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3 Signs That Are Totally Compatible With Aquarius—And 3 That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Aquarius is free-spirited. Sometimes aloof or detached, and well, a little wacky and weird, this sign of the zodiac is often misunderstood. Aquarians are also clever, confident, and analytical, with truly unique personalities and distinct or playful mannerisms.

Aquarius is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac sign, as well as the sign of friendship, and those born between January 20 and February 18 often possess a desire for helping others and making a difference in the world.

“Uranus and Saturn are the ruling planets of Aquarius, which encourages people to think forward, and as an air sign, they’re confident, analytical, progressive, self-reliant, intelligent, and, well, an amazing sign,” says Emily Newman, astrologer, psychic reader and spiritual healer at The Best of Psychic Readers.

Aquarius Personality Traits

Aquarius is in constant search of “life purpose,” and they'll keep searching for answers and clues for self-discovery, as well as for new ways in which they can touch the lives of others and to make them brighter and better—it’s Aquarius’ way to find their “why” and role.

“Aquarius is clever and imaginative, but can also be pessimistic, rebellious, aggressive and sometimes too absent-minded,” Newman explains. And they tend to overthink and get overwhelmed by incessant thoughts and don’t seem to handle stress and anxiety well.

Their minds often go into overdrive, and they can’t power down and cease that constant steady stream of thoughts—those that are wild, imaginative and creative, those that are conflicting or anxiety-provoking and may lead to indecision, fear or doubt, and lastly, those that are random; yet, oddly fascinating and thus demand an answer, no matter what.

Aquarians routinely question and address their role in the world and try to help as many people as they can, without becoming too drained and emotionally exhausted by it all. “Aquarius values independence, and they don’t seek help readily from others or let their inner strife show, and keep emotions inside and hidden behind their tough exteriors,” says Newman.

Who Is Aquarius Compatible With?

Aquarius tends to have goofy, entertaining and often enjoyable (for the most part) eccentricities, which set them apart from the crowd and keep life interesting and people on their toes.

“Aquarius cannot stay serious for too long of a period, without taking a break for laughter and pleasantries in order to avoid boredom,” says Newman. They need fun, silliness, novelty and stimulation to keep their curious and innovative minds active and their energetic, weird little spirits entertained.

Aquarius is also the sign of friendship and is honest and loyal—sometimes to a fault. And they can be rather blunt and brutal in their delivery with words, at times, too. They do have a gift for thinking “big-picture,” and for the greater good, with a keen ability for seeing and understanding multiple perspectives, at once.

“They’re moral, loyal and honest in nature, with good intentions, but Aquarius can be aggressive and rebellious, especially in response to conflict,” she says. They strive to make a difference in bettering the lives of those around them, and for humanity, at large, and often have a need to root for the underdog, or those struggling and in need.

Compatible signs with Aquarius will need independence and freedom, to give them space, but also keep communication, quality time, depth in conversation, connectivity, and growth alive and present, so Aquarius can consistently feel safe to be authentic and feel valued and valuable.

Partners may be particularly playful, open-minded and accepting, despite how weird their Aquarius may be or how bizarre their thoughts may seem.

Aquarius hates being misunderstood and desires unconditional acceptance and love from a partner—where it’s consistent and unwavering, as well as representative of commitment, as Aquarius hopes it’ll last forever.

The Signs Most Compatible With Aquarius

1. Aquarius with Aries

“Aquarius is a free-spirit who is drawn to Aries, who is a fire sign, as both are more prone to achieving their objectives with similar ambitions, vibrant energies, independence and overall a high level of compatibility,” says Newman.

Plus, they’re both honest and up-front, so communication is pretty easy between the two. “In terms of connections and relationships, both zodiacs are highly mature,” says Newman, where they know what they want and go after it with direction and force.

While it takes time for Aquarius to emotionally open up, whereas Aries is quick to show vulnerabilities and speed things along, once Aquarius decides they’ve found their “person” and the one that’s worth committing to, they’re loyal and refuse to give up.

This complements Aries’ passion and commitment, similarly, and they may be more able to agree that there’s a rare, special bond that’s worth preserving and fighting for.

Aquarius does expect the same commitment and loyalty in return, so they might become disappointed and sad when there’s lack of reciprocation or presence of apathy, where they aren’t given the attention or priority they feel they offer and thus too deserve.

This is where Aries has to just be careful to not be too rash or hasty when angry, and must control their tempers and think things through before saying or doing things they may regret later.

2. Aquarius with Gemini

Gemini, like Aquarius, is ruled by the air element and is a talkative sign with two personalities, and is known for being the sign representative of the twins,” says Newman. Aquarius is quirky and loves to laugh, play and embrace life’s new experiences and unexpected adventures. There’s enough movement to keep Gemini occupied and having fun.

