3 Signs That Are Totally Compatible With Capricorns—And 3 That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Saturn is Capricorn's ruling planet. The zodiac sign Capricorn is associated with the earth sign. “Capricorns are responsible, intellectual, active and ambitious,” says Emily Newman, astrologer, psychic reader and spiritual healer at The Best of Psychic Readers. Capricorn also tends to be more of a realist and pessimist, with less of an optimistic, lighthearted spirit and with fewer reckless or goofy mannerisms.

They tend to be pretty serious about their lives and the direction they see themselves going in to secure the most optimal success rate, once they’ve accomplished their goals in their careers and have decided to fall in love and settle down, and to perhaps build a family, too.

They won’t have too many lovers often and prioritize work first, so they definitely won’t be going out on first dates every night during the week or giving too much attention towards dating apps and sites, either.

Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorns take pride in being determined and powerful, and they have a love of winning, seeing tangible results and making money, whereby they can confirm that their diligence and hard work has truly paid off.

They can also be quite stubborn and are lustful for power and seize of control, and that applies to mostly everything they put their minds to—from achieving power and dominance in leadership and their careers, to the way they express themselves or argue during heated debates—even to their sex drives and how they might handle aggressive tendencies or take charge in the bedroom.

The Capricorn lover will be the dominant one, for sure, and they likely won’t fear roughening things up a bit, too (if consentual and with a good sexual match and sign pairing, of course). So, a more sexually curious and wild, yet also submissive partner may be desirable for a bold Cap.

Because Capricorn is an earth sign and is known to be grounded and stable, with a need for precision, order, work ethic, ambition, and a steadfast drive, the signs most compatible with Capricorn will be those that are also hard workers and don’t mind staying late at the office in the week or working on their laptops for a few hours at night prior to bed, for example.

A need for harmony in “roles,” is important, too, and there must be a balance in having enough fiery energy and dominance, as a partner themselves, but also without holding back Capricorn from taking control as the bolder, leading partner, for the most part throughout the relationship.

Capricorn wants an ambitious partner by their side, someone with drive and a strong work ethic.

Who Are Capricorns Most Compatible With?

1. Capricorn with Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign, which means Capricorn and Taurus were born to be a more favorable, natural pairing and most likely to build a strong foundation and life together. “Taurus, Capricorn's finest soulmate, is reliable and faithful, and both of them have a strong relationship with one another,” says Newman.

They're both stubborn and workaholics, which may make some arguments rather cumbersome and heated; however, their commonality may benefit in terms of setting long-term goals as a couple, as well as in their routine habits and lifestyles, based on these shared values.

Both signs must first build mutual understanding in order for the relationship to develop and withstand time. “Taurus is continuously looking for a trustworthy mate,” says Newman, whereas Capricorn remains more cool and calm within the relationship.

“Capricorn tends to be more faithful, dedicated, and at ease,” she says. Both have a natural tendency to better comprehend and meet each other’s needs with a little patience and work.

2. Capricorn with Virgo

Virgo is also an earth sign, and both Capricorn and Virgo are workaholics, and so they have similar interests, future goals and lifestyles, as well as often similarities in their day-to-day habits and schedules.

“Virgo is excessively detail-oriented, whereas Capricorn is more concerned with the larger picture; yet, they can do anything if they work together,” says Newman.

What’s more, Cap and Virgo are both intellectual and driven. “Both zodiac signs are wise, and for each other, they are both dependable and trustworthy, so the emotional connection between these two zodiac signs is amazing and strong,” says Newman.

3. Capricorn with Cancer

Cancer is a water sign, and while on one hand, Capricorn is overly logical and Cancer is overly sensitive (which can cause some disruption to their otherwise gravitation towards harmony), both can generally tolerate the flow of each other pretty well and can figure their differences out.

“Capricorns guarantee that their partner's life is stable and secure, and Capricorn's greatest soulmate is Cancer, who gives comfort and care to their relationship,” says Newman. Cancer is basically the opposite role, and is more likely to stay at home and raise the family, while Capricorn is out working and to lend support.

“Together, these two signs form a lasting and harmonious partnership, and while there is potential for miscommunication, both signs are mature enough to deal with it in order to help make it work,” says Newman.

Who Are Capricorns Least Compatible With?

1. Capricorn with Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it is associated with fire, as a fire sign, and unfortunately, bold and fiery Aries is too much of an opponent for power-hungry, dominant Capricorn. They are one of the least compatible signs with Capricorn, because there isn’t much in common between the two.

“Aries is obstinate, hasty and rash, and acts quickly and recklessly at times, whereas Capricorn is calm and collected, and they are more practical, slow and thrifty,” says Newman.

Capricorn also needs time to open up and become emotionally vulnerable, while Aries opens up fast and dives straight in without fear.

Aries expects everything in the relationship to happen quickly and tends to be passionate and often hasty with decision-making and big, momentous life choices, such as moving in together soon after meeting, as an example.

They build attachments to their partners fast and want to become integrated into all aspects of their lives, which can be too fast and daunting for slow-paced, cautious Capricorn. Both have very distinct outlooks on life.

2. Capricorn with Leo

The zodiac sign Leo is also associated with fire, like Aries. Generally, Capricorn can’t handle Leo's demanding, self-absorbed and attention-seeking attitude too well.

“They are continually in competition with one another, and there aren’t similarities between the two, as in the case between Aries, and other less compatible signs with Capricorn.

Capricorn is also more serious than Leo, and the seriousness of Capricorn, in relation to their approach to life, can be quite boring for Leo, who generally craves a greater need for fun, spotlight, spontaneity, dramatism and adventure.

“Capricorn struggles to meet Leo's needs, and as a result, Leo may feel disconnected,” says Newman, where ultimately, they’ll let each other down with regards to their ideal lifestyles.

They will differ in desired balance between play and adventure versus time for hard work and that “daily grind,” which may prevent the pair from growing and succeeding as a couple.

3. Capricorn with Gemini

Gemini is an air sign, which means people under this sign often have a free-spirited, silly, lively and more laid-back approach to life and crave lots of stimulation, laughter and spontaneous energy that makes the greatest, most craziest, unexpected memories.

“Gemini is also a sign with a split personality, whereas Capricorn is a serious sign, and Capricorn prefers the conventional approach to love, while Gemini enjoys new experiences, meeting new people and seeking adventures,” says Newman.

Both signs struggle to communicate effectively with each other, too, since their natural tendencies differ, with Cap being more grounded, serious and cautious and Gemini being more go-with-the-flow, open and casual.

“Both partners must work hard to improve this connection to make the relationship work,” says Newman, where perhaps couple’s counseling to resolve communication blocks may be extra beneficial.

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