The Best Happiness-Boosting Tip For a Long Life, According to Your Zodiac Sign

To say the very least, it's been a year. That being true, it makes sense that now is hardly the time to neglect self-care and happiness-boosting practices and rituals. After all, happiness is connected to living a long and healthy life. But since different strategies work best for different people, knowing what makes each zodiac sign happy can be a helpful strategy to find a practice that works for you, specifically.

Below, astrologer and psychic medium Rachel Lang shares what makes each zodiac sign happy, and then provides simple ways to actually boost your mood in a cosmically aligned way. There's no better time than now to start incorporating these tips into your self-care routine.

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What makes each zodiac sign happy, according to an astrologer


"Find an exercise you like, and master it," Lang says. "If you’re a runner, train for a half-marathon [even if it's an informal race for just yourself]. If you enjoy biking, plan a biking adventure. If you enjoy yoga, become an instructor.

"Aries is a fire sign, and fire signs need action and physical exercise, or they can feel stuck, with pent-up energy. Aries also likes to be number one. Mastering a skill gives you a deep sense of satisfaction."


The Taurean love of Things might make you prone to the impulse shopping that leads to messy rooms and junk drawers. Lean into your practical nature, and make your home a true sanctuary.

"As a Taurus, you have an excellent sense of color and style," says Lang. "Even if your preferred palate is neutral Earth tones, you know what feels good. Clutter and disorder can affect your physical well-being. Having a home environment with an element of nature, beauty, and art gives you a sense of security and well-being."


Surround yourself with great debaters and comrades; friends who inspire you, make you think, and are willing to talk about anything.

"Your mind is always active, but sometimes, it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off or talk through things that are going on," says Lang. "For you, conversations are a key to happiness and a long life. Having a variety of friends with different interests helps to pique your curiosity. You don’t need a lot of acquaintances if you’re a true introvert, but a handful of good, true friends."


Cancer is a big lover of food, but not everything is going to agree with you. It's especially important for you (and anyone, but you specifically) to eat for your gut health.

"Keeping your microbiome happy will keep you happy for a long life," says Lang. "Your belly is your soft spot, astrologically speaking. It is the home of your gut intuition, which is usually spot on. When your digestive system is off, it can throw your body off. There’s a connection between your mind, body, and spirit, and for you, that connection starts and ends in the gut."


Find your creative outlet. And "even if you don’t consider yourself to be artistic, having a hobby that allows you to express yourself is a key for boosting your mood," Lang says. "Find something that helps you shine your light in the world. For you, regular doses of vitamin D are also helpful, so 15 minutes in the sunlight will work wonders for your spirit.


"Relaxation is so important for a Virgo, because even when you’re doing relaxed activities, your mind tends to be running underneath the surface," says Lang. "It’s important for you to find ways to quiet your thoughts and bring your whole self into the present moment. Grounding practices, gardening, cooking, or baking, and making art are some ways to help your nervous system relax."


"Ruled by Venus, it can be easy for Libra to turn to conversations, sweets, or relaxation when times are tough," Lang says. "However, exercise boosts endorphins and helps you sink into relaxation on a deeper level after you’ve exerted some energy. For Libras, I recommend barre classes, yoga, and walking. These sorts of activities keep your Venus happy while also helping you support healthy outlets for stress."


"Sex awakens kundalini energy and helps you feel connected to your spiritual self arguably more than other signs," says Lang. "It also builds intimacy in good, healthy relationships. If you’re single and don’t want to hook up, you can try kundalini yoga, chanting, or other non-sexual tantric practices to achieve the same outcomes on your own."


The philosopher and the wanderer of the zodiac, Sagittarius always wants to explore. Given that travel is a little trickier during pandemic conditions, why not simply venture into nature to stoke your wanderlust?

"Spending time out in nature is an immediate mood-booster for you, and if you enjoy outdoor sports, these can be your ticket to happiness and long life," says Lang. "I find for Sagittarius, a good hike can be a spiritual experience."


Capricorns can be hard workers, but would be wise to take that diligent focus and channel it to an outdoor, practical activity.

"Gardening can be a mood-booster for you, as an Earth sign, especially if you’re growing vegetables, herbs, or other culinary plants," says Lang. "If you don’t have space for a garden, making practical crafts, like pottery or knitting scarves, can also be grounding and therapeutic. For you, it’s good to engage in healthy activities that have a purpose, an end."


Aquarians have a huge heart and have a quest to better the world. Pro-social activities with an altruistic focus will grant you joy.

"Giving back to your community is a happiness-booster with long-lasting benefits," Lang says. "Not only do you feel connected to causes greater than yourself, but you also can establish friendships in the process. A volunteer position with your favorite nonprofit gives you a sense of purpose. Helping out a friend does, too."


"Making art, dancing, singing, performing, or writing can be good ways to ground your energy during tough times," says Lang. "If you work in a creative field, trying a different medium just for fun can be a good way to boost your mood that doesn’t feel like work. Doing it with someone—painting and wine, for example—is a bonus."

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