What to Watch on Netflix Right Now for Major Vacation Inspiration

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September is slowly creeping up on us (wah wah)—so consider this a call to action to get the most out of those summer Fridays, before things return to the slightly less-exciting fall Fridays. The only question is: Where to go?

Instead of sifting through the millions of Pinterest beach houses, online flight deals, and Airbnb dream homes, there's a source of #travelinspo you might not have thought of: Netflix.

It's actually a great place to get ideas—and motivation—to finally book that trip you've been vaguely talking about with friends. But since there isn't an "inspirational vacation" genre category on Netflix (at least, not yet), here are five films to get you started, all streaming on Netflix right now.

Keep reading for the Netflix movies to get you in the getaway mood ASAP.


For a weekend trip: The Fundamentals of Caring

You don't have to go anywhere that far—or interesting, for that matter—to have a good time. Ben, Trevor, and Dot visiting the bleak and mundane-sounding "world's deepest pit", and in the process subtly remind viewers that any little adventure can be a profound and fun bonding experience.


For a European reunion with your BFF: Master of None (season two)

If your BFF moved across the country (or, you know, you live in the same city but your schedules are just so jam-packed that it feels like you've got a long-distance thing going) make like Dev and Arnold in season two of Master of None and hang up the Skype call and reunite in Europe. Allora!


For a last-minute, unplanned road trip: On the Road

You could follow these healthy road-trip destination recommendations...or you could just wing it. On The Road, adapted from the seminal Jack Kerouac novel of the same name, will at the very least inspire you to lighten your grip on your plans and embrace the chaos.


For a solo trip: Amelie

Traveling solo can be super daunting, with so many questions and concerns that come up. (Will I speak to another human being? Is this going to turn into Taken?) Amelie has two important lessons that should inspire confidence. Number one, strangers are often full of kindness and compassion, and secondly, one of the best things you can do for yourself is learn to cherish your alone time.


For breaking out of your comfort zone: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

On his CNN show, Bourdain travels around the world eating and drinking pretty much everything. While that might not be exactly your speed, maybe it's your vibe? And if it moves you to book a ticket to an unexpected wellness destination and embrace anything and everything that comes your way, well, cheers to that.

And here's what to watch on Netflix if you're looking for a mood boost, and why a Netflix-and-chill night is actually good for your relationships.

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