Exclusive: You Can Now Break a Peloton-Style Sweat in Your Hotel Room

Photo: Westin Hotels & Resorts
You're obsessed with indoor cycling and swear by your daily group spin class, whether it's IRL or at home. But you've got a bachelorette party coming up—how will you deal? Well, life just got a little easier because in-room spinning is the latest perk for the wellness-savvy traveler.

Westin Hotels & Resorts and Peloton have teamed up—making it possible for you to do virtual spin classes without leaving the privacy of your on-the-road home sweet home. (So yes, Robin Arzon can now travel with you.)

Available in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Boston, Tampa Bay, and Richmond, VA, each "WestinWorkout" room is equipped with a Peloton Pro bike and includes up to 14 hours per day of live classes (led by your favorite New York City instructors) and 5,000 on-demand workouts.

More than 70 percent of global travelers say they struggle to maintain their wellness routines on the road.

In even more cities—more than 30 in all, including New York City, Seattle, Denver, and Austin—multiple Peloton bikes have been added to each fitness room (perfect for a pre-party sweat sesh or a conference lunch break with your coworkers).

"Peloton members often say the hardest part of traveling is that their Peloton bike cannot come with them," says Sarah Lipton, Westin's senior director, global brand management and marketing, adding that a recent survey conducted by the hotel found that more than 70 percent of global travelers struggle to maintain their wellness routines on the road. "Together, we've put motivating group fitness classes at guests' fingertips at any time that suits their schedule, without ever having to leave the building."

The Peloton partnership is Westin's latest attempt to woo fit travelers—the hotel installed run concierges at several locations last year and will lend you New Balance sneakers if you forgot your running shoes. (Between the hotel pool, the Peloton bikes, and the run concierge, you've got a travel-worthy triathlon at your fingertips!)

So whether you're already hooked on spinning and can't live without it while on the road or you've been considering taking a test ride, now's your time. Consider this proof that the travel world is paying major attention to the healthy habits of its customers—bridal parties included.

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