What Gives You the ‘Ick’ in a Relationship, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’ve ever caught an unsavory glimpse at your partner gulping down soup or experienced full-blown embarrassment from the way their legs dangle while sitting at a bar, congratulations! (Er, rather, I’m so sorry.) You’ve experienced the “ick,” a cringe-inducing sensation of being grossed out by seemingly mundane behavior, according to TikTok. As it turns out, there are an infinite number of innocuous actions that can fall into this camp of turn-offs. But while these repulsed reactions may seem arbitrary at first glance, the qualities of each zodiac sign could hint at what gives different people the ick.

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Just as your birth chart can help you deepen your understanding of your unique characteristics and what makes you tick, it can also help you get to the bottom of what makes your stomach churn. That’s because the planets in your chart—and the signs they occupy—lay out all sorts of things, from the way you communicate and approach relationships to how you experience stress and how you apologize. And yes, a few of those planetary placements can, indeed, reveal why watching your partner toss up a peace sign or non-ironically pucker up their lips for a photo has the power to make you physically wince.

If you’re an Aquarius, an air sign known to be emotionally unavailable, it’s easy to see why you might get the ick if your partner made an overt display of affection.

In particular, knowing the qualities of your sun sign (aka the zodiac sign you’d read a horoscope for) can shed light on what gives you the ick. For example, if you’re an Aquarius, an air sign known to be emotionally unavailable, it’s easy to see why you might get the ick if your partner made an overt display of affection. Aside from your sun sign, though, a few other placements can nod to your potential icks, too, says astrologer Astrodim, including your Mercury sign (which reflects how you process things) and Mars sign, which “not only speaks to motivations and passions but also anger and frustration,” she says.

According to astrologer Lauren Ash, it’s also smart to consider the signs of your moon (which rules over emotions) and Mars in relation to those of your partner’s—aka what astrological aspects these key planets form with each other. For example, a square aspect (which occurs when planets are located three signs apart) is known to be a challenging one, so if your natal moon is square to your partner's natal Mars, they may be a person who easily riles you up, says Ash. “These people often seem to leave you feeling frustrated, almost as if they’re doing it on purpose,” she says. Cue: mysterious ick.

Getting the ick from your partner can be jarring, especially when their actions are relatively harmless (besides making you recoil, that is). Read on to see what behavior is most likely to give each zodiac sign the ick in a relationship and why, so you can better understand this feeling if it happens to you.

What gives each zodiac sign the ick in a relationship, according to astrologers


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Ick: Indifference

Fast, gutsy, and full of passion, you’re all about chasing the thrill, Aries. So, if your partner seems apathetic about anything—or worse, something you’re passionate about—you could feel immediately turned off. “Aries has a lot of energy and focus to accomplish their goals, so their biggest ick is a partner who seems passionless or ambitious,” says Ash. Clearly, you’re an action-forward person and need someone who can keep up with you.


Ick: Awkwardness

You are the zodiac’s epitome of elegance and likely have a clear vision of your ideal romantic relationship. So, even if you’re deeply in love with your partner, if they’re giving off Jessica Day from New Girl vibes (read: totally awkward), you could catch the ick. That’s because your planetary ruler, Venus, keeps you in a perpetual state of grace, says Astrodim. “People need a certain level of poise to hang with you,” she says. “You need to feel comfortable taking a partner out and knowing you're not at risk of feeling embarrassed.”


Ick: Interrupting

As a chatty air sign, you typically have a million tabs open in your mind, Gemini. And that becomes apparent when you communicate, as you immerse yourself in any variety of topics. But the second a partner cuts you off, you could feel a sense of disgust. “If someone tries to stop you from expressing yourself fully, especially with a point that has no basis or proof, you could get very turned off,” says Astrodim.


Ick: Emotionlessness 

Empathy is your superpower, Cancer. It’s how you process and communicate with the world—and as a result, a partner acting emotionless or concealing their feelings could be a major turn-off for you. After all, your planetary ruler, the moon, is the planet of moods and emotions, so you’re likely to view it as a sign of immaturity if your partner chooses to ice you out, says Ash.


Ick: Imitation

Sure, you may be flattered if a partner finds inspiration in your style. After all, you’re fully aware of your star power as the fixed fire sign of the zodiac. But chances are, nothing gives you a bigger ick than when you feel like your partner is flat-out copying you. Even if your partner wears a similar outfit, that’s sure to bother you, says Astrodim. “Leos like to stand out and have everyone revolve around them—similar to how the planets revolve around the sun,” she says. And a copycat poses a threat to that.


Ick: Disorganization

You’ve earned the reputation of being neat and put-together for a reason, Virgo. You’re a Mercurial sign, but more specifically, “your side of Mercury is connected to practical order, details, patterns, and routine,” says Astrodim. In turn, nothing makes you squirm in disgust more than when your partner is untidy or disorderly.


Ick: Social buzzkills

You have a tendency to keep the party going past its expiration date, Libra. And your social status is incredibly sacred to you. So, if your partner tries to kill your fun vibe, you’ll be totally put off. “Libras cannot stand serious or tense energy and will only deal with that energy if it’s needed,” says Astrodim. Safe to say, if your partner isn’t ready to paint the town red with you, they might as well sit this one out.


Ick: Small talk

When it comes to your relationships, you prefer them to be deep and full of passion. And you have no interest in superficial conversation. “Your biggest ick is when someone can’t think deeply about something or take something seriously,” says Ash. You might even be grossed-out or offended if your partner tries to gab about the weather or workplace gossip.


Ick: Comfort zones

As a Jupiter-ruled fire sign, you can’t stand it when you feel like you’re being held back in any capacity, Sagittarius. “That’s why you can’t vibe with people who are too overbearing or feel the need to push their ideas and opinions onto others,” says Ash. You crave adventure, so the fastest way for you to catch the ick is when your partner acts as if they’re scared to try something new.


Ick: Untrustworthiness 

You’re known for being responsible, disciplined, and hard-working as a sign ruled by Saturn. And as a result, you’ll pour everything you have into a relationship that matters to you. But that means your partner needs to be as all-in and accountable as you are. “You basically live by the saying, ‘My word is my bond,’ so if your partner goes against their own word, you’ll quickly lose respect for them,” says Astrodim.


Ick: PDA of any kind

Nothing gives you the ick like your partner getting touchy with you in a public space, Aquarius. That’s because you’re known to be a little standoffish when it comes to expressing romantic interest—even if you're head over heels for a partner. But your distaste for PDA likely isn’t limited to physical touch, adds Astrodim. “If your partner tries to push you to express your feelings too intensely, you could be just as ready to run,” she says.


Ick: Over-practicality

You’re the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces. You don’t appreciate feeling restricted and need to feel supported in your abstract ideas. So, it makes sense that you’d get put off by a partner whose intense pragmatism about or in response to a situation borders on pessimism. “If your partner is too critical of your passions or can’t see the bigger picture, you won’t be into it,” says Ash.

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