Quiz: What Type of Plant Should You Get for Your Healthy Home?

Time to manifest a green thumb.
Keeping a Zen den full of plants is among the most aesthetically friendly ways of conveying to everyone (yourself included) that you are, in fact, an adult who has responsibilities and can handle stuff. You are keeping something alive, after all—and that thing is also boosting your mood and purifying your air! But since there are more plants available than you could possibly ever mentally register, even after you've figured out that yes, you *need* an un-killable variety, you still may be left with more questions than answers.

Obviously, what I'm getting at is that I created a quiz to help you choose the plant you need in your life. And even though I'm not technically a botanist or florist, at the very least, this will give you a starting point for conversation with that plant-shop owner you've always been too intimidated to speak with. (Or you know, you can just order some greenery straight to your door).

Once you have your plant, put it in a hanging planter, or maybe a tiny planter on your desk.

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