3 Zodiac Signs Are Ruled by the Air Element, Which Is Basically the Universe’s Ravenclaw

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Knowing your ruling element is key to understanding your astrological forever mood. Zodiac elements, or triplicities are what determines the core of a person's temperament. They're grouped into—you guessed it—clusters of three: air, water, Earth, and fire signs. But like with every astrological quality, each element tends to come with its hiccups that need to be energetically balanced. To get specific, you may ask what are the air signs? What are their strengths, what are their weaknesses, and how (if you're especially airy) can you keep your active mind from floating away?

They're all apt questions because when you're an air sign, you're bound to get carried away by your intellect. It's not a huge problem, but it's one worth being able to balance so you don't, you know, lose yourself in your smarty-pants in-the-clouds thoughts.

What are the air signs and how do they achieve balance?

The official lineup for air signs includes Gemini with a mutable modality, Libra with a cardinal modality, and Aquarius with a fixed modality. This difference in modality (or quadruplicity) among each of the signs in the air element points to how each sign reacts to the world, whereas ruling elements are more so a commentary on each sign's temperament.

"Air signs usually seek mental stimulation and information above all. They are intelligent, witty and cerebral," says Carolyne Faulkner, astrologer and author of The Signs. "Prone to overthink or dip into negative, paranoid vibes if overstimulated or tired, this is the element that delivers concepts, ideas, and ingenuity."

"Prone to overthink or dip into negative, paranoid vibes if overstimulated or tired, this is the element that delivers concepts, ideas, and ingenuity." —astrologer Carolyne Faulkner

They're the Ravenclaws of the zodiac wheel, if you will. That means that the biggest struggle that air signs face is the possibility of being mentally overstimulated. They'll stay up all night brainstorming, ideating, thinking of new and fresh ways to Do The Thing, and then show up to work the next day sluggish and burnt out. Strong air energy has the potential to blow you off course if you let it run wild, so what should you do in order to stand your ground?

Faulkner says in order to receive energetic balance, prioritize being able to clear your mind of the endless chatter that probably preoccupies it. "Unplug from electronics often and learn meditation," she says. When you try to pare down the digital and mental clutter in your life, you'll keep yourself from being windswept, frazzled, and unfocused.

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