Leo Compatibility: Best and Worst Zodiac Matches for the Fun Loving Sign

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Those born in Leo (July 22 to August 22) are ruled by the sun. And just as the fiery star is the center of the planetary system, Leo has a natural star quality that attracts people to them—if not for their charismatic pull, then for their fun-loving and playful spirit. As one of the fixed signs of the zodiac, another one of Leo’s key traits is their reliability and fierce loyalty to the people in their lives. However, this could also mean they are pretty set in their ways and less open to changing themselves for a partner. So, who are Leos compatible with in love and life?

Fearless and protective, it might not come as a surprise that Leo is symbolized by the mighty lion. Leos courageously live life to the fullest degree and inspire others to step into their confidence, too. Their ideal partner shares their love for fun and excitement and isn’t afraid to take creative risks.

“A typical Leo naturally feels like the center of the universe and the king or queen of their own reality.”—Alice Alta, astrologer

Plus, they’re ruled by the sun—you know, the luminary that is quite literally our source. That type of energy is the center of Leo’s personality. “A typical Leo naturally feels like the center of the universe and the king or queen of their own reality,” Alice Alta, astrologer for the Futurio app explains. "Their partner shouldn’t vie for the crown, acknowledging their leadership in the relationship.”

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The zodiac’s brave heart craves passion and lightheartedness in their relationships. Below, astrologers break down who is compatible with Leo.

Key Leo Traits

Leo’s ruling planet is not an actual planet but the sun itself, which represents identity, creativity, and vitality. As one of the brightest, boldest signs of the zodiac wheel, it’s clear why Leo’s characteristics are influenced by the sun, aka its ruling planet (yes, it’s a luminary, but it’s considered a major planet in your birth chart). Like the sun, the celestial lions are renowned for their warm aura and magnetic presence that commands the spotlight, and as a fire sign through and through, they are bold, authoritative, and confident in their expression.

Being a fixed sign, which refers to how they operate in the world, Leos can easily ground their fiery tendencies. This fixed and fire combo makes Leo steadfast, reliable, and stalwart. As such, they always pour their heart into everything, be it their career, creative pursuits, or their relationships.

When it comes to incompatibility, “Disrespect is a huge turnoff for a Leo, as their self-esteem is quite sensitive,” Alta says. “They will quickly bid goodbye to a partner who mocks them, doubts their skills and knowledge, disregards advice, and doesn't pay attention to them.”

“Leos are sympathetic, big-hearted, conscientious, natural leaders, and tend to be popular, protective, energetic, self-sufficient, and motivating,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Reader. Their vivacity can bring sunshine to those around them, and they have a natural way of making others smile and enjoy life, which can make for a lot of fun and adventure.

“Leos are sympathetic, big-hearted, conscientious, natural leaders, and tend to be popular, protective, energetic, self-sufficient, and motivating.”—Emily Newman, astrologer

While Leos will happily share the spotlight with their mates, their ego, pride, and jealousy can take over when they start to fear they will be eclipsed. “Leos can also be possessive, narrow-minded, self-conscious, approval-obsessed, and attention seeking,” says Newman. At their lowest, they’ll prioritize themselves at the expense of others to maintain their need for recognition and esteem.

Which zodiac signs are most compatible with Leo?

Typically, signs that share the same element, as in the case of Aries and Leo, get along seamlessly. Per Alta, Aries’ honesty and sense of justice can iron out Leo’s manipulative tendencies. Plus, “Leos can show their dominance in a more sophisticated and wise way,” Alta adds. “As a result, they can tame the Aries' wild spirit (which is quite a challenging task!) and make their partner more prudent.”

Sagittarius, another fire sign, is also a great match for Leo. Leo, strong in their sense of importance, often manifests selfishness, and Alta says it’s important for Leo’s spiritual evolution to overcome—that’s where Sagittarius comes in. “Sagittarians are often preoccupied with global problems, so they can develop an altruistic vision in their partner,” explains Alta. Together, they can find adventure and meaningful personal development.

Fire sign Leo naturally vibes with the energy of air signs, which is why Gemini is one of the ideal matches for the courageous Leo. Communication is Gemini’s specialty and is appreciated by Leo’s bluntness. Plus, Alta says: “Accolades are the air a Leo needs to breathe; it’s impossible to overdo with praise, as Leos easily fall for even over-the-top flattery.” Gemini is highly supportive of their partners and won’t feel threatened by the fire sign’s confidence, “This way, a Leo can spread their wings and feel more confident in such a relationship,” Alta adds.

Libra and Leo are both lively individuals and will find a lot of fun at parties together, whether they’re hosting or commanding a room with their bubbly personalities. Plus, Alta says Libra typically doesn’t have a strong sense of ego, and instead, “they detach themselves from any situation, observe it from the side, and react in a way to preserve harmony.” Libra’s objectivity balances out Leo’s opulence. “This is why Libras are considered great partners—they feel other people very well and don’t allow negativity to accumulate in the air,” Alta says.

