What Successful Women Do (Almost) Every Day

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There are some things in life—like natural-born talent or luck—that you can't do much about. (Sorry to burst your I'm-gonna-become-an-Olympic-figure-skater-at-30 bubble.)

But when it comes to being successful, there are plenty of other factors that you have power over. Especially habits—you know, those seemingly small things (like making your bed or remembering to put on sunscreen right after you brush your teeth) that can have a profound effect.

And as it turns out, there are some routines that come up over and over again among the amazing, bad-ass women we regularly profile on Well+Good. While they've each put in some real blood, sweat, and tears to get to where they are, they've also established habits that helped them along the way.

Need a little inspiration? Here are the eight easy hacks successful women do daily—add them to your routine and you’ll be on a positive trajectory toward your most efficient, productive, Beyoncé-ish self in no time.

lemon water
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1. Drink hot water with lemon in the morning

Everyone from Cate Blanchett to Jennifer Aniston starts her day with this simple yet cleansing elixir. The ancient Ayurvedic technique acts as a detox for your body so you start off with a clean slate. (Bonus: it also serves as a pick-me-up.)

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2. Write down your intentions for the day

“A good intention nurtures your consciousness and has the power to significantly raise your awareness,” says Chandresh Bhardwaj, a Los Angeles-based spiritual teacher. “When you set an intention, you don’t have to worry about your actions. A righteous intention creates a righteous action.” So it’s not surprising that, in addition to meditating and exercising, writing out your intentions can be good for your soul—and your to-do list.

fitness crew
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3. Find a morning fitness crew

If you slowly reduce your snooze habit and work your way to the gym in the a.m., you’ll feel better prepared to take on the day. And if you have a group of friends expecting you to show up for that 7 a.m. HIIT class, you’ll be even more motivated to get out of bed.

pack snacks
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4. Pack snacks for the day

Hanger is the enemy of successful women. To combat it, bring nuts or nutrition bars (the good kind) with you so you can stay fueled. Molly Sims likes to pack a bag of raw almonds. “They’re loaded with health benefits and keep me charged and full,” she says. “For snacking on the go, it helps to have the correct portions of your preferred snack pre-bagged and ready; it helps me not overindulge or skip meals.”

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5. Stop and meditate

By now, the scientific community has confirmed was successful women (and men) have known for a while now: Meditation is extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health. Setting aside 20 minutes (or even five) will do wonders for your sanity and focus. “The busier we are, the more we need that centering time—that time to actually be able to connect to our inner wisdom,” says Arianna Huffington.

get outside
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6. Get outside

Vitamin D is something we tend not to get enough of, but if you can leave your desk for at least a few minutes to walk around outside, you will reap the benefits. “It’ll do wonders for your mood and energy level,” says Frank Lipman, MD.

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7. Fit in time with your friends

“Each time we meet as a group, we give ourselves an opportunity to slow down,” says Shel Pink, founder of “slow beauty” brand SpaRitual. “Spending time with people you enjoy, with whom you can be open and supportive, is a profound [aspect] of self-care.” And feel free to pass the wine while you socialize—for the antioxidants, of course.

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8. Get plenty of shut-eye

There are increasing studies that show the importance of sufficient sleep (eight hours a night is a good benchmark), so ensuring that you power down and hit the hay at a decent bedtime is key for waking up energized and ready to seize the (work) day.

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