Cancer Compatibility: Best and Worst Zodiac Matches for the Tenderhearted Sign

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Your birth chart can tell you a lot about your quirks and temperament—and that includes matters of the heart. For Cancer zodiac signs (born between June 20 and July 22), they’re extremely devoted to their partners once they come out of their shells. When it comes to discerning which signs are most compatible with Cancer, the best zodiac sign matches are those who can protect their giving nature and be patient with their moodiness.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is an intuitive feeler and seeks partnerships with those who can handle their emotions with care. “Cancer is devoted, protective, wise, diligent, dependable, and compassionate,” says Emily Newman, psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Reader.

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A good sign for Cancer is one with the bandwidth to reciprocate their nurturing personality. Read on to learn more about Cancer traits and what matches complement them—and which not so much.

Key Cancer Traits

Cancer, whose dates fall roughly between June 20 and July 22, is the fourth sign of the zodiac. They are symbolized by the crab, an oceanic crustacean known for its hard-shell exterior. Much like the crab, Cancer might come off as reserved or closed off at first—they’re comfortable in their protected safe spaces. But once they open up, you’ll find that hidden beneath their protective shells are deeply emotional, sensitive, and intuitive individuals.

“They are often in tune with others’ feelings and vibes,” according to Rachel Lang, professional astrologer, psychic medium, and author of Modern Day Magic, in a previous interview with Well+Good. “Because of this, they tend to be the ones who take care of others, nurture relationships, and feel deeply committed to their family and friends.”

Indeed, it will take time and effort for Cancer to feel safe enough to open up, but you might find that it’s well worth the wait. Once a Cancer falls in love, they’re in it for the long term. Devoted as they are to loved ones, Cancer’s shadow side is that they can be selfless to the point of self-sacrifice. When they neglect themselves, they can become moody and withdrawn.

“Cancer people are most compatible with intuitive, family-oriented, and financially responsible people who can provide security."—Erin River Sunday, astrologer

When it comes to relationships, Cancers crave a deep and stable connection with someone equally emotionally savvy as they are.“Cancer people are most compatible with intuitive, family-oriented, and financially responsible people who can provide security,” says Erin River Sunday,  astrologer and co-host of the Kiss My Astral Podcast. Oh, and bonus points if you’re a good cook, she adds.

What’s more, Cancer is prone to being passive-aggressive when hurt, which can make it hard to communicate efficiently and quickly with others who may not realize that they’re upset, too. As they are not one who easily lets go, they tend to grip onto negative past experiences. At their lowest, their sensitivity and grudge-holding attitude can be cumbersome for the health and maintenance of relationships long-term.

Curious to know which star signs are compatible with Cancer? Below, astrologers discuss which

Which zodiac signs are most compatible with Cancer?

Cancer can relate to fellow water sign Pisces’ tenderness and emotional receptivity. “They’re both reflective personalities that have a way of exposing people’s deepest fears as well as intuitions,” says Sunday. Being that Pisces loves to dream beyond limits, their supportive nature comforts Cancer and empowers the sheltered hermit to come out of their comfort zones. But when their social battery starts to run low, they can count on each other to retreat. “They understand each other’s mood swings and enjoy being cozy together,” explains Sunday.

Each sign has a sign that sits opposite them in the zodiac wheel called a sister sign. Capricorn is Cancer’s sister sign, effortlessly balancing the other out. “While Cancer wants to be at home, Capricorn likes to be at work,” says Sunday. They may differ in how they express themselves in the world, but fundamentally, both signs seek maturity, stability, and devotion. “They can complement each other well if they know how to meet in the middle,” Sunday explains—when they can prioritize each other, they can conquer just about any adversity that comes their way.

Scorpio can be alluring, if not downright irresistible, to Cancer due to the scorpion’s emotional depth and devotion to their partners. Not to mention Scorpio’s passion ignites deep intimacy in all aspects, which is sure to drive a Cancer wild. “Cancer deeply values security and Scorpio boasts a level of obsession that makes the Crab feel especially safe and protected,” says Sunday. “These two can reach the bottom of deep waters together.”

