Aries Compatibility: The Best (and Worst) Love Matches for the Fiery Zodiac Sign

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which helps explain why Aries are often natural-born leaders, exuding dominance, ambition, and a vigor for life. People who have their sun sign in Aries (aka the sign for which you'd read a horoscope) are born between the dates of March 21 (the spring equinox) and April 19, give or take a day or two. Because of their bold personalities, Aries tend to be most compatible with zodiac signs that share their fervor and directness in how they communicate and live their lives.

To be sure, true astrological compatibility can't be boiled down to just sun signs alone. We all contain multitudes beyond what our sun sign might suggest (see: your entire natal chart), and astrologer Alex Caiola always recommends people look to other aspects of their chart and that of any prospective partner (like moon signs and Venus signs, for starters) to get a clearer idea of potential compatibility. In general, Aries will be compatible with someone who can appreciate their high energy and dominance.

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Curious to know if you’d pair well with Aries? Read ahead to learn more from expert astrologers about Aries traits, the signs with which they tend to be most and least compatible, and details on how they might mesh (or clash) with every zodiac sign.

Key Aries Traits

Ruled by the planet Mars, which governs mental and physical drive, Aries is all about action and forward momentum. “People born under the sign of Aries are ambitious, honest, bold, courageous, daring, and creative,” says astrologer Emily Newman.

Aries is often so “fired up” because of their fire element, which can also cause them to come off as extreme or intense sometimes. As a sign with a cardinal modality, Aries is one of the zodiac's initiators—if you need something done, call an Aries.

Their energy and action-oriented nature can lead Aries to be quite optimistic; they tend to have big dreams or goals and feel excited about going after them. The flip side of that is, they can occasionally be hasty or impulsive in their decisions. And it’s not unusual to encounter a heated disagreement with an Aries or to find them to have a short fuse, says Newman.

Aries's ambition and passion can also sometimes come off as selfish; after all, they're the zodiac sign most closely associated with the self and individualism. They can sometimes show up as “egotistical attention seekers,” says Newman. “Aries wants to be the center of attention, so if you're in direct competition with them for something, they may cause you damage.”

Which zodiac signs are most compatible with Aries?

As a fire sign, Aries is generally most compatible with fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius since they tend to have a few personality traits in common. But they often also fare well with air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; after all, air is what fans the flames of fire.

The one caveat is with Libra, which, like Aries, is a cardinal sign; where Aries ushers in spring, Libra kicks off fall. “Cardinal signs like to be first, taking charge, and leading the show,” astrologer and psychic empath SirCheo previously told Well+Good. This could result in the two butting heads for the driver’s seat in their relationship, but otherwise, they stand to make a solid duo.

Which zodiac signs are least compatible with Aries?

As for the signs that are least compatible with Aries, Cancer tops the list. Both a water sign (which is essentially the opposite of a fire sign) *and* a fellow cardinal sign to Aries, Cancer is deeply sensitive yet loves to be at the helm of the ship. Their desire to initiate could be off-putting for Aries, who prefers to lead themselves. At the same time, Cancer tends to prioritize emotions over logic, where Aries can do just the opposite, sometimes making brash comments that Cancer could take to heart.

Water sign Pisces isn’t typically a great fit for Aries, either. Aside from their emotional water-sign traits (which could result in teary-eyed fights with Aries), Pisces also marks the end of the zodiacal calendar, whereas Aries starts the beginning of a new one. In turns, Pisces skews more contemplative, reflecting on lessons from the past; Aries, on the other hand, is all about the future.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) may also struggle to take in Aries’s high-octane temperament. Where the Earth signs are grounded, organized, and methodical, Aries can be more spontaneous, impulsive, and adventurous in spirit.

That said, it's important to remember that, again, astrological compatibility runs deeper than sun signs alone. (Remember the whole birth chart thing?) And while some signs might not be well-suited for Aries on paper, there can always be an exception to the rule. (So if you're an Aries and your prospective or current partner is one of the signs they're said to be least compatible with, or vice versa, you don't need to give up all hope—it's always possible that you're the exception!)

For a deeper dive into how Aries is likely to get along with every other zodiac sign (including where they're most likely to find common ground or face disagreements), read on for a sign-by-sign breakdown of Aries compatibility.

How does Aries compatibility vary with different signs?

Aries and Aries Compatibility

Compatible? Maybe

Celebrity couple: Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

While they’re both fire signs and thus would seem like an excellent match together, the intensity between two Aries can actually be too strong and cause difficulties. “Aries with Aries could mean a big blast, as both have equally strong perspectives, and neither will let go, since both want to be able to think and conduct things in the way they desire,” says Newman.

