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3 Signs That Are Totally Compatible With Pisces—And 3 That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Pisces is a spiritual, mystical sign of the zodiac, and they tend to be extremely emotional, both in their own sensitivities and in taking on those of their friends and loved ones (especially those of their partner). So, who are Pisces compatible with? The signs most likely to vibe with Pisces will also have a naturally empathetic side and know how to put themselves in their partner’s shoes, to feel their feeling too, and to understand them on a cathartic level.

“Neptune rules Pisces, and their zodiac element is water, so Pisces are the most compassionate, wise, generous, inventive, flexible, open-minded, romantic, selfless, and emotionally sensitive zodiac signs,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Reader.

However, on the flip-side, they aren’t the most hardworking and ambitious people, and can get too caught up in their emotions and empathy, as a means for internal reflection and coping mechanisms, at which point they may become somewhat distant and disconnected from the world.

As such, it is often hard for Pisces to overcome obstacles and adversity with a determined, well-driven attitude, so it may take them some more time to get back to reality and tackle their demons head on. “Pisces can be also lazy, materialistic, uncertain, and secretive,” Newman says, “and because Pisces are sensitive, they are easily influenced.”

So, they can easily adapt to those around them and often take on their behaviors and ideas, rather than thinking and acting originally, as their authentic and confident selves. It can also be hard for Pisces to avoid their sensitivity and tendencies to take on the personalities and decisions of others, which is why they don’t make the best leaders and are very malleable.

Because of this, they don’t take snarky and sarcastic remarks well, or disappointments, and often feel personally attacked and are unable to remove their hurt and boost their self-esteem once their ego’s taken a hit.

Who are Pisces most compatible with?

Pisces with Cancer

“Cancer, like Pisces, is a water sign, so a relationship can result in excellent communication and peace, as Pisces needs a partner who is grounded, protective, and spiritual,” says Newman.

Pisces and Cancer are the two most-sensitive and emotional signs of the zodiac, which is why Cancer is so compatible with Pisces, since they can relate to their emotional responses and know how to soothe and support. Though, it’s worth noting that there are some differences in their emotional tendencies: “While Pisces is calm, peaceful, easygoing, and adaptable, Cancer is temperamental, emotional, and overly concerned,” says Newman.

“However, they balance and complement each other's characteristics and have an excellent connection,” she says.

Pisces with Taurus

“Taurus is an earth sign and is well-grounded, meaning they are thoughtful, sensual, and passionate, which makes Taurus one of the most compatible with Pisces,” Newman says. “They will get along well due to their similar interests. Both can appreciate the same foods, music, and activities, and as a couple, they are more realistic and prioritize their love over anything else.”

However, Taurus is a bit conventional and does not like change, which may make them a bit too reserved for Pisces at times. Pisces can handle it, though, and perhaps even encourage them to feel more passionate, mystical, and imaginative, inspiring them to try new things for joy, in all that life has to offer.

“Taurus will motivate Pisces to dream and establish social contacts, while Pisces will safeguard and assist Taurus in dealing with others, so both share a well-balanced chemistry,” Newman explains.

Pisces with Virgo

A Pisces-Virgo match is proof that opposite signs attract. Virgo is an earth sign, and they help ground Pisces by being very attentive and loving to their partners. “They are endearing, intelligent, empathetic, romantic, and passionate, and Virgo possesses all of the attributes that Pisces needs,” Newman says. “Both partners can enjoy exceptional conversation.”

Together, they are emotionally in tune and invested in their partnership. What’s more, Virgo and Pisces are both humble. “They are full of modesty and selflessness, as they are constantly willing to help others,” explains Newman.

The slight difference is that Pisces focuses on grander, more big-picture matters, while Virgo focuses on smaller, more trivial or minor things, instead. It’s a good thing, though, when used positively! “When they combine their strengths, they balance each other out and as a result, they complement each other well,” she says.

Who are Pisces least compatible with?

Pisces with Gemini

Gemini is an air sign and they are known as “the twins” of the zodiac for their “split personality,” as Newman describes it. “Geminis are both intelligent and friendly; however, clever and curious Gemini cannot manage Pisces' emotional side well,” she says.

Pisces doesn’t do well with boundaries, and they are less willing to provide freedom and emotional distance or lightheartedness when something is troubling them or on their minds. Meanwhile, “Gemini is extremely disciplined, and these contrasts make it impossible for them to form a harmonious connection, so while they both have the finest physical chemistry, their differences make everything bitter,” Newman says.

Pisces with Aries

Aries is a fire sign that’s headstrong, self-serving at times, and attention-seeking, and can come across as abrasive when arguing, which is a big relationship red flag for Pisces, who are highly emotional and get bruised easily. Aries is one of the least-compatible signs with Pisces, as “Pisces is sensitive and unselfish, whereas Aries is smart and can be egotistical,” Newman says.

What’s more, “Aries people are reckless and do not ponder before acting, and as a result, they may repeatedly and negligently harm Pisces' feelings,” she adds.

In general, Aries is usually a bad partner or friend for Pisces because, according to Newman, Aries may find Pisces to be manipulative and too impressionable (a contrast to their bold, self-assertive attitude), too emotional, and foolish. “As a result, they cannot form a strong relationship,” she says. There are exceptions to every rule, though, and depending on the other placements on any couple’s birth chart, any two sun signs can form a dynamic duo.

Pisces with Aquarius

“Aquarius is an air sign and the only thing they have in common is that they both like to dream big; however, Aquarius would struggle to deal with Pisces' emotional side,” says Newman. Aquarius gets a bad rap for being overly detached and aloof, as well as “emotionless,” but they do feel, and feel deeply, for those around them and for the world at large. They’re the humanitarians of the zodiac, after all!

However, Aquarius can bottle up and hide their emotional side, which means it could take time for them to open up and figure out how to express love and emotion to others. So, Pisces’ extreme emotions may be too severe for Aquarius to master quickly—if ever.

“Aquarius fails to properly comprehend Pisces, which leads Pisces to believe that they are not receiving the attention and care they need,” says Newman. “Aquarius likes to be free and gregarious, and Pisces is more grounded and patient, so both partners may be unable to comprehend each another.”

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