A Cazimi Is a Super Powerful Astrological Alignment—Here’s the Lucky Energy You Can Expect From All 8 of Them

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The sun is one of the most powerful forces we know. Casting its ever-present rays and shrouding us in warmth, the star at the center of our solar system has long been worshipped in different cultures for its life-giving properties. From an astrological perspective, the sun is also thought to spark vitality and energy, and in turn, to boost the strength and power of any planet with which it forms a close connection or conjunction. This alignment is what astrologers call cazimi, a concept that first appeared around the sixth or seventh century in the works of the Hellenistic astrologer Rhetorius.

When referring to cazimi, astrologers often speak of a planet being in the heart of the sun. This poetic parlance is actually a reflection of the word’s origin, derived from the Arabic term kaṣmīmi, which means “as if in the heart.”

What, exactly, is a cazimi, and how does it affect us?

As noted above, a planet is cazimi when it forms a close conjunction with the sun. But what does close mean? Medieval astrologers define this as a planet being within 17 minutes of the arc of the sun, whereas in other traditions, the proximity between the two can be up to one zodiacal degree (which accounts for 60 minutes). Regardless of the precise definition, we can experience the energetic effects of this astrological phenomenon for hours before and after the exact conjunction.

When a cazimi occurs, the qualities that the planet embodies are thought to be purified, strengthened, and more greatly illuminated.

When a cazimi occurs, the qualities of the planet involved are thought to be purified, strengthened, and more greatly illuminated. Essentially, the closeness of the sun is thought to fortify the planet's energy, making it a great time of auspiciousness for all the traits and realms of life associated with the planet. (Talk about a planet having star power!)

For most planets, cazimi occurs once per year—when the planet's orbit aligns with that of the sun—whereas, for a faster-moving planet (like Mercury), it can occur several times annually. And if we take the moon into account, there is a lunar cazimi monthly, at the moments just before and after the new moon, when the moon lines up directly with the sun.

While we all have access to the inspiration that each cazimi offers, if the cazimi planet is also the planetary ruler for your sun, moon, or rising sign, you may find it especially easy to connect with the rays of opportunity available.

Below, you'll find an exploration of each of the eight planetary cazimis; mark your calendar for the upcoming ones, while also reflecting back to the past to see what may have unfolded for the ones that already occurred this year. Considering how each cazimi may have given your life a unique boost can help you better harness its energy the next time it rolls around.

What you can expect from the eight cazimis in astrology

Mercury cazimi

On the day of the Mercury cazimi, notice how your mind may feel brighter and your communication more coherent. Mercury is the planet of information and travel, and all things in these realms are dialed up by the sun's proximity.

Conversations can become portals for dynamic learning and help us connect with others who are interested in subjects we hold near and dear. We also have the ability to home in on the essential facts within a sea of information. Cosmic downloads abound; be open to receiving them, especially if you're a Gemini or Virgo, which are the signs most affected by this cazimi.

2023 dates: January 7, March 17, May 1, July 1, September 6, October 20, December 22
2024 dates: February 28, April 11, June 14, August 18, September 30, December 5

Venus cazimi

When love-planet Venus rests in the heart of the Sun, pure love shines. We can access crystalline clarity regarding what has value and what doesn’t, as well as how to treasure our own worth. Beauty, pleasure, and enjoyment reign, and the richness that comes through relationships can become that much more apparent.

Areas of life typically associated with feminine energy also flourish under the Venus cazimi, and we may feel more captivated by the power of allure and seduction. That's particularly true for Taurus and Libra, the Venusian signs especially impacted by this cazimi.

2023 date: August 13
2024 date: June 4

Mars cazimi

When Mars conjoins with the sun, we can access a storehouse of energy and willpower to fuel us in the pursuit of our aims. After all, Mars is the planet of action and initiation, and with the extra power of the sun, it only follows that these qualities will feel that much more potent.

Under Mars cazimi, we want to fight the good fight and champion causes that ignite our spirit. There’s also a laser-like quality to this alignment, which turns our awareness toward what it is that we desire and encourages us to seek it out. Additionally, we can gain more understanding into the root of our anger—another emotion associated with Mars—and see what really inspires our ire. Aries and Scorpio are the signs that will especially resonate with the Mars cazimi.

2023 date: November 18
(No 2024 Mars cazimi occurs)

Jupiter cazimi

During a Jupiter cazimi, we may feel swathed in positivity and possibility. Jupiter is the planet of luck and auspicious energy, which are further emphasized under the sun's rays.

Glasses may appear half-full rather than half-empty. Not only do we tap into an urge to expand our world, but we can also more readily connect with the steps we need to take to do so. A philosophical orientation lights our path, our beliefs take on greater import, and answering "why" questions can conjure exceptional delight, especially for Pisces and Sagittarius, who are favored by this cazimi.

2023 date: April 11
2024 date: May 18

Saturn cazimi

When taskmaster Saturn meets the sun, we can tap into a cache of commitment and discipline. The planet of structure is associated with boundaries and hard work, and leaning into both feels especially fruitful under Saturn cazimi.

By prizing the value of strong foundations, we can craft blueprints to help us access long-term success. We also feel the need to move slowly in order to ensure that we don’t skip any steps necessary to maximize productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in every outcome. Capricorn and Aquarius, in particular, will see where time can be an ally and the wisdom of experience an invaluable asset under Saturn cazimi.

2023 date: February 16
2024 date: February 28

Uranus cazimi

The winds of change blow strongly on the Uranus cazimi, a day on which we can take advantage of shaking things up in the pursuit of progress. Uranus is the planet of innovation and ingenuity, and this alignment puts both on a pedestal.

As we resist the status quo, we can learn new things about our inner rebel, more clearly perceiving when it gets activated and why, and discovering new ways in which we can use it on behalf of the common good. Detours may seem common; as you encounter them, consider how they may not actually be leading you astray but instead directing you to a path that can spark greater awareness. As Uranus is Aquarius's modern-day ruler, the water-bearer will also especially jibe with this cazimi.

2023 date: May 9
2024 date: May 13

Neptune cazimi

Talk about a love fest. The Neptune cazimi inspires us to see the beauty and magic in the world around us by turning up the volume on Neptunian realms of life, like spirituality, dreams, and the collective consciousness.

There’s a calming vibe to the day, as we more readily perceive the soulfulness that surrounds us and how an ethereal interconnectivity weaves us all together. As we tap into empathy and connect to compassion, we may also find it easier to access a flow state. There’s a peculiar clarity to our dreams—both our inspirations and nighttime visions—that can clue us into our own intuition. And there's no sign that can access this energy quite like dreamy Pisces.

2023 date: March 15
2024 date: March 17

Pluto cazimi

When Pluto connects with the sun, it's a powerful moment to let things go—especially that which has reached its expiration date and may be holding us back from connecting to our innermost essence. Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, death, and rebirth, and all of these themes may surface more readily under the Pluto cazimi.

This alignment encourages us to revel in the dark and embrace our own shadow sides, explore power dynamics, and dive into the buried treasures that typically lie hidden in our subconsciousness. Be aware of what’s coming to the surface for you and the honest truths that may be revealed. Scorpio, in particular, will feel empowered to dig deep under this cazimi and to look fear in the eye with the goal of loosening its grip.

2023 date: January 18
2024 date: January 20

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