultimate wellness store, plus all the reasons you need to plan a visit ASAP.

Self-care station

When it comes to me-time, I have zero restrictions on how Zen I get, which is why I had serious heart eyes for this part of the wellness store. From a velvet gratitude journal to let out all the feels, to overnight moisturizing gel socks (because these dry feet are in need of some pre-summer hydration) to a ceramic teapot and infuser, one stroll through this section provided me with enough resources for a year of JOMO.

wellness store

Chill-out zone

Not saying this was my favorite part of my field trip, but this was my favorite part. In these individual pods (provided by ROOM at the Herald Square location), you can set up shop with your phone or computer—but instead of using this quiet time to zoom through your inbox, it's for you to take a breather.

Inside each of the mini rooms is a postcard prompting you to take a photo of the QR code featured that allows you to download a guided meditation from Calm. From there, you can select which meditation you want, and you're all set to soak up all the chill vibes.

wellness store

Mystic manor

If I'm being real with you, my wellness routine rarely calls on astrology or mysticism, but I've always wanted to learn more about these practices. So, I scoped out a beginner's tarot card deck that had my name all over it, new moon botanical bath tea (hello, self care part two), and a wish bracelet. I'm still not quite a mystic convert, but I'm keeping my mind open, and this experience set me up for exploration.

A nook for nourishment

A sea of colorfully packaged snacks that are also good for me? This is where I belong. With mocktail kits, delicious turmeric tonics, and of course several copies of The Well+Good Cookbook, I'm leaving here with more better-for-me goodies than can fit inside my apartment pantry (sorry, roomies).

In addition to this unreal display of trendy food, the other side of this column features commonly asked questions (which you can find throughout the entire space relating to each section's theme)—like how to feel one step ahead of your routine or how to adjust to changes in life—that are all answered by our own editors. If that's not wellness IRL, I don't know what is.

All-about-balance corner

As you can see, this oh-so-balancing section of Feel Good STORY is created mainly out of foam rollers, which connects with the space's overarching theme of coupling playful, wellness humor with useful info.

Other than feeling totally captivated by the foam decor, I found a pillow spray to help boost my zzz's, sleep headphones (yep, that's a thing), and a blue-light blocking phone protector. Balance is something I do struggle with, so I am definitely sensing a repeat excursion to this nook is in my future.

Want to know something even cooler I learned while checking out the wellness store? STORY holds various events like yoga, journaling, and tie-dye workshops if you want more interactive healthy experiences. And if you can't swing through before April 10 (even though you're so missing out), you can get your hands on these essentials online. Not sure about you, but retail therapy has never felt this good.

Sponsored by STORY at Macy's

Photos: STORY at Macy's

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