In 2018, Your Home Style Could Get a Whole Lot Healthier (and Palo Santo-Scented)

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If 2017 was the year of staying in, 2018 is decidedly the time when your home gets a whole lot healthier. The inspiring, stylish design details that adorn the places where we chill out—like yoga studios, drop-in meditation studios decked out with crystals, and even that spa we should be so lucky to sneak off to—are now adorning our living rooms. And it’s going way beyond scented candles and bath caddies.

"Because more people are going to meditation and yoga studios, you see decor that takes cues from these places," says Elana Kilkenny, a sacred space designer who recommends making deep energetic changes to your home, but says smaller changes can also be impactful. "For some, bringing pieces like crystals and salt lamps into their homes can be a quick way to bring more calm into their surroundings." The most covetable pieces in home decor are pottery dishes for burning palo santo, aromatherapy diffusers and oils, crystal bookends and coasters, and Himalayan salt lamps. And the buzzy hygge and Swedish lagom design trends are influencing this nesting trend, too.

A sign of the design times: These once woo-woo wellness items are now being stocked in big box stores like Home Depot.

A sign of the design times: These once woo-woo wellness items are now being stocked in big box stores like Home Depot. (We repeat: Home Depot!) It has a plethora of Himalayan salt lamps, which are said to emit the same healthy negative ions of a walk along the ocean. West Elm sells terrariums and succulents galore. (BTW: Pinterest says that searches for indoor plants have risen over 200 percent in the last year alone.) Amazon is now a major distributor of essential oil diffusers. And IKEA sells affordable faux sheepskin rugs, so that you can layer them on every surface of your home.

Says Elizabeth Kohn, the interior designer-founder of The Cristalline: "People want to feel good in their homes, just as much as the clothes that they wear or the food they put in their bodies." Which explains why Lululemon tested a Pottery Barn collaboration this year, and why other wellness brands may also turn to home furnishings in 2018.

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