Which zodiac signs are least compatible with Leo?

Before diving into the least compatible matches for Leo, it’s important to know that even if you’re compatible astrologically, it doesn’t mean it’s destiny per se. The same goes for if your sun signs are incompatible—it’s not that you’re both doomed. Your sun sign can only say so much and your birth chart is strewn with other planets that are important to astrological compatibility.

For example, your moon sign speaks to your emotional temperament and your Venus sign is where your romantic needs should be met. However, your sun sign can tell you a lot about your core personality traits, which is a comfortable place to start discerning your overall compatibility with someone. These sun signs, according to Alta, are those that are the least compatible matches for Leo.

Water sign Pisces is sensitive and emotional, fixated on their inner world. They may hesitate to give in to Leo’s brazen energy. “Being straightforward and self-confident to the edge of arrogance, a Leo may easily hurt a sensitive Pisces,” says Alta. While Pisces ruminates on their inner wounds on their own, Alta says Leo may be totally unaware that anything is even wrong, leading to isolation on Pisces’ part.

Stern Capricorn is too buttoned up and stoic for a fun-loving Leo, who seldom takes life seriously. “A Leo feels they can’t influence their partner, which makes them feel helpless,” says Alta. Plus, Capricorn is often preoccupied with their own ambitions, which Leo can find boring, explains Alta, “while a Capricorn may disapprove of Leo's peacockery and think that everything about Leo is over-the-top.”

Leo is the life of the party, which is quite the opposite of Taurus, who enjoys their nights in. While Leo may find Taurus’ romantic side appealing, Alta says: “Only a gentle and persistent approach may help a conservative Taurus introduce something new in their life.” Leo lacks the patience for Taurus, and Taurus’ sensibility may be stifling to Leo, who yearns for novelty and excitement.

How does Leo compatibility vary with different signs?

Leo and Aries Compatibility

Clever and understanding with a fiery energy to match, Aries is an ideal match for Leo—and it seems that the stars are ever in their favor, as Aries is trine, or four signs apart, from Leo, which can make for a harmonious relationship between the two fire signs. While they are forces in themselves, they can emit an even brighter flame when paired together.

“Aries can readily meet Leo’s requirements and they can do great things in life if they work together,” says Newman. They possess similar standards and vigor for life, and they likewise have an unwavering drive to make their aspirations a reality. If anything, both are highly competitive and like being in charge, which can result in ego conflicts. However, as long as they work together, they can overcome diversity as a dynamic duo.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility

Fixed earth sign Taurus is square, or three signs apart, from Leo—and this astrological aspect can breed conflict and tension between the two signs, says Tenae Stewart, astrologer, spiritual coach, and author of The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-Care. While both are fixed signs that are loyal and commitment-oriented, this also means that they can be rigid and inflexible in their behaviors and beliefs.

What’s more, “Leo is forward-moving while Taurus won’t move without a lot of provocation, and they can really butt heads in that way,” says Stewart. If neither is willing to be flexible or compromise, this can ruin their chances of forging a long-lasting partnership. However, that isn’t to say that they can’t overcome adversity. “They just have to honor and respect each other’s differences,” Stewart says.

Leo and Gemini Compatibility

Gemini, the chatterbox of the zodiac and the mutable air sign, is often compatible with Leo. “Both are pleasant and welcoming personalities, and they may quickly capture the hearts of each other,” says Newman. Gemini is also sextile, or two signs apart, from Leo, and their respective astrological elements can result in a complementary relationship between the two signs.

Gemini is infamous for getting bored quickly and more easily than other signs. However, there’s never a dull moment with a Leo, who thrives on adventure and fun. Plus, Leo likes to shine and stand out, which will keep Gemini entertained. “Another thing to consider is that Gemini is an air sign, which means they never compete with a Leo partner, and instead, assist them in achieving their success,” says Newman.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is semi-sextile, or one sign apart, from Leo, and though Cancer and Leo are on the cusp of each other on the zodiac calendar, Cancer is generally too emotional for a Leo. “Leos are sensible and enjoy trying new things, whereas Cancer is conventional in thinking and in matters of relationships, and so this relationship often appears one-sided,” says Newman.

What’s more, Leo loves attention and can be self-absorbed at times, so they are more unwilling to try and understand or worry about Cancer’s sensitivity and emotional mood swings. Although Leo and Cancer have unique approaches to life and relationships, they’re likewise loving, loyal, and commitment-oriented, and if they learn to understand one another, they can forge a relationship with lasting potential.

Leo and Leo Compatibility

When two Leos come together, you can expect a passionate and fiery relationship. Both are romantic and value loyalty, and it’ll likely be easy to create an emotional bond because they will understand one another’s wants and needs. While a Leo-Leo couple will have what it takes for a long-lasting bond, it’s important that each continues to cultivate their heart’s passions outside the relationship.

