You Can Buy Everything You Need for a Home Gym at Marshalls for Under $100

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There are certain stores that make it literally impossible to walk into without leaving after having spent $100 on stuff you never knew you needed but can't live without. Target, for one (I mean, have you seen their beauty aisle recently?), and Trader Joe's, for another (because, cauliflower gnocchi). Recently, I discovered a new store to add to the list thanks to its status as a completely unexpected fitness destination: Marshalls.

Last month, I unwittingly walked into the Marshalls in Lower Manhattan, and walked out as the proud new owner of a complete home gym (and a hardboiled egg maker, a cold brew coffee maker, a 1-gallon water bottle, and the best damn trail mix I've ever eaten) for $102. In addition to the resistance bands, yoga mat, free weights and kettle bells that came home with me, the store also had racks upon racks of (really, really cute) workout-wear, foam flooring, and other types of equipment like Bosu Balls, chin-up bars, and makeshift TRX's.

While the Marshalls inventory isn't available online just yet (the company recently announced that they'd be transitioning to e-commerce later this year), with over 1,000 stores throughout the United States, it shouldn't be too hard to find a shop nearby. And though every location has different stuff, here are a few things you can expect to find from my favorite fitness store.


Fitness equipment

In addition to all of the equipment that I wound up bringing home with me from that last trip to Marshalls (I'm still trying to find somewhere to store it all in my teeny tiny NYC apartment, but that's a whole other story), the store also offers items like jump ropes, foam rollers and resistance tubes. Considering the rise of digital fitness, working out at home has truly never been easier or more affordable.


Cute workout gear

The only thing better than finding cute, affordable workout gear is finding cute, affordable workout gear that actually works the way you need it to. Marshalls' selection includes leggings, sports bras and tops from all kinds of premium brands which will help amp up your athletic-wear game without amping down your wallet.

Healthy kitchen items

In addition to the hardboiled egg maker (which, ok, I still haven't used) and Cold Brew press, Marshalls' kitchen section is stocked with items to make eating healthfully easier than ever. There is every iteration of a pot or pan that you could possibly need, plus various (glass!) Tupperware options to make meal prep look better than ever.


Snacks on snacks

No joke: Marshalls gives the Trader Joe's snack aisle a run for its (seriously tasty) money. In addition to the trail mix, which I haven't been able to stop eating, the store stocks protein bars, protein shakes, and nutritious-yet-delicious treats like sweet potato chips and matcha powder—everything you need to refuel after your home workout.


Actually, fitness isn't the only thing Marshalls is great for—it an also help you turn your apartment into a full-on spa. Plus, our favorite at-home workouts to stream in your brand-new, affordable home gym. 

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