The Zodiac Signs That Are Totally Compatible With Aquarius—And the Signs That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, marches to the beat of its own drum. With a season that falls in the winter between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius traits include being clever, confident, and analytical, with truly unique personalities and distinct or playful mannerisms. But because they might come off sometimes as aloof or detached, or even a little wacky and weird, this sign can be misunderstood. The most compatible match for Aquarius would respect its independence and freedom and give them space when needed to ponder and puzzle through their many, many thoughts. However, that partner should make them feel safe and valued by engaging in deep, meaningful conversations and spending quality time with them, too.  Keep reading to learn about what Aquarius needs in a match, and how compatible each zodiac sign is with this air sign.

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Key Aquarius Traits

Aquarius is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac sign, as well as the sign of friendship. For these reasons, people born in the sign of Aquarius often possess a desire to help others and make a difference in the world. Aquarius' ruling planets Uranus and Saturn also make them forward-thinking. "As a [fixed] air sign, they’re confident, analytical, progressive, self-reliant, and intelligent,” Emily Newman, astrologer, psychic reader and spiritual healer at The Best of Psychic Readers, says.

"[Aquarius is] confident, analytical, progressive, self-reliant, and intelligent."—astrologer Emily Newman

One of the zodiac's deepest thinkers, Aquarius is in constant search of “life purpose,” and they'll keep searching for answers and clues for self-discovery, as well as for new ways in which they can touch the lives of others and to make them brighter and better—it’s Aquarius’ way to find their “why” and role. They routinely question their role in the world and try to extend a helping hand to others. “Aquarius values independence, and they don’t seek help readily from others or let their inner strife show, and keep emotions inside and hidden behind their tough exteriors,” says Newman.

But while Aquarius can be clever and imaginative, Newman explains that they can also be pessimistic, rebellious, absent-minded, and aggressive. And they tend to overthink and get overwhelmed by incessant thoughts and don’t seem to handle stress and anxiety well.

Aquarius Compatibility in Relationships

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Two of the most independent signs in the zodiac, Aquarius and fire sign Aries make a great and strong pairing. Free-spirited Aquarius is drawn to fiery and assertive Aries. For these reasons, Aquarius is very compatible with Aries.

Communication shouldn't be much of a challenge either, because both signs are up-front and honest. “In terms of connections and relationships, both zodiacs are highly mature,” Newman says, where they know what they want and go after it with direction and force—they can work together to get after their goals, too.

The one place communication may falter has to do with emotions because it takes time for Aquarius to open up emotionally and Aries wears many of their emotions on the surface. However, once Aquarius decides they’ve found their “person” and the one that’s worth committing to, they’re loyal and refuse to give up. Aries' passion and commitment are a great balance to this, Newman says.

One potential hiccup is that both signs may struggle with emotional availability so they'll have to work together to meet each other in the middle. But because Aries is so forward-charging, they must be careful not to let their emotions get the better of them when they're angry and to act too hastily. Aquarius does expect the same commitment and loyalty in return, so they might become disappointed and sad when there’s lack of reciprocation or presence of apathy, where they aren’t given the attention or priority they feel they offer and thus too deserve.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

Despite both being fixed signs, Aquarius and earth sign Taurus will butt heads and are not very compatible. "When these signs interact, they will activate each other's more stubborn inclinations," astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides says. "Aquarius will not want to budge on what they think or believe and Taurus, who is slow to display their emotions or reveal their thoughts, will not match Aquarius's energy and may be too "chill" for [them]." Aquarius wants a debate partner and someone who will engage with them—Taurus isn't this person. "These two may just push each other's buttons in uncomfortable ways," she adds.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

A fellow air sign, Aquarius and Gemini, go well together. “Gemini, like Aquarius, is ruled by the air element and is a talkative sign with two personalities, and is known for being the sign representative of the twins,” says Newman. Aquarius is quirky and loves to laugh, play and embrace life’s new experiences and unexpected adventures. There’s enough movement to keep Gemini occupied and having fun.

“An issue may be that Gemini often have difficulty staying with a single individual for long periods of time, since they tend to grow bored quickly and easily,” she says. However, Aquarius also craves space and independence, which suits Gemini well, and has an open-minded attitude and approach to life, in general.