Stewart also mentions that a Leo pairing needs to honor their partner’s mode of self-expression. “This is true for any relationship, but it’s paramount for two Leos,” she says. Things can take a tumultuous turn if Leos aren’t willing to share the spotlight or they refuse to compromise their personal aims or demands, making it all the more important for them to maintain their sense of self while honoring what their partner brings to the table.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo, the mutable earth sign, and Leo are semi-sextile, which as mentioned, can indicate difficulties or challenges between the two signs. While Leo and Virgo share a cusp, it seems they have more differences than similarities. Intelligent and practical, Virgos have a forward-thinking attitude that’s intentional and analytical, which, unfortunately, won’t always resonate with Leo. “Leos want to live in the current moment,” says Newman.

As such, Leo places greater emphasis on having fun and seizing the present opportunity, while Virgos can be all business and move forward with deliberate caution. Newman adds: “Virgo is highly intellectual, and it may be too much for Leo, who might view them as competitors.” As a result, they might struggle to form a positive connection.

Leo and Libra Compatibility

Cardinal air sign Libra is known to offer their partners unconditional love and comfort—two things that Leo lovers want and value most in a relationship. As such, Libra and Leo are sextile, or two signs apart, from each other, which, as mentioned, can make these two signs a complementary match. “All of Leo’s wishes may be fulfilled with Libra, and they become a power couple when they get together,” says Newman.

What’s more, “Libras are givers who like gratifying their partners, which Leo will value,” she says. They also have the foundation for a lasting friendship. “The friendship is strengthened by their commonalities and heightened by their variances in personality,” says Newman, adding, “They both are hard workers and complement one another.”

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Astrologically speaking, it seems that Leo and Scorpio have the odds stacked against them. They have opposing elements (Scorpio is a fixed water sign and Leo is a fixed fire sign), and they are square, or three signs apart, which often denotes struggles and difficulties. While these signs do share some similarities—both are ambitious, bold, and love being in the spotlight—their differences might push them further apart rather than pull them closer together.

As Newman told Well+Good: “The true challenge occurs when both partners begin to compete for power rather than working together, and both partners in a relationship must be on the same page for it to work.” Indeed it will take work seeing as they are fixed signs that can be inflexible in terms of their thinking and actions. Otherwise, “both will be unable to comprehend each other,” says Newman.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Fellow fire sign Sagittarius is trine, or four signs apart, from Leo, and with much in common, it’s easy to see why they’d be drawn to one another. Both maintain an optimistic approach to life and both value excitement and novelty. As Newman told Well+Good: “One of the key elements that make Leo the ideal companion for Sagittarius is their shared perspective on making life and love interesting and joyful.”

Still, this relationship isn’t without its fair share of challenges. Sagittarius can be non-committal as a result of their mutable nature, while Leo values commitment and loyalty as a fixed fire sign. For their relationship to flourish, “Sagittarius must take their feelings toward Leo seriously,” says Newman, as Leo typically seeks the same amount of commitment they offer their partners.

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that is quincunx from Leo, and much like the celestial lion, the sea goat also enjoys the spotlight and can be very persistent in keeping the attention to themselves, rather than sharing it with a partner. As a result, “both partners would begin the battle for power,” says Newman, which can create jealousy and unhealthy competition, and over time, resentment and obstacles in their relationship.

Even if there’s not a present situation that calls for comparison, such feelings tend to linger and become more chronic by nature. “Because they are holding grudges against each other, both partners fail to understand each other’s feelings,” says Newman. If they can’t reach a place of mutual respect and understanding, it’s hard to see how Capricorn would be compatible with Leo, and vice versa.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Fixed air sign Aquarius sits opposite Leo on the zodiac wheel. According to astrologer Rachel Lang in a previous interview with Well+Good: “For Leo, passion is extremely important. For Aquarius, intellectual stimulation is important.” Their relationship can go one of two ways— either they balance each other out, or they clash more often than they get along.

In the best-case scenario, “Leo can help Aquarius find themselves and their own unique value as an individual, while Aquarius can help Leo see the value of the people around them,” says Stewart. They also work well when they play together, adds Lang, and the two signs need to focus on keeping things fresh, fun, and light to truly thrive as a pair.

Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Mutable water sign Pisces and Leo are quincunx, or five signs apart, from one another—and while this can point to irreconcilable differences within their relationship, they can find commonality in their shared passion for self-expression. As Stewart previously told Well+Good, “Self-expression is vital to both Pisces and Leo.” What’s more, the signs are similarly heartfelt and sensitive.

While they can forge a lasting relationship over their shared characteristics, it won’t be without conflict. “Pisces and Leo’s mode of expression are so different from one another that they may rub each other the wrong way at times,” says Stewart. If they can’t understand echo other’s communication style or keep their emotions in check, even the smallest issue can send their romance into a tailspin.

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