“An issue may be that Gemini often have difficulty staying with a single individual for long periods of time, since they tend to grow bored quickly and easily,” she says. However, Aquarius also craves space and independence, which suits Gemini well, and has an open-minded attitude and approach to life, in general.

Plus, their similar communication styles add benefits for making it easier to discuss more serious matters  and understand each other in order to grow stronger together, as a couple. “Aquarius can provide ground for various discussions,” Newman adds, to stimulate Gemini’s mind and to steer serious talks, to help them find a sense of perspective and common ground.

3. Aquarius with Sagittarius

A fire sign, Sagittarius is one of the best compatible signs with Aquarius, as they both have a sense of passion and love of life that’s contagious. “Both of these signs are emotionally independent and complement each other, and they are similar in their enjoyment of new experiences and adventures,” says Newman.

They’re also dedicated towards improving and strengthening their own independence and personal development, and they can work together to be there for each other, without being too codependent and clingy (a turn-off for both signs).

The Signs Least Compatible With Aquarius

1. Aquarius with Cancer

Cancer, a water sign, is one of the least compatible signs with Aquarius. “In this case, the opposite attracts and fails, as Cancer needs emotional support from their spouses, while Aquarius is more rational or logical and much less emotional,” says Newman.

Plus, Cancer's whole world revolves around the home and family, and they desire to be with their loved one and partner all the time, where they do pretty much everything together. Unfortunately, Aquarius does need some alone time to recharge and reflect by themselves, and to have a bit of space from others, including their partner.

Lastly, “Cancer is a conservative sign, whereas Aquarius is a rebellious one,” says Newman, and their viewpoints in terms of lifestyle and behaviors may be too different (with Cancer’s approaches being more reserved and restrictive and Aquarius’ being too wild, open-minded or spontaneous) for the relationship to ever really work.

2. Aquarius with Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign, and it’s less compatible with Aquarius due to their need for perfectionism, organization and extraordinarily high standards. “Virgo is too detail-oriented, whereas Aquarius overlooks a lot of things,” says Newman.

Virgos are neat and technical, and they tend to imagine visions and goals with their ideals in place and then set standards—which are incredibly high, unfair and hypocritical. They’re hard on themselves, and even more so on their partner (even if unintentional or not understood), and can be judgmental and unaccepting, whereby Aquarius no longer feels safe to be vulnerable or loved.

As the “alien” of the zodiac, Aquarius’ greatest desire in life is acceptance and often feels alone and misunderstood, Sometimes reassurance, so they know they’re truly accepted—for all their weird little quirks and vibrant imagination—which, yes, sometimes stretches a bit too far and is irrational or too innovative, which non-Aquarians can’t relate to.

Aquarius doesn't expect to be fully understood, but does wish to be listened to and not made to feel foolish or crazy. They want to belong and share in love, despite each other’s imperfections, and to find them endearing, instead—and they’ll want compassion and quick reassurance, at times where they feel they’ve failed in their duties and let others down.

Virgo can be stern or cold if Aquarius doesn’t meet expectations for perfection, and so must be willing to work on lowering such high standards to become more humanistic and understanding.

It’s worth trying, too, as Virgo and Aquarius can actually be a very successful match, according to Newman, who says, “They’re people who share the same social circle, are both intellectuals, and have similar hobbies.”

They have a lot in common relative to lifestyle and goals, are both ambitious, hard-working, smart and curious, and often share enjoyment in similar experiences and even flock to the same kinds of people, meaning it’d be fairly easy to build and keep friendships together as a couple.

3. Aquarius with Pisces

“A water sign, Pisces is very emotional, whereas Aquarius is rational and logical,” says Newman.

Aquarius doesn’t like to be overly expressive and tends to hide their feelings, and so, they may feel awkward or unsure about how best to respond during those passionate bouts or emotionally-heightened moments with friends or loved ones—especially those with their partner.

“It's conceivable that Pisces may be hurt by Aquarius' actions regularly, with the thinking that Aquarians do know and comprehend what is upsetting Pisces and is thus required of them, as a way to offer support; yet, they just choose to ignore it and don’t care,” says Newman.

This isn’t exactly true, but rather there’s miscommunication and difference in natural coping mechanisms and ways of expressing and supporting emotions, and both signs would need to work on communicating in order to achieve a breakthrough by stepping into each other’s shoes.

Without effort to understand each other’s differences, “Aquarius tends to feel that Pisces is excessively demanding, while Pisces thinks Aquarius doesn't comprehend anything they say or feel,” says Newman.

Communication styles aren’t aligned, and so counseling would be the best way to improve communication between the two, since Pisces is one of the least compatible signs with Aquarius and difficulty relating to each other’s sensitivities, mannerisms and emotional needs. It’ll take real time and practice in order for this pairing to progress and work as a couple.

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