Plus, their similar communication styles add benefits for making it easier to discuss more serious matters  and understand each other in order to grow stronger together, as a couple. “Aquarius can provide ground for various discussions,” Newman adds, to stimulate Gemini’s mind and to steer serious talks, to help them find a sense of perspective and common ground.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer, a water sign, is one of the least compatible signs with Aquarius. “In this case, the opposite attracts and fails, as Cancer needs emotional support from their spouses, while Aquarius is more rational or logical and much less emotional,” says Newman.

Cancer's whole world revolves around the home and family, and they desire to be with their loved one and partner all the time, where they do pretty much everything together. Sometimes called the "aliens" of the zodiac, Aquarius needs alone time to recharge and reflect by themselves, and to have a bit of space from others, including their partner.

They also have vastly different worldviews and ways of behaving. “Cancer is a conservative sign, whereas Aquarius is a rebellious one,” Newman says. Cancer is much more reserved and restrictive and Aquarius’ is wild, open-minded, and spontaneous. Newman says the difference is too great for the relationship to ever really work.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

According to Marmanides, Aquarius and Leo are a case of opposites attracting.  A luminous, confident fire sign, Leos share Aquarius'  need to help and please others. However, they totally differ in their approaches. "Leos want to entertain and bring people joy and achieve that by putting themselves at the center," Marmanides explains. "Aquarius wants to help people by making systems better and does so by centering other people." These two could balance each other nicely if they do the work to understand each other, Marmanides says.

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo is an earth sign, and can be a good match with Aquarius if both partners really put in the work. However, it will have to be a lot of work because Virgos differ greatly from Aquarius due to their need for perfectionism, organization and extraordinarily high standards. Virgo is neat, technical, and detail-oriented—not traits Aquarius excels at.

But according to Newman, Virgo and Aquarius can actually be a very successful match because while they have totally different approaches, they're both ambitious, hard-working, smart, and curious. They may make great friends.

Romantically, however, problems could arise because of how they go after what they want. Newman says that because Virgos tend to imagine visions and goals with their ideals in place and then set high, exacting standards to achieve them, they’re hard on themselves— and even more so on their partner (even if unintentional or not understood). This behavior may come off as judgmental and unaccepting and while Aquarius is already not apt to open up emotionally, they could be made to feel vulnerable and unloved.

Newman says that Aquarius doesn't expect to be fully understood, but does wish to be listened to and not made to feel foolish or crazy. They want to belong and share in love, despite each other’s imperfections, and to find them endearing, instead—and they’ll want compassion and quick reassurance, at times where they feel they’ve failed in their duties and let others down. Virgo can be stern or cold if Aquarius doesn’t meet expectations for perfection, and so must be willing to work on lowering such high standards to become more humanistic and understanding.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

Libra is a pretty compatible match for Aquarius. Libra's charm, kindness, and generosity make the fellow air sign care deeply about connecting with other people. This passion may lead them to developing a wide and vast network of social connections, or really putting their time and energy toward advocating for or giving back to others. Societal improvement is top of mind for Aquarius, so they'd feel right at home helping Libra—and debating and considering all the questions that come up along the way. "These two signs together can be quite a formidable force when it comes to social justice and community building," Marmanides says. "Romantically, each will have to learn how to open up and share their personal feelings more but as friends or partners, they can easily succeed at whatever joint venture they put their minds together on."

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

While Aquarius and Scorpio would be intrigued by each other's intelligence, this pairing would be intense. They are square to each other, which means tension exists between them; however, Marmanides says "passion and sparks will definitely be flying between the two, and they will naturally feed each other's innate curiosity and fascination with other people." They also have different communication styles. "What can happen is a battle of wills and trust issues can surface as Aquarius's need for socializing will conflict with Scorpio's desire to keep their circle small," she explains. While Aquarius talks through topics at least but keeps feelings and emotions surface-level, water sign Scorpio dives deep and gets intimate which would be tough for Aquarius.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

A fire sign, Sagittarius is one of the best compatible signs with Aquarius, as they both have a sense of passion and love of life that’s contagious. “Both of these signs are emotionally independent and complement each other, and they are similar in their enjoyment of new experiences and adventures,” says Newman. They’re also dedicated to improving and strengthening their own independence and personal development, and they can work together to be there for each other, without being too codependent and clingy (a turn-off for both signs).

Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

On its face an Aquarius and Capricorn pairing seems like a total mismatch because of how different the temperaments of these two signs are. "Where Aquarius is bold and innovative and willing to shake up the status quo, Capricorn as a sign is often designated as * the embodiment of the status quo or at least, ingrained, immovable structures and systems," she says. Very different from Aquarius who will do anything to march to the beat of their own drum.

However, Marmanides says that while they'll this pair will have its challenges, they could actually really work. Two Saturn-ruled signs that can share a cusp, Aquarius and Capricorn can find commonality in their shared pragmatism and efficiency. "If these two can be honest with each other, this will work," she adds.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

According to Marmanides, two people who share the Aquarius sign would be very compatible together. "When an Aquarius meets another Aquarius, it's often a symbiotic feeling, like recognizing a person from your home country while you're traveling abroad, and there's an instant recognition that you both deep down feel a bit like a fish out of water," she says. "Two Aquariuses will celebrate each other's eccentricities and quirks." She adds that two Aquariuses together will find a willing and enthusiastic partner in exploring new places and ideas. "As long as they don't compete with each other, this pairing can work very well," she says.

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

Despite the fact that Pisces can share a cusp with Aquarius, it's one of the least compatible signs with Aquarius because they'd have difficulty relating to each other’s sensitivities, mannerisms and emotional needs. Pisces is a water sign known to be very dreamy and emotional—pretty much the opposite of rational, logical Aquarius.

It’ll take real time and practice in order for this pairing to progress and work as a couple. Aquarius doesn’t like to be overly expressive and tends to hide their feelings, and so, they may feel awkward or unsure about how best to respond during those passionate bouts or emotionally-heightened moments with friends or loved ones—especially those with their partner.

Because there's a difference in how these two signs cope with and express their emotions, Aquarius may hurt Pisces' feelings. “It's conceivable that Pisces may be hurt by Aquarius' actions regularly, with the thinking that Aquarians do know and comprehend what is upsetting Pisces and is thus required of them, as a way to offer support; yet, they just choose to ignore it and don’t care,” says Newman. To bridge this gap, they'd really have to work to communicate and overcome their difference. Pisces may feel that Aquarius doesn't understand them, while Aquarius might feel that Pisces is too emotionally demanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Zodiac sign is an Aquarius’ best match?

In terms of soulmates, Marmanides says the one for Aquarius is Sagittarius. This powerful combination of intellect and drive has the potential to propel each sign forward, and both signs will feel accepted and understood while also being challenged enough to grow.  "Aquarius is a deep thinker and they want to be appreciated for their mind, how they think, and what solutions or innovative ideas they come up with," Marmanides explains. "As a fire sign, Sagittarius is inclined to add fuel to creative thinking and is open-minded and adventurous enough to go along with any eccentric or out-of-the-box ideas Aquarius proposes."

Which Zodiac sign is an Aquarius' worst match?

It's important to consider more than just someone's sun sign to assess whether they're a good or bad match for Aquarius; be sure to read your entire chart and dig into all its facets before ruling anyone out. However, Marmanides says that from a "purely sign-based, archetypal perspective," Cancer is the worst match for Aquarius. "For Aquarius, an air-based, fixed sign, there is comfort in logical reasoning and pleasure in health debate and discussion, whereas Cancer, a water-based cardinal sign, is much more prone to need to process events through their feelings," she says.

What signs does Aquarius get along best with?

According to Marmanides, Aquarius is most at home with fellow air signs Libra and Gemini, plus fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. "Whether in friendship, business, or in love, even if they don't always agree or may compete to see who has the best idea, an Aquarius will at least understand where these signs are coming from and what motivates their thinking and their actions," she says.

What signs does Aquarius not get along with?

Aquarius doesn't really understand water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) or earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) so they get along with them the least, according to Marmanides. These signs have different values from Aquarius and different methods of mental processing that make it hard for them to see eye-to-eye. "With these signs, operating from a need for material or emotional security is the priority, and that's just not where Aquarius starts from initially," she says.

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