I’m an Astrologer, and This Is the Biggest Reason You Don’t Identify With Your Zodiac Sign

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Astrology might frustrate you if it seems to only apply to other people. That is, you might be into the concept of having the stars forecast your future, but while your Scorpio friends feel like Scorpios, and your Gemini friends feel like Geminis, and so on and so forth, the profile designated for you by your sun sign just doesn't resonate with you. So what does it mean if you don't identify with your zodiac sign? Well, it might just be that you're not living up to your true self.

"The birth chart personality—which is basically the person that is described by the positioning of the solar system in each constellation—is not you, but the description of your ideal self," says Veroshk Williams, PhD, astrologer and clinical psychologist. "This guides the individual throughout life to basically achieve that ideal self. If you aren’t that ideal self, that’s how you might feel like you are not aligned with your zodiac sign."

"The birth chart personality is not you, but the description of your ideal self. This guides the individual throughout life to basically achieve that ideal self." —Veroshk Williams, PhD, astrologer

Interesting. So, instead of regarding your sun sign as an indicator of your core identity, reframe its description as something to aspire to—the person you can become at your highest power.

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If you're seeking realignment in order to reach this ideal description, Dr. Williams suggests you learn more about your star sign and work through any identity issues precluding you from feeling at one with it. "Basically, know all about your ideal self and work to become it," she says. "This can be done in conjunction with psychological therapy focused on self-concept, self-understanding, and acceptance."

If you want to smart small, you can get in tune with your sign's element. For a rundown, there are fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Dr. Williams suggests making it a goal to apply what you know about your element to everything in your life.

And if you suspect something else is the culprit for your misalignment, there could be other possibilities. Below, Dr. Williams outlines three major examples.

What if you don't align with your zodiac sign? These 3 things situations may be to blame

1. You're born on the verge of two signs

"Another possibility might be that because you're born on the days that the sun typically changes from one constellation to another, which are days 18 to 25 of a month," says Dr. Williams. "When you did your birth chart online or through an app, it didn’t calculate your zodiac sign correctly. This is why it is better to have professional astrological software to calculate your chart, which you get on a reading with an astrologer."

While it's normal to adopt traits of a different sign if you're born on the cusp of two, you're always one or the other. So if you're born on the day the sun is supposed to move into a new astrological season, it could be worth fact-checking with an astro to see where you actually land.

2. Parental influence

"It can happen that someone is not aligned to their zodiac sign because the person was raised by strong personalities from other signs that basically disable that person to achieve the integration of his or her sun personality to the self," says Dr. Williams. "For example, someone that is Pisces is raised by Virgo and Sagittarius parents. This parenting combination might lead to self-misalignment and confusion."

This checks out for me, personally. Though I'm a Taurus through and through, my Virgo and Sagittarius parents have definitely left me with a fun identity crisis over whether I want to be a devil-may-care wanderer or a care-about-everything planner.

3. You have too many planets in one sign

Remember, while your sun sign is supposed to be your soul's essence, there are other planets in the chart that provide nuance to your personality. You might love differently from your star sign stereotype due to a strong Venus placement, or you might communicate in a certain way because of your Mercury sign. But if your Venus, your Mercury, your Mars and your Pluto are all in the same sign, you just might show up as radically different sign.

"Another reason for the misalignment is that your birth chart has more influence on another sign that is not your sun sign," says Dr. Williams. "For example, you have the sun in Libra, but you have three other main planets in Leo. You might feel and act more like a Leo, and not so much as a Libra. The goal is to always look to be more like your sun sign."

Of course, if you're perfectly happy feeling like another sign, who are we to tell you how to to live? Go on with your faux Leo self!


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