Where to Get Healthier Cookie Dough (That’s Actually Made for Eating Raw)

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As a kid, summer snacks were usually dolled out by Mr. Softie. But this summer, spoonfuls of cookie dough have overtaken ice cream. According to Google searches and social media stats, as reported by Eater, it's basically the millennial pink of desserts.

Cookie dough is basically the millennial pink of desserts.

While cookie dough used to make actual cookies was a salmonella cesspool due to raw eggs in the recipe, innovative foodies have crafted recipes that forgo eggs altogether, taking that risk completely away, and vegan-izing it in the process. (The one downside is that you can't actually bake it.)

Now, a crop of vegan cookie dough brands—and cafes—have popped up, making it easier to find than ever. But just because it's made without animal products doesn't mean it's healthy. (Hey, even a bag of Doritos gets a "V" label.) Some major label reading is still key, starting with the sugar content. (You saw that coming, right?) Many also still contain dairy or gluten, so if you're doing your best to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet, watch out for heat-treated wheat flour and dry milk.

But there are ways to get your cookie-dough fix, while getting some other good-for-you benefits in the process.

Scroll down for three healthier cookie doughs for sale right now.

You Fresh Naturals healthy cookie dough
Photo: You Fresh Naturals

You Fresh Naturals

This one is available at The Vitamin Shoppe, and there's a good reason why it's housed next to your favorite nutrition bars—it packs 10 grams of protein in just two tablespoons. 

Hungry Root cookie dough
Photo: Hungry Root


Available at Whole Foods—or straight to your door—Top Chef Masters alum Franklin Becker’s Hungryroot food line just might have the cleanest option out there, made from an almond chickpea base with coconut sugar as the sweetener. And it tastes good, too. Becker says it's one of their top sellers.

Detour cookie dough
Photo: Detour

Smart Cookie Dough

Like the You Fresh Naturals pick, this is a high-protein option, with 10 grams per serving and only four grams of sugar (it's sweetened with stevia). Another bonus: It's in bar form, so you can throw it in your bag to take to work or the gym.

If you'd rather make your own, this is the perfect recipe. Or, here are 5 more low-sugar desserts to try.

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