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Thin Hair, Rejoice: This $10 Brush Smoothes and Detangles Without Causing Ripping or Breakage

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From photos alone, you might think that I have full, thick, voluminous hair. In reality, it’s very long, super fine, and (although my mom and friends assure me otherwise) seems to be thinning along my part. As such, I have to invest a little extra TLC when maintaining my mane. In addition to scouring out products that won’t weigh my strands down, or make them look greasy in mere hours (a common occurrence for my finicky mane), I have to be mindful about how I brush my hair.

Over the years, I’ve tested a variety of brushes in an attempt to tame my hair—which, BTW, has a frustrating tendency for tangling. Tangle Teezers, Mason Pearson boar’s bristle paddle brushes for $130, mixed-bristle brushes—you name it, I’ve tried it. Of all the brushes I’ve tried, the Wet Brush Original Detangler Brush ($8) had always been the tool I found myself going back to, largely because it made unfurling knots less painful than any other brush I’d tried, but also because it’s affordable, and sold in so many colors and prints.

For years, I relied on the Wet Brush Original Detangler Brush, assuming that it was as good it gets. But then, the Wet Brush Custom Care Thin Hair Brush ($10) came out and everything changed.


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Created with fewer soft elastic bristles (78, to be exact), this brush is designed to effortlessly detangle stubborn snarls of hair without wreaking any havoc on fine strands. And after using it for the past two months, I can attest to just how well it works. When passing it through my hair, I can hardly feel it—which at first made me question whether or not it would actually work. But, somehow, some way, it leaves my hair completely free of knots, all without ripping out excess strands in the process.

And other shoppers agree with me. "There's no question this brush is saving my very fine, straight, thin hair. I'm in my 60s and have had a good deal of breakage from my trusty wide-tooth comb. Based on other reviews, I thought I would try this brush. Very satisfied! I use a detangling spray (store brand or Johnson's)….then use the brush. It glides over just-washer hair, massages my scalp and leaves little to no hair torn out. I follow it with the comb to add my part and that's that. Comfortable and lightweight in my hand....very gentle to use. Highly recommend this brush!" one customer writes on Amazon.

Another says, "I have very fine hair and was recently told to buy a brush for my hair type rather than just a standard hair brush. that turned out to be excellent advice and this brush is great!! it doesn't put out as much hair as a standard hair brush and actually manages to massage my scalp. highly recommend!"

I’ve used it on my hair when it’s wet, as well as when it’s dry, and the results are the same: Perfectly combed tresses without a tangle in sight.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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