Finally, a Science-Backed Reason to Feel Great About Only Having Sex on the Weekends

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You’re up early for a workout, working all day, and by the time you’ve made dinner and gotten yourself ready for the next day, you’re probably ready to crash. So even the thought of weekday sex? LOL. Who has time for that? Even if you're in a committed relationship or you live with your partner, sex during the week can often end up feeling like more of a to-do list item than, well…not that.

If that scenario sounds all too familiar to you, take solace in the reality that you’re not even close to alone. The number of people having sex at least once a week dropped from 45 percent in 2000 to 36 percent in 2011, according to the General Social SurveyTime reports.

Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior backs up the notion that people are having less sex these days—but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some scientists even contend that sex once a week correlates with optimal mental health and happiness, while greater frequency doesn’t further improve well-being. So go ahead and feel great about doing it less than you think you "should." And, there's even more convenient evidence to validate your no-funny-business-on-school-nights MO, thanks to your hormones.

The ideal time to have sex for both men and women is actually mid to late afternoon, (think: 3 p.m.). That makes weekends—when you likely have fewer midday obligations—the prime time to get it on.

The ideal time to have sex for both men and women is actually mid to late afternoon, (think: 3 p.m.) says founder Alisa Vitti, a hormone expert and functional nutritionist. That makes weekends—when you likely have fewer midday obligations—the prime time to get it on.

For women, this time period is when cortisol is still abundant and energy is therefore high. And while men’s testosterone peaks in the morning—like every morning—for women, testosterone levels are on a monthly schedule and peak mid menstrual cycle. ("For the 7 to 10 days or so from ovulation through the first half of the luteal phase, women experience a surge in estrogen and testosterone that naturally drives sex," Vitti says.) So, mid-afternoon sex is a great compromise for heterosexual couples, because men still have testosterone and cortisol circulating, but in lower concentrations. “That means they’re also feeling the social effects of estrogen more and will be able to connect with you and your needs while still getting plenty of enjoyment,” says Vitti.

And to make sure you and your partner maximize your weekend romp sesh, there are are a few habits Vitti says you can incorporate into your routine. Here’s how to ensure your afternoon delight is top-notch.

3 tips to get ready for the best sex at the best time

When to have sex? For your hormones, just on the weekends
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1. Make self care a priority

Experts agree that self care makes your sex life better, so during the week, focus on taking care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising, getting ample rest, and meditating. When you feel good about yourself, you’re more confident in the bedroom.

2. Use your biggest sex organ—your brain—to prime your sexual interest

Make a mental note of your sex plan—seriously. “Planning on having sex mentally makes you physically more interested in following through,” says Vitti. She recommends that women indulge some (ahem) self-pleasure the night before to flush excess cortisol and to increase her desire for more with her partner. Men, on the other hand, may want to wait and build up the desire for sex through delayed gratification, she says.

3. Work out together in the morning

Hitting the gym together before sex is also a great strategy to prep for getting steamy later. “You’ll also benefit from a temporary boost of nitric oxide, the same chemical released during orgasm,” she says. (Which surfaces the question of why we're not working out all the time...#amirite?)

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