What Moon Sign Am I? This Question Is Crucial to Understanding Your Astrological Identity

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Whether you fall into the category of "astrology obsessed" or just happen to be aware of the day and month you were born, chances are good you're familiar with your sun sign. It signifies where the sun was when you were born and points to many major aspects of your life, including your personality traits and whom you're romantically compatible with. (Fun fact: You can now even filter Bumble matches by astrological sign). It's usually what you check when you look up your horoscope, but while the solar element of the zodiac tends to get all the good PR, when it comes to understanding the real you, another part of the universe is worth your attention.

Meet your moon sign, or what astrologers like to refer to as your "emotional personality." Similar (but different) to your sun sign, your moon sign is dictated by where the moon when you were born. It speaks to your below-the-surface qualities that really make you, you—even if few people ever see them. "Your moon sign governs how you internalize and emotionally respond to life," says Paula Pavlova, co-founder of Moonbox, a beauty and wellness kit based on the lunar cycle. "By understanding your moon sign, you can gain a better sense of your inner-workings and why you react and respond to life the way that you do."

"Your moon sign governs how you internalize and emotionally respond to life." —Paul Pavlova, co-founder of Moonbox

When I recently discovered that this was even a thing, I immediately asked Google, "What moon sign am I?" and the answer revealed a lot. Figuring out yours is as easy as looking at your birth chart, or going through a digital quiz via sites like Co-Star (my astrology app of choice), Astro-Charts, or TimePassages. But, because the moon moves fast—it stays in the same place for roughly only 2.5 days at a time—knowing your exact birth time and location is über-important for getting the correct results, and once you have that intel, famed astrology duo and authors of Astrology forWellness Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are here to articulate exactly what it all means.

Below, find exactly what your moon sign—your internal identity—means.

Aries Moon: Power. You are intelligent, quick to act, courageous, and self-reliant—but you're better at directing others than at being able to stick to small details and routine. The direct way you speak and the efficiency with which you come to a conclusion makes you a good leader. You could be a proficient teacher and ingenious inventor, but you are too energetic to be tied to one job. You want variety—and you manage to get it in work as well as in love. It takes a quick-moving and -witted person to keep up with your speed.

Taurus Moon: System. You are determined, ambitious, independent, and have an even temperament. You like to stay in one place, and can be fixed in your habits, not wanting to deviate from your system. Perhaps this is simply because you know what you want and why, and have the courage to demand your rights because you seldom impose on others. When you accept a favor, you reciprocate in full. And though your close friends know how generous and kind-hearted you are, others may see you as self-centered.

Gemini Moon: Progress. You have a flexible nature and are candid, sincere, and progressive. Always busy, even when at rest, you're adept at ideating great, original thoughts. Since you're so versatile in skill, your occupation may depend on your environment. Your days are so full and so varied that others often wonder how you manage to get any rest. But you can recuperate very quickly, and even when you appear to be going at full speed, you're more relaxed than is apparent to the casual observer.

Cancer Moon: Emotion. You have a changeable, sensitive, and deeply emotional nature. In your own quiet way, you have great tenacity of purpose, and you're best at expressing yourself through music, writing, and art. But since your nurturing essence makes you vulnerable to negativity, you must protect yourself from disloyalty and inauthentic people. When you love, it's genuine, so it's only right that you attract the same romantic devotion.

Leo Moon: Nobility. You are noble, candid, proud, and strong-willed, and there is nothing petty or underhanded about your nature. You command the respect of your professional associates, and they trust your judgment implicitly. You can think for yourself and for others, and your can-do energy sets you on a pedestal for those who love you. Though you're more generous and gracious than most, since you're so accustomed to getting your own way, you sometimes aren't optimally thoughtful of others.

Virgo Moon: Competence. You are polite, reserved, and practical. You work well with others and are adept at sharing useful criticism. You are seldom fooled because your keen mental perception enables you to detect a lie a mile away. When you know something, you know it, and you can prove it via records and facts, all preserved by your memory that's unusually retentive and reliable.

Libra Moon: Dependability. You are a clear thinker, faithful, loyal, mindful, dependable, and courteous. You have good manners and a warm heart, but you're aggressive when necessary. Any occupation that brings you in touch with others—like a healer or a personal adviser—is in line with your accomplishments. That said, when any attempt is made to compress you, there is risk of an explosion. Libra rules love and marriage, and your partner is more important to and influential on you than anyone else in the world.

Scorpio Moon: Persistence. You are reserved, energetic, and persistent, and you like to plan things on a big scale. You prefer to be at the head of all undertakings, and your aim is to achieve success—which you set yourself up to snag by associating with those who appreciate you and your abilities. Your courage and stamina to meet your problems head on set you apart from those who lack willpower and are more stubborn or self-centered.

Sagittarius Moon: Expression. You are a broad-minded, sincere being who is also quick, optimistic, and mostly positive. You like animals, sports, philanthropy, and the social side of life—so, obviously, you're not a recluse. You can both work well alone or with others, and you take things as they come. When you make a mistake, you don't waste time with regrets but simply shrug it off before getting back to work. As a natural hunter, you're always off on a new quest.

Capricorn Moon: Prudence. Economical and high-minded, you like to be exclusive, but can mingle with others when it suits your purpose. Business and politics are spheres in which you could do well. Always reliable, when you give your promise, you make every effort to keep it, even if doing so isn't always convenient. This reputation is worth a lot to you in business and in personal matters, bringing you both devoted friends and economic rewards.

Aquarius Moon: Aspiration. You are moderately emotional and often align yourself with radical thinkers since you enjoy being an original. You are a hard worker who often shows initiative despite sometimes lacking persistence. But no matter the setback to your hopes and aspirations, you never stay down for long. You rise above hindrances, limitations, and disappointments. Knowing that existence is too brief even to curtail a fraction of its joys and pleasures, you root for tolerance and freedom.

Pisces Moon: Artistry. With strife and discord affecting your health, you like to have peace wherever you are. You are a creative and can express yourself easily, but your best work is done in quiet places. You are sensitive to the suffering of other people to the point that you almost feel the distress physically. You cannot bear anything that is harsh, trite, or commonplace.

Craving more astrology intel? Brush up on the meaning behind your sun sign and every astrology term worth knowing, too. May the force be with you. 

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