3 Ways Miranda Kerr Makes It Super Easy for Her Whole Family to Eat Healthy

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Supermodel and clean beauty advocate Miranda Kerr has the kind of healthy glow that makes you ask: What is *she* doing? As a Well+Good Council member, she's here to spill her secrets. Radiant skin and overall good health, Kerr says, begins with the food you eat, which is why she makes it a priority to shop organic and cook at home—with her whole family. 

It's funny how when you're a kid, you don't understand that health really is wealth. With my son Flynn, I try to make things delicious and nutritious, mostly with healthy substitutions that I sneak in.

We buy food that's mostly organic from local farmers' markets, which is important so that Flynn knows where the food's coming from and understands that the farmers are selling their produce. As much as we can, we try to avoid pre-packaged food because making it at home is always best.

I try to make things delicious and nutritious, mostly with healthy substitutions that I sneak in.

But eating healthy all the time is tricky because my son will go through phases: One week he’ll like sweet potato, and then he won't eat it. You've just got to try to keep finding other little alternatives and be open-minded with substitutions.

Keep reading for the 3 tricks I use to make my son's food healthier.

1. Use healthy oils

There are simple things I do, like switching cooking oils for healthier options. Many people don't realize some cooking oils aren't good for you and are only good for your salads. I'm a huge proponent of coconut oil, which can be used to cook at high temperatures.

2. Sneak in spices

I like to make sure that the salt I use is pink Himalayan salt or sea salt instad of table salt. Then I'll add healthy spices in everything—and Flynn doesn't even know! Whether I'm making turmeric chicken with garlic and lemon or bolognese with some Bragg's apple cider vinegar mixed with turmeric, fresh cut tomatoes, and garlic and onions, he'll be, "Ooh, this is delicious." If I make him chicken tenders, I use almond flour with coconut flour on the outside so that it's healthy but still in the way he likes.

3. Keep healthy snacks on-hand

Having lots of healthy snacks ready to go is important. I'll cut up vegetables and homemade hummus. Sometimes, Flynn will have a fresh cut-up apple with some almond butter and a little honey on top. He also really likes blueberries dipped in sheep's milk yogurt. When I put them in the freezer, he loves it—they're like little frozen-yogurt blueberry bites.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is an advocate for clean beauty, self-care, and heathy travel—as well as the creator of Kora Organics, an all-natural Australian beauty line.

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