Give *Any* Face Cleanser a Frothy, Marshmallow Texture With This $6 Buy

Graphic: Well+Good Creative
Sometimes, washing your face can be a total chore. After a long day at work or out with friends, you can simply feel too tired to come to the sink for a complexion massage-and-rinse routine (ya feel me?). That's totally normal, but as face cleansers gain new textures, it takes the edge off a little bit. After all, washing your face with whipped cream sounds exponentially more exciting than a basic gel.

First there were jelly cleansers. And now? Marshmallow whips are having a moment. Fluffy, frothy cleansers pretty much feel like having whipped cream on your skin, and the Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker, a $6 K-beauty invention, turns any of your cleansers into a very appealing, uber-light texture.

This time of year, even if you need the ingredients in a rich, creamy face wash, it can feel nice to have a nice foamy texture. Often the lather in foam cleansers is introduced with harsher surfactants that can be too stripping on more sensitive skin types, but this tool aerates gentler creamy formulas, as well, so that your cleanser is light as air while still retaining the good-for-you ingredients.

All you do is add your go-to cleanser to the millennial pink butter-churning-looking device, fill the container to the water line, and then put the lid on and, well, churn. After a bit of pumping, you're left with a cloud-like consistency that makes washing your face a lot more exciting.

So, go ahead: Whip it real good.

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