Matcha, Beware: Broccoli Brew Is the Newest Type of Green Alt-Latte to Hit the Coffee Scene

Giving a wellness boost to your daily cup of joe is nothing novel—Bulletproof helps with all biohacking needs, nitro coffee satisfies sweet cravings sans sugar, and this creamy egg-based adaptation is packed with protein. And throughout the past few days, the internet has been clamoring over a brand-new take on your caffeine fix, and it's decidedly, well, green.

The new-kid on the café scene is broccoli coffee: an Australian-born drink developed to help Aussies increase their daily veggie intake, according to Science Alert. The fibrous green ingredient—which Americans love, BTW—belongs to cruciferous family (along with other faves like kale, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower), a type of food that promotes hormone balance, boosts brain health, and reduces PMS symptoms. So basically, it might just beget the healthiest latte you've ever had.

To make the broccoli brew, baristas add dried broccoli powder to espresso, pour in steamed milk, and then sprinkle more veggie dust on top.

By drying the broccoli and grinding it into a fine powder (à la matcha), the creators—Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and Hort Innovation—managed to squeeze in a whole vegetable serving into just two tablespoons. At the Melbourne café where the broccoli brew is on trial, baristas add the powder to espresso, pour in steamed milk, and then sprinkle more powder on top. Unfortunately, the latte's taste doesn't seem to garner the same wow factor as its health content: Patrons of the Melbourne coffee shop are reportedly divided on the flavor.

But the new offering is nonetheless another in a series of creative caffeinated options that provides evidence for an era of superfood coffee being upon us. Who knows? Your morning Starbucks order may one day double as a straight-up green juice.

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