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3 Signs That Are Completely Compatible With Aries—And 3 That Most Definitely Aren’t

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which explains why Aries often happen to be natural born leaders, exuding dominance, ambition, and a vigor for life—and the potential for risks, rewards, and adventures. Signs compatible with Aries will likely also have the same fervor and directness in how they communicate and live their lives.

Aries are so “fired up” because of their nature, as a zodiac sign within the fire family, which is why they can come off as being extreme or intense in their mannerisms and imaginations, too.

“People born under the sign of Aries are ruled by Mars and are ambitious, honest, bold, courageous, daring, creative, friendly, and organizers,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Reader.

They are also quite optimistic—which is definitely refreshing and much needed in today’s age of stress and overwhelm, for sure! And while there’s much to love about Aries’ big, positive personality, dreams and goals, they can also be a bit hasty in their actions, decisions and behaviors. So, it’s not that unusual to encounter a heated disagreement with an Aries or find them to be impulsive or have a short fuse.

“Aries are also reckless, short-tempered,” says Newman. They can come across as being “egotistical attention seekers,” she adds. “Aries wants to be the center of attention, thus if you are in direct competition with them, they may cause you damage, and are typically stubborn by nature.”

Yet, all the zodiac signs can find true love and their perfect match, and it’s just a matter of finding the signs compatible with Aries who can appreciate and tolerate their more aggressive, high-energy and dominant nature. These are the signs compatible with Aries and the ones that may not get along and vibe too well.

The Signs Most Compatible With Aries

1. Aries with Gemini

“Aries is the fire sign, constantly looking for a charming partner who thinks outside the box, whereas Gemini is spontaneous, charismatic, unpredictable, and always looking for a good time,” says Newman.

Since both signs are optimistic and seek thrill and adventure, they’re bound to get along well. Plus, they’re less rigid in structuring their daily lives and like to avoid the mundane and boredom, as much as possible. With similar lifestyles, Gemini is one of the best signs compatible with Aries and in building a future together where they’re on the same page with goals and the chance to act on any unexpected or spontaneous desires.

“Both have comparable communication skills and work hard to achieve success, and since Aries is headstrong and short-tempered, but Gemini is calm and has a split personality, it makes it easy for Gemini to deal with Aries' mood swings,” Newman explains. Phew! Those do pop up often.

2. Aries with Leo

Leo is also a fire sign, so people born under the zodiac sign of Leo have characteristics comparable to Aries and are thus one of the greatest signs most compatible with Aries lovers.

“Both are driven by achievement and are ambitious; however, Leo is a lion and will not let go of anything that may cause an issue,” says Newman. Luckily, this is usually only for a short period, as they don’t tend to hold grudges. Just they are equally as attention-seeking, bold and fiery, and they love to shine, as the star that lights up any room.

So, perhaps there may be some competition between Aries and Leo at times, but together you can diminish competitive feelings by reshaping and changing perspective and attitude—as well as avoiding direct competition, where let’s say you are seeking the same career role, as an example.

“Because they are born leaders, Leos have a greater knowledge of interacting with others,” she says, so they’ll also be direct in communication and know how best to fire others up and take charge, as needed. “As a result, they are the best to handle Aries,” she says—maybe even the winner, among most compatible signs with Aries.

3. Aries with Libra

Libra is an air sign, whereas Aries is a fire sign, so both do have some opposing characteristics; however, ultimately they complement each other well. This may be due to Libra’s priority for balance and harmony, and so they’re able to deal with Aries’ aggressiveness and argumentative nature better than other signs.

“Libra is a peacemaker and is very understanding, whereas Aries is impatient and stubborn, so Libra can provide all of the assistance that Aries needs to succeed,” says Newman. And Libra will help to calm them down and deflate tension, as well as be a number one supporter for their endeavors and passions.

“Libra also assists Aries in maintaining social relationships,” says Newman. Libra is a very social sign that values community and seeks to create harmony within groups of their peers, family and co-workers. And if Aries is too fired up, feisty and abrasive during an argument, having Libra by their side can help mitigate the negative energy and intensity of the situation and bring about peace.

The Signs Least Compatible With Aries

1. Aries with Taurus

“Aries and Taurus are least compatible signs since Aries is a fire sign and Taurus is an earth sign, and both are obstinate by nature, meaning neither is willing to give up on their end,” says Newman.

When both parties refuse to compromise or acquiesce for the greater good of their relationship, it can lead to additional disagreements and pent up hostility (which may continue to build with time and never be resolved, unfortunately.)

“For Aries, life is an adventure that’s full of chances to be daring and show bravery, and on the other hand, for Taurus, nothing is more important to them than comfort and peace of mind,” says Newman.

What’s more, Aries is more risk-seeking and spontaneous, as avid adrenaline junkies, whereas Taurus is so conventional in their ways of living and thought and prioritize stability, as being extra risk-adverse. “Taurus is inflexible so it is unlikely to modify their viewpoint,” says Newman.

And despite Aries’ efforts, this may be Aries' biggest challenge in the relationship and a prominent reason as to why Taurus is one of the worst signs compatible with Aries.

2. Aries with Aries

While they’re both fire signs and thus would seem like an excellent match together, the intensity between two Aries can actually be too strong and cause difficulties, instead.

“Aries with Aries means big blast, as both have equal perspectives, and neither will let go, since both want to be able to think and conduct things in the way they desire,” says Newman.

However, because both have a hard time putting their opinions aside and listening to someone else’s ideas and stances, a double Aries partnership can resemble two competitors, rather than unified partners.

“There will be major disputes,” Newman cautions. “Aries performs better when there is someone else to balance and temper the excess associated with the sign, and this is not conceivable between two Aries,” Newman adds.

3. Aries with Cancer

Cancer is a water sign, whereas Aries is a fire sign. So, basically, both are direct opponents and will have difficulties getting along and seeing eye-to-eye on things, particularly in the way they communicate and handle disagreements and tension.

“Both are daring and ambitious, and they both want to win; however, Aries prefers to win the battle in any and all cases,” says Newman, and they won’t seek peace as easily as Cancer does.

While Cancer does stand firm and like to come out on top, Newman explains that they actually prefer to avoid conflict, when possible. “Instead Cancer tries to protect and nurture,” she says.

“As a result, the combination of Aries and Cancer is most volatile, as Aries' aggression may overwhelm and intimidate, and thus Cancer will likely withdraw inside a protective shell in response, and so the battle begins,” says Newman. And generally, nobody will win in the end, sadly.

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