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This Strapless Bra’s Cups Runneth Over With the Promise of Comfort and Style

Jordan Galloway

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Photo: Harper | Graphic: Well+Good Creative

Of all the different styles of bras, it’s fair to say that strapless ones have the worse reputation. Years of ill-fitting design flaws and unnaturally firm cups are to blame for a lot of the ill will women have toward the undergarment. So, you’d be forgiven for passing over strapless styles in favor of more multi-functional options like stunt bras. Or, joining team no bra, even.

You’re not alone, certainly. But, before you write off strapless bras entirely, you should know something. An online community of bra wearers (some 6,000 and counting) believe they’ve stumbled upon the strapless bra that’ll change everything you thought about strapless bras.

The Flex strapless bra from Harper Wilde is apparently so good it’s like coffee or avocados. You know, able to make pretty much everyone happy. Having first heard about it on Refinery29, its cups seemed to run over with so much promise that more investigation needed to take place to ensure this is, in fact, a strapless bra that won’t wind up somewhere around your belly button before the end of a night. So, I clicked through to the reviews for The Flex and started reading.

People seem to really love its $35 price tag. They also seem to be fans of the fact that it comes up to a size 40 band and DD cup—plus, it’s available in three different skin tones and black. (The colorways could be more diverse and cup sizes more inclusive, IMO, but it’s a start.)

Okay, now to the good stuff—what people actually have to say about this strapless bra. You know anyone willing to take the time to leave an online review has some feelings to share. Someone named Debra, who wears strapless bras almost exclusively, says The Flex is the most comfortable one she’s found. That’s promising intel from a perfect stranger.

Though, not as promising as a review from someone named Cathy, whose self-admitted side-eye at strapless bras made me trust her immediately. Her feedback was succinct but necessary intel active bra wearers want to know: “Jumped, danced, bent over and it stayed in place,” she wrote.

At this point, I’m really feeling good about an undergarment I’ve never seen IRL. It’s basically becoming an internet boyfriend for my boobs—fulfilling every hope and wish I’ve had for my girls in a partner. And then I read what Natalie from New York City has to say. “I don’t know what magic you put into these, but in all my years of wearing a strapless bra, this has never happened.” Sold! And at less than the cost of a boutique fitness class (plus the option for a seven-day free at-home trial), it feels like a real deal.

A new bra is one way to show your boobs some love. So is a massage—especially if it leads to a breast orgasm, amirite?

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