“Aries with Aries could mean a big blast, as both have equally strong perspectives, and neither will let go.” —Emily Newman, astrologer

In turn, a double-Aries partnership can resemble two competitors, rather than unified partners. “There can be major disputes,” Newman cautions. “Aries performs better when there is someone else to balance and temper the excess associated with the sign, and this is not typically conceivable between two Aries."

Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Compatible? Not typically

Celebrity couple: Gigi Hadid (Taurus) and Zayn Malik (Aries)

Both Aries and Taurus are obstinate and don't give up, which can make this fire and Earth combo incompatible, despite the two signs being right next to each other in the zodiac calendar. When both parties refuse to compromise or acquiesce for the greater good of their relationship, it can lead to additional disagreements and pent-up hostility.

They also tend to have vastly different outlooks on life: “For Aries, life is an adventure that’s full of chances to be daring and show bravery, and for Taurus, nothing is more important to them than comfort and peace of mind,” says Newman. Tauruses are patient, but dealing with Aries may be too much even for them.

Additionally, Aries is more risk-seeking and spontaneous, whereas Taurus is often more conventional in their ways of living and thinking, and prioritizes stability. And in this case, opposites don't necessarily attract.

Aries and Gemini Compatibility

Compatible? Yes

Celebrity couple: Kourtney Kardashian (Aries) and Scott Disick (Gemini)

Aries and Gemini can make a great pair because they balance each other out. “Aries is the fire sign, constantly looking for a charming partner who thinks outside the box, whereas Gemini is spontaneous, charismatic, unpredictable, and always looking for a good time,” says Newman.

Since both signs are optimistic and seek thrill and adventure, they’re bound to get along well. Plus, they’re both flexible when it comes to structuring their daily lives and like to avoid the mundane. Indeed, Gemini tends to be one of the most compatible signs with Aries, when it comes to aligning on their goals and prioritizing opportunities for adventure and spontaneity.

“These signs have comparable communication skills and work hard to achieve success,” says Newman. Where Aries can be headstrong and short-tempered, Gemini skews more toward calm and has a split personality, making it easy for them to manage Aries's mood swings, she adds.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Compatible? Not typically

Celebrity couple: Blake Lively (Cancer) and Ryan Reynolds (Aries)

As noted above, the double cardinal energy in a Cancer-Aries relationship can lead these signs to be direct opponents. Both signs like to initiate and lead, but Cancer does so with feelings, and Aries, with high-powered energy.

“Both signs are daring and ambitious, and they both want to win; however, Aries prefers to win the battle in any and all cases,” says Newman, and they won’t seek peace as easily as Cancer does. In fact, Cancer likes to avoid conflict when possible and would rather be protecting and nurturing instead of fighting head-on over disagreements, as Aries prefers to do.

“Aries's aggression may overwhelm and intimidate, and thus Cancer will likely withdraw inside a protective shell in response,” says Newman.

Aries and Leo Compatibility

Compatible? Yes

Celebrity couple: Jennifer Garner (Aries) and Ben Affleck (Leo)

Leo is one of Aries's fellow fire signs, meaning Leos will share some of Aries' intensity and action-oriented nature; indeed, Leo is considered one of the signs most compatible with Aries.

“Both signs are driven by achievement and are ambitious,” says Newman. Just note that Leos are equally as attention-seeking, bold, and fiery, and they love to shine, as the star that lights up any room. In turn, any argument between Leo and Aries can turn into a big one, where nobody is willing to concede. That said, Leo and Aries can get still get along so long as they avoid direct competition. (For example, Leo and Aries probably shouldn't compete for the same job if they want to avoid conflict.)

That said, Leo's innate people skills can also help to soften Aries's sharper edges. “Because they are born leaders, Leos have a greater knowledge of interacting with others,” says Newman, so they’ll also be direct in communication and know how to connect with others and rally them around a shared goal. “As a result, they are typically great at handling an Aries,” she says.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Compatible? Not typically

Celebrity couple: Reese Witherspoon (Aries) and Ryan Phillippe (Virgo)

Aries and Virgo have little in common with each other, which can make them incompatible. An Earth sign, Virgo is patient and practical—pretty much the opposite of Aries's key traits. "Aries is instinctive and fiery and likes beginnings, whereas Virgo is methodical and detailed-oriented," says astrologer Stephanie Gailing. Virgo, the final sign of the summer months, is also a mutable sign that goes with the flow—very different from agenda-setting, season-starting Aries.

"Aries is instinctive and fiery and likes beginnings, whereas Virgo is methodical and detailed-oriented." —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

While these signs share a desire to get things done, Virgo and Aries also go about problem-solving in completely opposite ways; where Virgo would meticulously consider a problem before diving into it, Aries would charge in head-first. And there contrasting approaches could spark issues when it comes to mitigating disagreements in a relationship, too.

