3 Zodiac Signs Are Ruled by Fire—Here’s How to Cool Down the Heat for Balance

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Most folks, regardless of their baseline zodiac knowledge know the basic traits of their sun sign (what you read when you check out your horoscope). Some may even be clued-in to their moon signs, which speaks to the person's emotional, internal-leaning energy, and their rising sign, which is how others see them. Another feature to consider though, is your zodiac sign's element. There are four elements, or triplicities, and each sign belongs to one. The elements—Earth, water, fire, and air—often explain what pushes you in a certain direction, and fire signs can burn particularly bright.

What are the fire signs, you ask, and what, specifically, do the ruling elements do? Think of the elements as another cliquey way the zodiac wheel sections us off and also brings us together. While the modalities (or quadruplicities)—cardinal, mutable, and fixed—speak to our behavior and how we react to the world, ruling elements more so act as commentary on our temperament.

"Our star signs, also known as sun signs, are only one part of a much bigger picture," says astrologer Carolyne Faulkner, author of The Signs. "Some people are very much aligned to their sun sign, in terms of temperament. If they are not, this indicates that an aspect is changing the output of energy."

"Fire signs usually seek action and adventure above all. They are forces of nature who motivate the self and others with ease." —Carolyne Faulkner, astrologer

That's a gentle reminder that regardless of what your sun sign is, there might be other planets or qualities that push your personality in other directions. Quick example: I'm a very Taurus-y Taurus, but my rising and moon signs are both in Virgo, so some days I'm just a hyper-anxious perfectionist who gets hung up on the details. But, I digress.

"Regardless, if we are to maximize our time on earth and realize soul contentment, we need to balance the elements in our full birth charts," Faulkner says. So getting in touch with your sign's element may help you even out the less-than-savory qualities in your personality makeup. And the energy of fire shows that some signs just want to watch the world burn...and let me go out on a limb and say they're all rams.

What are the fire signs, and how can you balance out those flames?

Without further ado, the fire signs are Aries, with a cardinal modality, Leo, with a fixed modality, and Sagittarius, with a mutable modality. So while each of these elemental triplicities may react differently to conflict and circumstance, each are tied with a thread of similar personality.

"Fire signs usually seek action and adventure above all. They are forces of nature who motivate the self and others with ease," says Faulkner. "Prone to be self-centered, overly dramatic, or attention seeking if they are not fulfilled, this is the element that makes things happen and drives to actualize the intangible."

None of this is necessarily a bad thing, either—think of fire signs as your fast-acting and large-living pals. That said, it's really easy for fire signs to burn out or, well, scorch their friends in the quest for attention. This being true, how does one, say, make peace with the more incendiary aspects of the fire sign element?

"Slow down, learn how to relax, and be in the precious moment," Faulkner advises. That should ensure that you project and embrace more warmth than smoldering hellfire. Though, I know, I know, smoldering hellfire is such a fantastical look.

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