10 of the Best White T-Shirts To Add Into Your Rotation Right Now

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Finding the perfect white T-shirt can often feel like you're on the hunt for a mythical creature. Some don't fit quite right, and others are see through. Some feel like cardboard against your skin, and others wrinkle immediately. Just like the Loch Ness Monster, I've often found myself wondering if the perfect white tee even exists at all.

In my book, in order for a white T-shirt to earn "perfect" status, there are three essential boxes that it needs to tick. It should be made from comfortable fabric that's breathable but not sheer, weighty but not hard, and be fitted but not too tight. It should be able to move with your body so that it stays in place. And—perhaps the most of all—it should have a good collar.

Add all of this together, and it's a tall order, but we scoured the internet to find the 10 best white T-shirts that check all of the most important boxes. Scroll to see which you'll want to add to your collection immediately.

1. Everlane Air Oversized Crew Tee, $28

best white t-shirts
Photo: Everlane

If you're of the belief that bigger is better, then this tee is the answer to your prayers. Its oversized feel is perfect for tucking, knotting, or wearing over a pair of leggings, and its longer sleeves give it a total, "I just stole this from my boyfriend's (or brother's) closet" feel.

Shop now: Everlane Air Oversized Crew Tee, $28

2. Jungmaven Basic Tee, $42

best white t-shirts
Photo: Jungmaven

Made with 70 percent organic cotton and 30 percent hemp, the fabric on this T-shirt is thinner than many of the other shirts on this list, making it great for layering or wearing by itself on warmer spring days.

Shop now: Jungmaven Basic Tee, $42

3. Cotton Citizen Distressed Crewneck Tee, $65

best white t-shirts
Photo: Bloomingdales

If the starchy, pristine look of classic white t-shirts isn't for you, Cotton Citizen has the answer with this distressed option. The baggy feel makes the shirt seem as if it's been washed and worn in just for you.

Shop now: Cotton Citizen Distressed Crewneck Tee, $65

4. Free People Perfect Tee, $38

best white t-shirts
Photo: Free People

Every capsule wardrobe needs a classic crop, and this one fits the bill. The cuffed, short sleeves and raw hem give the shirt a comfy, lived-in look, while the tapered silhouette makes it feel far less boxy than your dad's shirt that you tried to crop (read: chop) yourself when you were 15.

Shop now: Free People Perfect Tee, $38

5. Hanes Nano T-Shirt, $7

best white t-shirts
Photo: Amazon

With over 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, there is no arguing that Hanes knows how to make white T-shirts. The comments tout the tee's breathability, ability to hide sweat stains, durability after many washes, and all-around comfort. It's also hard not to love a shirt that costs the same amount as an oat matcha latte, which is why this pick has solidified its spot on lists of best white T-shirts for years.

Shop now: Hanes Nano T-Shirt, $7

6. x Karla Baby Tee, $48

Photo: Revolve

Good news, '90s kids: The baby tee is back. Featuring shrunken sleeves, a high-cut ribbed neck, and the perfect amount of swing through the body, in the words of the brand's founder: "Honestly, this is a shirt that I want you to wear and wear and wear."

Shop now: x Karla Baby Tee, $48

7. COS Slim Fit T-Shirt, $39

Photo: COS

Described as "crisp," this slim-fit white tee is the epitome of classy. The weighty cotton doesn't fade or pill in the wash, and the tapered sleeves make it the perfect option to wear under a blazer without having to worry about any annoying bunching.

Shop now: COS Slim Fit T-Shirt, $39

8. Frame Le High Rise V Neck Tee, $75

best white t-shirt
Photo: Frame

Love options? This tee comes in two fits—a longer length to pair with mid-rise denim and a more cropped version that works well high-rise jeans. Made out of Peruvian Pima cotton, this shirt is softer than soft, and we love a classic V-neck with drop sleeves.

Shop now: Frame Le High Rise V Neck Tee, $75

9. Industry Standard The Maxime Tee, $40

best white t-shirt
Photo: Industry Standard

Made with 100 percent organic cotton, this shirt is structured without being too stiff, making it the pardon my pun—industry standard—for white tees.

Shop now: Industry Standard The Maxime Tee, $40

10. Re Ona Signature T-Shirt, $62

Photo: Re Ona

For serious protection against bra lines or see-through mishaps, this super-soft tee is double layered and has a seamless, clean finish. The Signature T-Shirt is versatile enough to sit perfectly above your belt or tuck into your trousers, and the high-cut neckline makes it great to pair with a sweater so the top of the tee peeks through.

Shop now: Re Ona Signature T-Shirt, $62

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