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3 Signs That Are Totally Compatible With Leos—And 3 That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Leo is ruled by the sun and is a bold, big-personality sign of the zodiac, as well as a fixed sign, meaning they’re pretty set in their ways and less open to changing themselves for a partner. But who are Leos compatible with?

“Leos are sympathetic, big-hearted, conscientious, natural leaders, and tend to be popular, protective, energetic, self-sufficient, and motivating,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Reader. This positivity can make for a lot of fun and adventure, and they have a natural way of making others smile and enjoy life with them.

However, they can also be too self-absorbed and concerned about the way they’re perceived at times, and often prioritize themselves and maintain their need for recognition and esteem, first.

“Leos can also be possessive, narrow-minded, self-conscious, approval-obsessed, and attention seeking,” says Newman, where their ego can get in the way of a happy relationship unless it’s well managed and humbled. Signs most compatible with leo will look for a bold, “star” of the zodiac to show off, and they’ll be able to handle any theatrics that may come with dating a Leo.

Who Are Leos Most Compatible With?

1. Leo with Aries

Aries is a fire sign and one of the ideal signs compatible with Leo. Aries are generally clever and understanding, with a fiery energy that matches well with Leo’s personality, needs and lifestyle.

“Aries can readily meet Leo's requirements and they can do great things in life if they work together, where Leos can use their partner's powerful qualities to achieve their goals in life,” says Newman. They possess similar standards and love of life, and they’re better able to trust and open up for a successful and long-term relationship. They overcome adversity as a dynamic duo.

2. Leo with Libra

Libra is an air sign and may provide partners with unconditional love and comfort, which are two necessities that Leo lovers ask for and value most. “All of Leo's wishes may be fulfilled with Libra and they become a power couple when they get together,” says Newman.

What’s more, there’s a rich foundational friendship, too. “The friendship is strengthened by their commonalities and heightened by their variances in personality, and they both are hard workers and complement one another,” says Newman.

Libra is all about romance and harmony, and so will often go the extra mile to win Leo over and hold on tight. “Libras are givers who like gratifying their partners, which Leo will value,” says Newman.

3. Leo with Gemini

Gemini is an air sign and another great match as one of the top signs compatible with Leo. “Both are pleasant and welcoming personalities, which may quickly capture the hearts of each other,” says Newman.

According to Newman, Gemini is infamous for being bored quickly, and more easily than other signs; however, Leo thrives on adventure and fun, so together they’ll enjoy new, thrilling experiences as a power couple. Plus, Leo likes to shine and stand out, which can keep a Gemini entertained for a long time.

“Another thing to consider is that Gemini is a water sign, which means they never compete with a Leo partner, and instead, assist them in achieving their success,” says Newman.

Who Are Leos Least Compatible With?

1. Leo with Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign, and much like Leo, also happens to crave the limelight and is very persistent in keeping it, rather than sharing it with a partner. “Both partners would begin the battle for power, and neither is willing to give up,” says Newman. This can create jealousy and competitive energy, which can lead to obstacles and resentment and prevent the relationship from progressing or developing further.

Even if there’s not a present situation that calls for comparison, such feelings tend to linger and become more chronic, by nature. “Because they are holding grudges against each other, both partners fail to understand each other's feelings,” says Newman, making Capricorn one of the least advantageous signs compatible with Leo.

2. Leo with Virgo

Virgo is another earth sign, and they are intelligent and practical, and they have a forward-thinking attitude that’s intentional and analytical, which unfortunately Leo does not enjoy too much. “Leos want to live in the current moment,” explains Newman, and they place a greater emphasis on having fun and seizing the present opportunity for excitement and pleasure.

“Virgo is highly intellectual, and it may be too much for Leo, where they may become competitors,” says Newman. As a result, they struggle to form a positive connection and can’t sustain the relationship.

3. Leo with Cancer

Cancer is a water sign, and Cancerians are generally too passionate and emotional for a Leo partner. “Leos are sensible and enjoy trying new things, whereas Cancer is conventional in thinking and in matters of relationships, and so this relationship often appears one-sided,” says Newman.

Ultimately, they do vibe too well and have different approaches to life and the heart. What’s more, Leo loves attention and can be self-absorbed, at times, so they’re more unwilling to try and understand or worry about Cancer’s sensitivity and emotional mood swings.

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