There Are 4 Supermoons This Year—Here’s What Each Means for Your Sign

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Even if you're someone who can casually rattle off their sun, moon, and rising sign and is keenly aware of their astrological compatibility and shadow side, there are likely certain components of the cosmos you don't know. Coming upon these bits of previously unknown information can feel like an exciting opportunity to learn something new—at least that's how I always feel when I stumble upon new-to-me astrological concepts. And that's exactly what happened when I learned about the upcoming supermoon happening on February 9…and that there are three additional supermoons happening later this year. Immediately, I needed to know: What is a supermoon, anyway?

"A supermoon is a full moon at 'perigee,' which means it’s at its closest approach to Earth on a given orbit," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. "We call it 'perigee syzygy,'" with 'syzygy' being an astronomical term that explains three or more celestial bodies being aligned. In this case, those bodies are the Earth, the moon, and the sun. Because of this moon-to-Earth proximity, supermoons appear bigger and brighter than other full moons—and in 2020, there are four supermoons: February 9, March 9, April 8, and May 7. So, what how might this astrological occurrence impact you?

"A supermoon heightens this awareness and the potential for life change," —Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer

"The moon in astrology represents our deep inner world and our emotions," Lang says. "During a full moon, we tend to see aspects of our life that need to be cleared. It’s that point of clarity in the lunation cycle when you can detox your life." Perhaps for you that means finding ways to handle unhealthy relationships, pinpointing negative thoughts and clearing them, or moving through past events that have been holding you back.

The key difference between what is a supermoon and what is a regular full moon, then, has to do with action beyond introspection. "A supermoon heightens this awareness and the potential for life change," Lang says. Below, Lang shares what you can expect, specifically, from each of the four supermoons this year.

Here's how each of the four supermoons taking place in 2020 might impact your sign.

Supermoon on February 9

Aquarius and Leo can expect to feel this supermoon the most, as it will be on their axis lines, and Taurus and Scorpio may also notice a buildup of internal tension, Lang says. "It’s important to remember you can’t please everyone all the time. Prioritize," she says. "For all of us, this supermoon can strengthen connections with friends and expand your social circle, but especially for Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius."

Supermoon on March 9

"This full moon falls in Virgo, and Pisces and Virgo will be especially sensitive to it. Our water signs could feel more emotional, as the moon also opposes Neptune that day," Lang says. "This is a day for clearing, for moving forward in your life. Earth signs will especially feel motivated and energized."

That said, we're all going to feel this particular supermoon strongly, because Mercury stations direct (aka, is no longer in retrograde). This "adds to the overall vibe of the day," she says. "The influence of Mercury stationing direct suggests we may not be clear about events that have built up over the preceding three weeks."

Because of the influence that both emotion and motivation play in this supermoon, it's a great opportunity to channel your inner Virgo (no matter your sign) and declutter every aspect of your life. "We want to clean, clear, and detox—remember that when making social plans. You might just want to stay home and organize your closet," Lang says. This learning ladders up to a bigger theme of the March supermoon, which is to make self care a top priority not put pressure on yourself to be super social. "If you can get away for a retreat or a mini-vacation, that would be a favorable activity."

Supermoon on April 8

"The April supermoon happens the same day Mars squares Uranus, which is a challenging transit because we tend to feel a buildup of restless energy," Lang says. "Because the moon is in Libra, this is a full moon that emphasizes relationships. So, if you feel stuck or frustrated with any aspect of your love life, try to keep things in perspective. The heightened awareness is helpful for creating lasting change."

The signs that will feel this the most are Aries, Libra, and Cancer. And a note for you, Capricorns: "Try not to force anything," Lang says.

Supermoon on May 7

The final supermoon of the year features Mercury, which opens our mind to curiosity, and Neptune, which inspires our dreams and visions. And since Lang says Mercury is grounded in Earth sign Taurus during the astrological event, we can be practical about how we pursue our dreams.

"It’s a spiritual and creative full moon in Scoprio. This Taurus/Scorpio axis line emphasizes financial matters, making it a great time to work through any financial fears, be more focused on your long-term goals, and develop a strategy for your future success," she says. And with Neptune at play, there's an added opportunity to overcome financial fears or feelings of unworthiness. "It’s a great time for a ritual or for a self-care practice that helps you deepen your sense of self-worth," she adds.

Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces will be particularly sensitive during this time, and Capricorn may find that their inner entrepreneur is inspired by this moon. Aquarius may get a boost of courage, "but make sure you have good, healthy outlets for stress," Lang says. "With Mars in your sign involved in this mix, you could feel restless."

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