3 Signs That Are Totally Compatible With Scorpios—And 3 That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Scorpio is a fixed water sign with ruling planets of Mars and Pluto. They’re courageous, passionate, inventive, intense and loyal, while possessing an all-or-nothing kind of attitude—but Scorpios aren't compatible with everyone in love and life. “They have a reputation for being brutal,” says Emily Newman, astrologer, psychic reader, and spiritual healer at The Best of Psychic Reader.

While they can be ruthless and cold, they can also be devoted, honest and romantic with their partners and those with whom they care about. “Scorpios are self-sufficient, proactive, insightful, and excellent advisors,” she says.

Yet, they also have a dark side, with twisted, complex ways of thinking and a highly emotional predisposition and state, whereby it’s easy for Scorpio to become jealous, vengeful and manipulative—and fast—when they perceive dishonesty or feel attacked.

Scorpio Compatibility

When looking for a partner, Scorpio will want someone who is honest and loyal, where they won’t feel the need to question where they stand and what’s true. They’ll also feel a mutual sense of passion, so the relationship feels intense and resembles “the real deal,” with a high level of sexuality and intimacy, too.

They will seek out someone who isn’t open-minded and naturally sexual to complement their fantasies or desires.

Who Are Scorpios Most Compatible With?

1. Scorpio with Virgo

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, somewhat similar to Scorpio with regard to their perspectives and approaches to life as well as their career-focused mindset and ambitious attitude. “Both signs are bright and intellectual and enjoy a well-structured life,” says Newman. Together, Scorpio and Virgo will work to strategize, plan, and execute shared life goals.

Virgo may be a little rigid at times for Scorpio since they are perfectionists and always punctual. But Scorpio can be lethargic and tardy when they’re feeling overworked, bored, or tired.

2. Scorpio with Cancer

Cancer is a cardinal water sign with a need for creating a“home” with their partner. Scorpio is very protective by nature, which makes Cancer feel safe and taken care of. “Scorpions uniquely display their protective nature, and this provides a sense of protection and security to the Cancerian, for a bond that’s deep and where they don't always need to use words and can understand each other,” says Newman.

Cancer prioritizes family and loyalty, which is great for Scorpio, who demands truth and honesty, and needs to be able to trust their partners and feel assured that they’ll have their backs, no matter what.

This duo is an intellectual pairing that can accomplish greatness together, no matter what they set their sights on. “Scorpio is a superb executor, and Cancer is a wonderful planner,” explains Newman.

3. Scorpio with Taurus

Taurus is a fixed earth sign who is sensible and grounded, whereas Scorpio is highly emotional and more prone to mood swings, dramatism, and a tendency to blow things out of proportion.

Sure, this can become tiring for Taurus and a lot for them to handle, but Taurus is also rather calm and collected, and they’re loyal to their partners. Taurus can handle Scorpio’s big personality and theatrics as long as Scorpio proves to be honest, reliable, and loyal in return.

“Taurus may provide a calming influence, while Scorpio can assist Taurus in spiritual growth; however, they must understand each other,” she says. Scorpio and Taurus usually form a friendship first, which can help build a bond that has a foundational understanding, respect and trust, in order for a romantic relationship to form and develop.

Who Are Scorpios Least Compatible With?

1. Scorpio with Gemini

Gemini is a mutable air sign, which makes them both social butterflies with a need to have a large social network and community. Yet, they approach their friendships differently and have different values and mannerisms, and Gemini is more inconsistent and sporadic with their behavior than Scorpio, who appreciates consistency and stability within their relationships and lives.

“Gemini has an unstable mentality,” says Newman. They can come across as being bored and flirtatious, with a more care-free, detached attitude, and this can drive a possessive Scorpio nuts. “As a result, Gemini perceives Scorpio as domineering, while Scorpio perceives Gemini as being uninterested in them.”

2. Scorpio with Leo

Leo is a fixed fire sign, and both Leo and Scorpio are ambitious, bold and love being in the spotlight. “The true challenge occurs when both partners begin to compete for power rather than working together, and both partners in a relationship must be on the same page for it to work,” says Newman.

Both of these signs enjoy having complete control over their surroundings, and even minor disturbances can throw them off. “Both will be unable to comprehend each other, as they tend to believe they are correct in their thinking and actions, and haven’t done harm, and are generally resistant towards accepting the views of others,” says Newman.

3. Scorpio with Libra

Libra is a cardinal air sign, and while they are peacemakers and value harmony, they also don’t like to be controlled or feel stifled and toyed with. “Scorpios feel passionate and are prone to covert planning, with a need to gain the upper hand in situations,” says Newman.

“Libra can be judgmental, but Scorpio is manipulative,” says Newman, and this won’t sit well with Libra. There will be misunderstandings due to power struggle and exploitation, which will cause tension between the pair.

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