The Healthy, Ready-to-Eat Snacks That Whitney Port Always Stocks in Her Fridge

"The Hills" alum gives us a peek inside.

From SoulCycle workouts to regular Pressed Juicery visits, Whitney Port has had her wellness routine down for a while. (She even does Coachella in a healthy way.) But with pregnancy, things have changed. Suddenly, some of her fave foods have become off limits (see ya, sushi nights) or they just no longer appeal to her.

"My eating habits have changed drastically," says the former star of The Hills. "My first trimester, I was so nauseous, so I ate a lot of carbs—which I didn't eat much of before I got pregnant. It was all about anything bland, and also raw veggies and fruit, which I was craving a lot of."

Now in her last trimester—the reality star-turned-fashion designer is due next month!—she's figured out new go-to meals and snacks that keep her energized, all while satisfying her pregnancy cravings.

Wondering what the mom-to-be keeps stocked in her fridge? Scroll down to take a peek.

Whitney Port Refrigerator Look Book
Photo: Whitney Port; Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good

Right away, I spot lots of fresh fruit in your fridge. Do you use it for smoothies or just to snack on?

For the most part, I just wash it and eat it as it is. I love mangos, strawberries, cherries, and grapes—all of which you'll see in there. I'm actually so excited that it's nectarine season right now. I seriously eat four or five nectarines or peaches a day!

It's a smart idea to keep it washed and in bowls like that, ready to eat.

Definitely. I find that when I do that, I'm more likely to eat all the fruit I buy before it goes bad. I got a little lazy with the mango, raspberries, and strawberries though.

Besides the fruit, you have a lot of juices in there too.

Citrus is one of my biggest pregnancy cravings—a lot of other pregnant women have told me they crave it, too. Those Bundle Organics juices are great for that. I really love the orange ginger one. Sometimes I'll have one in the morning before an easy workout. Or, I'll have one around 4 p.m., right when my energy is crashing and I need those extra vitamins and an extra boost of energy.

There's a lot of dairy, too.

Yes—I use whole milk yogurt to make smoothies, and the cheese in the drawer under it is great for just slicing and putting on crackers for a snack. Similar to the fruit, cheese is something I like to snack on throughout the day.

Whitney Port's fridge
Photo: Whitney Port; Graphic by Abby Maker for Well+Good

What's on the top shelf, above the yogurt and fruit?

On the left are eggs, which is something I just always buy at the market but don't use very much. And next to that is almond milk mousse. Being pregnant has given me a huge sweet tooth, so I thought that was a good, healthy way for me to satisfy my cravings. The BarkThins are really good too. And they're pretty healthy—as long as you don't eat the whole bag!

Is that a case of LaCroix hiding behind the grapes and cherries?

Yes. Sparkling water is definitely easier for me to take down than water right now. I love the bubbles and it helps with any nausea, upset stomach, or indigestion, so it's become a big staple for me. There's some ginger ale in there too, behind the Bundle Organics drinks, which I drank a lot in my first trimester, but I haven't had since then because it's pretty high in sugar.

I see some carrots down in the crisper.

Yes, I've been eating so many carrots. I just wash and peel them, and dip them in some Trader Joe's hummus. Or sometimes I'll snack on them plain. I just love carrots—I love a good crunch.

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