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3 Signs That Are Totally Compatible With Virgos—And 3 That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Virgo is an earth sign, with Mercury as its ruling planet. “Virgos are modest, discreet, active, and practical by nature, and they have a lot of energy and are critical thinkers,” says Emily Newman, astrologer, psychic reader and spiritual healer at The Best of Psychic Readers. Virgos are compatible with those who know what they're looking for.

Yet, while they’re very smart and ambitious, they also tend to be hard on themselves and others due to their desire for perfectionism and high standards.

Unfortunately, sometimes these high expectations and needs for success affect their self-esteem and communication with others, and they may come off as being rigid, judgmental, and critical. They fear failure and disappointment and will turn angry and cold or withdraw when they’ve failed themselves or you’ve let them down or bruised their ego.

“Virgo is a perfectionist and is well-organized by nature and can be extremely critical, over-thinkers, who demand excellence from everyone,” says Newman. And generally, they’re the harshest on those with whom they love the most.

While all relationships have the ability to last with good use of patience and communication, time, dedication and love, some signs will naturally appeal to a Virgo partner more than others.

Signs compatible with Virgo will likely share similarities in lifestyle and core values, communication and emotions, hobbies and character. These are the three signs most compatible with Virgo and least, whereby they might struggle to find common ground.

Who Are Virgos Most Compatible With?

1. Virgo with Taurus

Both Taurus and Virgo are Earth signs and tend to have similar mannerisms, values and thinking patterns. “Both signs tend to be dependable and grounded,” says Newman. Taurus has a “chill” personality and stability in their emotions, which appeals to Virgo, who is seen as an “overthinker” and thus needs a partner who can calm their nerves and ease their minds.

The only caveat is that both signs are incredibly stubborn, which may make arguments a tug of war and more challenging to settle peacefully. Both signs want to be correct in their opinions and “the winner” and hate to apologize or admit when wrong. “Taurus is conventional and inflexible, but Virgo is adaptable and organized,” says Newman.

Together they should be able to resolve issues well with some patience and care. “Both are emotional people who seek a spouse who understands them, and ambitious, to create a partnership that’s ideal for attaining their goals,” she says.

2. Virgo with Cancer

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, and both Virgo and Cancer are caring and sensitive, so they’re able to understand each other’s emotions and communicate their needs. “They're both equally determined to make their big-picture ambitions a reality and to take charge and work hard until they succeed,” she says.

They're typically great as friends and can easily then turn into a power couple, if allowed. “Cancer may teach Virgo how to plan for the future,” says Newman, and since Virgo is very career-oriented, they’re able to act on those plans and work hard to secure their desires and finances for a bright future together.

At times, Virgo may come off as being harsh and insensitive, and this can upset Cancer, who is soft and gentle, and extremely sensitive. Cancer thinks more with emotions, rather than rationality, such as that of Virgo. A little compassion and communication will be enough to help them figure it out, though.

3. Virgo with Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and shares similar outlooks on life to Virgo, so the two can really plan a future together. “Both signs are clever and intelligent, and they like to be well-planned,” says Newman. This makes it easier for them to create and outline life goals and approach the future efficiently as a couple.

At times, Scorpio might not meet Virgo’s high standards, and Scorpio’s lack of effort can lead to disagreement and tension. “Virgo is a perfectionist and punctual, and Scorpio tends to be lethargic, which may be an issue, but Virgo can handle it,” Newman says.

Despite that, Scorpio’s chatty, bold personality can complement Virgo’s more quiet and reserved nature. “As a result, both may easily maintain a life balance,” she continues.

Who Are Virgos Least Compatible With?

1. Virgo with Leo

Leo is a fire sign known to seek attention and praise whereas Virgo prefers to remain in the background, keeping everything low and modest,” says Newman. This can create a clash in life approach and in how they interact around others, as a couple.

“Virgo likes being in the spotlight, but they are not interested in pleasing others,” says Newman. This is where the differences in values come into play. Virgo can also be controlling, micromanaging Leo, which isn’t well tolerated, either.

Both can come across as being authoritative, arrogant and self-centered at times, and this combative attitude and stubbornness in opinion can lead to conflict and unresolved issues.

2. Virgo with Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign who tends to be more detached, spontaneous and creative in their thinking and life approach. However, “when they are in love with Virgo, they tend to act differently,” Newman says. “Virgos can find Aquarius fussy and demanding and may have trouble expressing their feelings to Aquarius, too.”

They do complement each other intellectually and have similar interests and hobbies. “Despite their differences, these signs may cognitively appreciate one another, but they will not be particularly romantic,” she says.

Virgo is very realistic, and Aquarius likes to think outside the box and imaginative and innovative ways, which doesn’t come naturally to Virgo and might be too much for them to understand and get on board with. Aquarius might find Virgo to be boring, too, if they don’t open their minds to new ways of thinking or adventure.

3. Virgo with Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign with a big, bold personality and a need for freedom. They will be less inclined to prioritize marriage, which is actually pretty similar to Virgo, who is career-focused and picky with their standards and thus tends to struggle in finding someone they deem worthy.

“Sagittarius gets frustrated by Virgo's need for perfection, while Virgo believes Sagittarius to be negligent and careless in their management of things,” says Newman. The lack of organization and planning will prevent the relationship from moving forward.

Realistically, they’d experience problems in their day-to-day lives. Virgo may be critical of Sagittarius, while Sag would have no understanding, and communication would suffer. Lack of discussion will likely prevent any resolve from happening between the two.

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