The One Wellness Hack That’s Changed Miranda Kerr’s Life

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Whether it’s essentials oilshealing crystals (she loves rose quartz, FYI), or superfoods for your skin, Miranda Kerr has her wellness bases covered. Plus, as a supermodel and clean beauty advocate, the Well+Good Council member has had plenty of time to road test healthy hacks over the years. Here, she shares the one wellness trick that she swears by—for a whole range of benefits.

In the name of wellness, I've tried leech therapy for my skin—which was interesting. I quite liked it. I've done a goat milk cleanse a few times. You have to get specific herbs to take with the goat milk, and it's really good to clean your body.

But I've picked up one wellness trick that's made a major difference in my life. It's so simple, too.

That really makes me feel so alive and it's really energizing.

I'll either have a completely cold shower, which is so energizing and good for your circulation and your hair—basically it's good for everything. But if you're not feeling that intense, at the end of your shower you can just rinse with cold water. That really makes me feel so alive and it's really energizing. It's so good for you.

I do this every single day. I love it. Even my son, Flynn, loves it too. He doesn't take a full cold shower but he does the rinse at the end because he loves it and feels better afterwards.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is an advocate for clean beauty, self-care, and heathy travel—as well as the creator of Kora Organics, an all-natural Australian beauty line.

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