Yes, You Have a Venus Return—Here’s Why Finding Yours Can Mean a Romantic Spring Cleaning

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Okay, if you clicked asking, "What is a Venus return and is it going to wreck my life like a Saturn return would?", chill. While Saturn is all sternness, responsibilities, and challenges, Venus is the most glamorous planet in the zodiac wheel, emblematic of the goddess born from the froth of sea foam. Venus rules over love, beauty, pleasure, and getting that green. It can be bountiful...and only occasionally vengeful. Your Venus return, therefore, is a largely feel-good occasion where you get the opportunity to throw out romantic baggage.

But first, the need-to-know info: Venus return refers to when the planet returns to the spot it was in when you were born. It happens about once a year unless yours falls on a retrograde period, in which it could happen up to three times. For example, mine fell on April 22, but due to Venus retrograde it looks like I get June 1 and July 19 as well. An astrologer can help you out, or you can DIY it and use a tool like Astro-Seek's Return Calculator to find out yours.

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So what is Venus return actually?

As for its formal significance, your Venus return tends to reveal relationship themes for the coming year. According to astrologer Leona Moon, astrologers can use that chart as a predictive technique to get insight of your love and financial forecast.

"When Venus returns to the same exact location as it sits in your personal birth chart, each year it interacts with its neighboring planets differently," says Moon. "This will change your Venusian focus each year."

That's where your Venus return could be a bit of a wildcard. Unlike your Jupiter return, which is exclusively about good fortune, your Venus return could bring different romantic revelations in not-always-fun packages. Depending on which area of your birth chart it shows up, it could imply that this is a year your might get married—or even divorced.

"If we see Venus having conversations with a more serious planet, like Saturn for example, this could be a year where you take more financial responsibility," says Moon. "Or perhaps in love matters, you're a little more withdrawn. Astrologers can establish themes, opportunities and potential challenges by analyzing your Venus Return chart."

So don't panic, but basically the specifics may vary from year to year, resulting in different relationship lessons. On the upswing, whatever the lesson is, Venus return is probably doing it in your best interest. And because Venus doesn't hold the same might as Saturn or Jupiter, it doesn't always overturn our lives.

According to Moon, a good way to look at Venus return is as a second cosmic birthday; new year, new you! And like any birthday, there will be years where you throw a Gatsby level rager and years where you FaceTime your friends rosé drunk from your parents house. Your Venus return will not always be a tremendous occasion, but there's definitely a way to celebrate and seize it's powers for good.

How do I make the most of my Venus return?

Well, take advantage of that fresh start energy! When it comes to love especially, look at Venus return as a great opportunity to do romantic spring cleaning.

"If you're single, this could be a fabulous time to toss some toxic behaviors or patterns out the window and start fresh," says Moon. "If you're coupled, you can use this time to purge what is no longer working in your relationships, and refocus on your needs and values as they relate to your most intimate partnerships."

And if romantic love is the last thing on your mind, it's an excellent opportunity to focus on self-love, and embracing your inner Lizzo. Astrologer Bess Matassa tells me that Venus return is a great time to play up the things your passionate about.

"The honeypot of attraction and adoration, our Venus sign shows us what we find most gorgeous, and how we can draw it into our lair," says Matassa. "So think of your Venus return as a trip to your personal honeymoon suite. Use it to explore your passionate pleasure center, refine your values, and practice the fine art of receiving, opening wide to magnetize more of what just feels damn good."

We're talking making yourself a cocktail, taking a bath, and just de-stressing as much as possible (right now)—and embracing your indulgences and fine-tuning your vibrational frequency to receive more. Venus return is simply a time to zero in on the love you really deserve...regardless of who it's from.

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