There’s a Lot to Be Thankful for This Year—Just Ask These Healthy-Living Pros

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Sometimes it might seem like Thanksgiving is all about the food (because, you know, the food is really, really good), but it's also the start of the season of gratitude and thinking about everything you're thankful for in your life.

Maybe you're thankful you can get out of bed every day and go on a run or maybe you're thankful for your close-knit family. No matter what it is, the 'Thanks' part of Thanksgiving is a super meaningful aspect of the holiday, which is why we asked rockstar wellness influencers to reveal exactly what lights them up with gratitude.

Here's what 10 of your favorite wellness influencers are thankful for this year.

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"Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it gives us an excuse to surround ourselves with our loved ones and celebrate what we have (even though we should be doing that every day of the year). This year, I’m beyond thankful for my family: my three beautiful children, loving husband, parents, brother, and dear friends."

—Molly Sims, model, actress, and author

"This year, I am grateful for my ability to use my voice to speak for others who don't have a platform and that I'm healthy enough to do the work that I do and lead the life that I lead. I hope to help others find things that they can be grateful for during this often sensitive time of the year."

—Nitika Chopra, self-love guru and beauty and lifestyle expert

"I share my stories with women all over the world to empower them to feel proud and confident enough to tell their own. Finally we are beginning to believe, as women, that we are important, that our voices are heard, that beauty is soul-deep, that we are worthy of more than what we’ve been conditioned to believe. Change is coming—if there’s anything I’m thankful for this year, it’s that."

—Chinae Alexander, Adidas ambassador and wellness influencer

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"I’m so grateful for my friends, family, my health, and our Tone It Up community. Every day, l have to pinch myself that this is our life. Life really is what you make and create around you!"

—Katrina Scott, co-founder of Tone It Up

Kelly Morris Thanksgiving

“I’m thankful for so many things, but this season I find myself most grateful for the wisdom I have received from our indigenous traditions. With our world in such turmoil, it is clear to me that it is the teachings and insights of the original peoples that will save us. Family, friends, children… none of it means anything if we don’t have a planet.”

—Kelly Morris, mindfulness expert and creator of The Infinity Call and Well+Good's New Moon Reset

"I'm thankful that in my lifetime, I am fortunate enough to witness my human family sharing and spreading wisdom with each other, making way for the hope that future generations will live in harmony and maybe be a little less afraid of each other. I'm thankful for my nuclear family: for the protection, love, and support I receive from my stunning husband and the inspiration, wildness, and motivation I receive from my powerful daughter. And I'm thankful for my work, Medicine Readings, and how much energy and love I receive through the energy and love I give."

—Deborah Hanekamp (AKA Mama Medicine), shaman, energy healer, and seeress

"I am thankful for my younger self, the version of me who took bold risks on behalf of my health, well-being, and future many years ago. Because of her, and those choices I made, my present existence is full of grit, joy, and authenticity. I am grateful for the moon and the cosmos, the mystery and the muse that is astrology, and the daily guidance and reverence I get from connecting with the stars. I am thankful for my community of friends and family as well as my husband—for continuously inspiring me and holding me in my most difficult moments. And for the collective community striving to make this world a more just, humane, and kind planet to live on."

—Jennifer Racioppi, Well+Good astrologer and success coach



"This year I am especially grateful that online fitness communities are growing more than ever. This means more and more women are able to get the support, encouragement, and motivation they need to live their best lives. It’s communities like #TeamLSF that allow every woman the resources she needs to live a happy healthy life. I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of it."

—Katie Dunlop, founder of Love Sweat Fitness

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"I am so grateful to see the shift that our amazing planet is going through. To see the rising of the shadows so that we can reclaim liberation, love, oneness, and truth for earth. I'm grateful for my own willingness to go within and do the internal work, to continuously see the threads, layers, and aspects that need heard, acknowledged, held, included, and loved because this is the key for pivoting to a place of power—and for the planet, it is the same process. And to our miraculous universe for always guiding, showing the way, and delivering the energetic facilitators, earthly and cosmic medicines, and support systems needed to safely look at and feel into what needs to be seen. And love—I am beyond grateful for my heart being open."

—Alyson Charles, RockStar Shaman and Well+Good energy guru

"I am thankful for my ability to push through the fear of failure and venture into something entirely new because my intuition leads me there. I can't imagine what my personal or business life would be like without that kind of self-belief system. We can wait for someone to choose us to be a part of something wonderful or we can create those things for ourselves."
—Katie Willcox, founder and CEO of Healthy Is The New Skinny and of Natural Model Management

"I’m grateful for my health. I’m grateful for the love and light that my family, friends, and community unconditionally share with me. And I’m grateful to finally feel like I’m living my truth!"

—Jules Hunt, blogger behind Om and the City and co-founder of Awake

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