How To Use Your Zodiac Sign’s Corresponding Tarot Card To Guide Your Purpose

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I developed a fascination with and interest in astrology alongside tarot, so when I learned that the divine crafts not only overlap but can also inform each other, I was super-intrigued. Just as there are four suits in tarot, there are four elements in astrology—and they correspond with each other. Cups in tarot are water energy in astrology, wands are fire, swords are air, and pentacles are Earth. Perhaps the most essential astrology-tarot intersection of knowledge, though, is understanding what tarot cards represent which zodiac signs because knowing yours can help inform your purpose in life.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

Knowing what tarot cards represents which zodiac signs can be important because the "cards serve as archetypes that help us understand central themes, transits, and people in our lives," says Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot reader, and co-host of the Priestesses Prescribe podcast. "They can also show up in a reading to suggest we embody this archetype to come into our power." Knowing your zodiac sign's corresponding tarot card, then, is similar to having your own astrological mascot—a guide that can steer you when you're lost.

Below, learn what tarot cards represent which zodiac signs, according to tarot-card reading astrologer Alex Caiola.

Aries: The Emperor

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"It should come as no surprise, given the ram’s ambitious and determined nature, that Aries is represented by the Emperor in the tarot deck. Aries isn't afraid of standing in their power and making decisions to impact the greater good. You won’t see this cardinal sign crowdsourcing their opinion! Embody the Emperor by trusting your gut to lead you in the right direction."

Taurus: The Hierophant

"The Hierophant acts as our symbolic religious leader, representing the value and educational foundations that we seek and adhere to regularly. This loyal, fixed sign reminds us that our habits form our character. It can also signify a need to re-evaluate our beliefs or pursue higher education."

Gemini: The Lovers

"Geminis signify the great duality in all of us and are represented by the Lovers of the tarot deck. Using their skills of empathetic communication, this mutable sign teaches us the significance of integrating all the parts of ourselves to accomplish our highest good. The Lovers can also signify finding a soul-bond connection that will illuminate your self-awareness."

Cancer: The Chariot

"The Chariot, a vehicle for transportation and change, represents the sign of Cancer. Crabs carry their home on their back and molt to shed their skin, so they’re continually creating (and re-creating) solid structures in a transient world. This cardinal sign asks us to create the security that we need to get to where we’re going."

Leo: Strength

"The lion/tamer imagery of the Strength card has a rather obvious connotation with the fixed fire sign of Leo. Strength invites us into the arena to rumble with vulnerability. Get ready to step into the spotlight of influence."

Virgo: The Hermit

"Ancient Hermitage nods to a life of zero distractions to perfect a spiritual path. In modern times, we can expect themes of mastery or self-explorative pursuits. It’s no surprise that mutable hard-working Virgos are associated with the Hermit for the inner discipline they possess in order to achieve enlightenment."

Libra: Justice

"The scales are the symbol of the Justice card and their astrological counterpart, Libra. Everyone is equal in the eyes of this cardinal sign, consistently doing their best to find a harmonious balance for what is fair and just. Whether we’re evaluating or being evaluated, Justice reminds us that integrity always wins out in the end."

Scorpio: Death

"To be clear, the death card isn't literally predictive of death. Rather, it means a major transformation is around the corner. Scorpios are not concerned with superficiality; they are the truth-seekers who you can always count on for a root-cause analysis. Expect an in-depth 'meaning of life' conversation with these fixed signs."

Sagittarius: Temperance

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"Sagittarians are a blend of duality, just like their fellow mutable signs. They are the explorers of the zodiac, consistently striving for an alchemic balance of traveling and staying home, turning up and going to bed early. We can have it all, but not all at once."

Capricorn: The Devil

"Capricorns are associated with an earthly, success orientation. This cardinal sign’s ambition can sometimes come to their detriment, so the Devil reminds us to stop ourselves short of the seven deadly sins when it comes to reaching our goals."

Aquarius: The Star

"The Star’s imagery shows the water-bearer gathering sustenance for their community under the night sky. It’s the Aquarians who act as the humanitarians of the zodiac, offering their strategic, inspirational help. This fixed sign has adapted themselves to offer more 'airy' skills like building technology. Whatever the cause, the Star asks us to contribute our unique talents."

Pisces: The Moon

"The Moon rules the tides of the ocean, our emotions, and the fish, Pisces. This charming, creative, and empathetic sign is often going with the flow, which can also mean getting caught up in the undertow. The Moon asks us to evaluate the undercurrent of our subconscious to tap into our intuitive flow."

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