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If You’re Going to Invest in One Skin-Care Device, Derms Say Your Best Bet Is to Make It This Face-Firming One

If you're going to drop nearly $500 on a skin-care device, you want to be sure you're getting your money's worth. One that gets the dermatologist stamp of approval? The ZIIP Ox ($480)—a do-it all tool that uses microcurrent technology to tackle everything from acne to wrinkles.

"ZIIP is a microcurrent device, and microcurrent has been shown to use low levels of electricity to enhance muscle tone and wound repair, often giving a lifted appearance to skin by stimulating production of new collagen fibers," says Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City. According to Joshua Zeichner, another board-certified dermatologist based in NYC, it helps to strengthen the skin's foundation, providing a firming effect that does away with fine lines and wrinkles. "Unlike traditional devices, this one utilizes nanocurrent,  which deliver a smaller electrical wavelength and are thought to penetrate into the deeper skin layers," he says.

ZIIP Beauty Electrical Device, $485

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The device comes with nine different treatment options. While many of these treatments have traditionally been reserved for the dermatologist's office, the ZIIP allows you to get them at home in under 10 minutes. It's got an antibacterial setting that can purportedly clear away acne. Plus, other modes that allow it to help to depuff your eyes, sculpt your face, even out hyperpigmentation, calm irritated skin, and aid in lymphatic drainage (...try saying that three times fast).

"When used properly, along with the provided coupling gel, the procedure is quick and painless," says Dr. Zeichner. "While these devices do not take the place of in-office treatments or surgical procedures, they are great as maintenance between professional treatments or for people not ready to do them."

For best results, pros suggests using the ZIIP "regularly" (which in dermatologist speak means "two or three times per week"). Many of our editors are die-hard ZIIP users themselves, and each of them have fallen in love with it for a different reason (one for its de-puffing properties, another for its skin-clearing abilities, and another for its sculpting prowess). No matter what skin issue you're dealing with, you can consider this particular device well worth the money.

See what happened when one W+G staffer tested the ZIIP for herself in the video below. 

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