Cosmic Experts, Should I Be Reading My Horoscope in the Morning or at Night?

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Every evening at 9 p.m. on the dot I receive a (cosmic!) push notification from my home screen astrology app. By that time I've mostly relinquished any notion that I can "control" my day, leading me to wonder: What's the point of rehashing the past 12 hours through an astrological lens? Dear universe, should I be reading my horoscope in the morning instead of at night?

Authors of Astrology for Wellness Amy Zerner and Monte Farber say that, in short, yes—downloading your universe-sanctioned schedule is an activity best enjoyed with a your morning cup of coffee. "Lots of decisions we make before going to sleep end up either being forgotten, or overwhelmed, by the many things that come rushing at us when we awake," says Farber. "Reading an accurate, well-written horoscope in the morning can be a 'forewarned is forearmed' experience."

"Reading an accurate, well-written horoscope in the morning can be a 'forewarned is forearmed' experience."

Even though the two says it's ideal consume all that intel before you dive head-first into your to-do list, you might find it helpful to revisit it later. Especially on days when you feel like Murphy's Law was in full effect. "My essays are not only predictive in nature, but they give each person who reads them something to actually do to make a difficult day better, and maximize the benefits of a bad day," Farber says. As is the case with many a wellness practice though, it's up to you whether you to decide whether a second read-through will increase, or assuage, some of your stress and anxiety. So just conduct a little self check-in before consulting the stars.

Whatever time of day you settle on, remember that the ritual surrounding your reading proves just as important as the reading itself. I mean, you wouldn't meditate without a cozy cushion or head to the gym without the proper shoes, right? Same, same with tuning into your zodiac. Burn that sage! Light a candle! Make that oat milk latte! Then, go ahead, turn your attention upward (er, I mean, down at your phone screen).

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