Aries and Libra Compatibility

Compatible? Yes

Celebrity couple: Kelly Ripa (Libra) and Mark Consuelos (Aries)

As mentioned above, air signs like Libra tend to get along well with fire-sign Aries, given that air fuels fire. Libra may also be able to effectively manage the sometimes hot-tempered, argumentative nature of Aries due to their propensity for finding balance and harmony in their relationships.

In this case, opposites can attract; Aries and Libra are directly opposite zodiac signs. “Libra is a peacemaker and is very understanding, whereas Aries is impatient and stubborn, so Libra can provide all of the assistance that Aries needs to succeed,” says Newman.

Because Libra is a social sign that values community, they may also help Aries (which is a more self-oriented sign) maintain good relationships with others. And if Aries gets a bit fired-up or abrasive during an argument, having a Libra by their side might help mitigate negative energy and bring down the intensity of the situation.

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Compatible? Not typically

Celebrity couple: Fergie (Aries) and Josh Duhamel (Scorpio)

Scorpio and Aries don't typically mix—at least on paper. After all, Scorpio is a deeply emotional water sign (at least, at their core) that requires close intimacy to open up, whereas Aries is a you-get-what-you-see fire sign. But, sparks could fly between the two because they share a similar level of intensity, says astrologer Alexandria Lettman. Though Scorpio has Pluto as its modern-day planetary ruler, its traditional ruler is Mars, which is also the ruler of Aries and lends both signs their passion and loyalty.

Even so, Scorpio's water-sign status lends it an emotional, sensitive side and a need to process their feelings internally that Aries doesn't share. By contrast, Aries works through problems more externally, which could create tension. Overall, this push-pull can make for a great pairing... or quickly flame out, says Lettman.

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility

Compatible? Yes

Celebrity couple: Kristen Stewart (Aries) and Dylan Meyer (Sagittarius)

Aries and Sagittarius could be a really powerful love match. Both fire signs, they share an active spirit and passion for life. And they're both optimistic and love fun and adventure, too.

It would never be a dull day in a Sagittarius-Aries relationship. "They're the type of people who could keep the spark alive for a long time," Lettman says. "They're always building each other up and expanding their horizons together."

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

Compatible? Not typically

Celebrity couple: Patricia Arquette (Aries) and Nicolas Cage (Capricorn)

Given that they share the cardinal modality (much like Aries and Libra), Aries and Capricorn can overwhelm each other romantically with their mutual desire to be the leader or initiator, says Lettman. They are both ambitious and determined, but they approach their goals in different ways: Capricorn, with its grounded Earth element, is all about a steady and long climb to achievement; whereas Aries, with its hot fire element, is more about quick action and power.

While this dynamic may be too much for a romantic relationship, it could make for a rewarding and exciting friendship: Aries and Capricorn could use their combined determination and willpower to accomplish shared goals, says Lettman.

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

Compatible? Yes

Celebrity couple: Sibi Blazic (Aries) and Christian Bale (Aquarius)

As with the other air signs, Aquarius tends to make a powerful love match with Aries. The sign shares Aries's focused intelligence and desire for independence.

If Aries lets them, Aquarius could use their stamina and intelligence to help Aries execute their big ideas and dreams. Where Aries might come up with a great idea, “Aquarius would be like, 'Fun idea, but let’s prepare,'” says Lettman. Because Aries may not think everything through, she says, Aquarius can help project-manage to make sure ideas actually get off the ground. On the flip side, Aries's boldness and confidence can help Aquarius get out of its own way.

These two signs also share a fierce desire for independence and like to march to the beat of their own drums. "Aquarius is often eccentric and doesn't mind isolating themselves from people who don't understand them," says Lettman "[Aries and Aquarius] are the two who could stick together, away from the crowd."

"[Aries and Aquarius] are the two who could stick together, away from the crowd." —Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

One caveat is that neither sign is known for its emotional availability, so Aquarius and Aries would have to work together to bridge that gap in a romantic relationship and build intimacy.

Aries and Pisces Compatibility

Compatible? Not typically

Celebrity couple: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Aries) and Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Pisces)

Because these signs are pretty much as different as can be, Pisces and Aries aren’t often compatible. Aries signals the beginning of a new year in the zodiac, while Pisces represents the year coming to a close. A cardinal fire sign, Aries’s fiery forwardness and self-starter energy could come across as inconsiderate or rude to Pisces, a mutable water sign that responds to the feelings and actions of others and is all about emotional depth.

Aries also loves discussions and arguments, but getting fired-up can be a major turnoff for Pisces because they're very forgiving and accommodating. “A Pisces might feel like an Aries is uncaring, abrasive, and aggressive because they may talk over them,” says Lettman. “[Pisces] can also interpret Aries’s personal passion and drive as evidence that they are completely uninterested in them.” Some highly considered communication would likely be necessary for these two signs to get on the same page.

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