“Cancer deeply values security and Scorpio boasts a level of obsession that makes the Crab feel especially safe and protected."—Erin River Sunday, astrologer

In the same way water signs get along with their shared element, zodiac signs also have complementary pairings. In Cancer’s case, they’re intoxicated by Earth sign Taurus, whose romantic gestures and sense of security will melt away Cancer’s fears and insecurities that tend to swell up to the surface. “Taurus knows how to nurture and nourish Cancer in the softest way possible. Cancer appreciates that Taurus will stay the course and offer them the high level of commitment they’re looking for,” explains Sunday.

Which zodiac signs are least compatible with Cancer?

Note that no, you’re not doomed if your zodiac signs aren’t considered compatible. Your sun sign isn’t enough to determine birth chart compatibility. Other planets like Venus and the moon which speak to your romance and emotional temperament, respectively, should be considered when trading birth charts.

With that said, your sun sign discerns your outward personality, and there are fundamental traits that don’t vibe with Cancer.

For one, Cancers aren’t likely to understand Gemini’s systematic thinking, which can seem dismissive to their emotions. Plus, Cancers, who are deep feelers, may feel intimidated by the way they speak their mind playfully. “Gemini can poke fun at Cancer a bit too far and send them retreating into their shell or pinching them with their crab claws,” Sunday explains.

A relationship between fire sign Sagittarius and Cancer may be a whirlwind at best. This pair may experience a discrepancy in their soul’s purpose. “These two don’t move through the world in the same way and while Cancer will enjoy hearing Sagittarius’ stories, their lifestyles are radically different day to day,” says Sunday. Cancer is the zodiac’s homebody and Sagittarius’ appetite for adventure may leave the water sign starving for attention.

Astrologically, Sunday says this pair can quickly turn into the parent-child dynamic. Given that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, their eagerness and impulsivity can often feel irresponsible, if not unstable, to Cancer. “Cancer wants to nurture and Aries, while enjoying being the boss, can appreciate being babied too and doted on,” says Sunday.

How does Cancer compatibility vary with different signs?

Cancer and Aries Compatibility

Aries is a fire sign, and they often have an intense physical chemistry with Cancer, but fail to connect emotionally and mentally for the signs to be compatible long-term. “Aries do not prefer too much emotional behavior like that of Cancer, and when both partners are faced with a challenge, Aries likes to battle and win, whilst Cancer prefers to hide,” says Newman.

What’s more, both have opposing views on life, which can make goal-setting and planning for the future difficult and unrealistic. “Cancer does not like Aries’s daring and overly rational behavior, and as a result, they are not an ideal fit,” says Newman.

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Like Cancer, Taurus places high significance on relationships, as the zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and affection. “They have similar traits in this realm: loyal, loving, wise, emotional, and homely,” says Newman, which they’ll show for each other when in a mutually loving and harmonious partnership. (Which comes more naturally for both when paired together!)

According to Newman, Cancer is an ambivert, and Taurus is an introvert, and together, they find it easier to root for each other’s successes as a team. There’s one red flag to watch out for, though. “Taurus’ possessive tendency can be a concern for Cancer,” says Newman. “Otherwise, both have great chemistry.” Good communication and trust can counteract this.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Gemini is an air sign, and as one of the most social signs of the zodiac, they crave more lightheartedness and less emotional intensity. “Geminis are chatty, intelligent, charismatic, and daring, and Cancer is stable and prefers to stay at home,” says Newman, with those born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp skewing on the more sensitive side. The different preferences in lifestyle and how to spend time, such as on weekends, can cause friction in their relationship.

“Gemini can appreciate Cancer’s honesty and reliability, but it cannot accept excessively sensitive behavior,” says Newman. “On the other hand, Gemini is temperamental and has a split personality, which confuses Cancer,” she says. Ultimately, though, Cancer may feel that Gemini ignores their feelings, whereas Gemini might find Cancer to be too uninteresting as a partner.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Two Cancers will have a cozy partnership, says Tenae Stewart, astrologer, spiritual coach, and author of The Modern Witch’s Guide to Magickal Self-Care. They innately understand each other and want the same things in life. For instance, “they’ll want to stay in and build a home together and really connect in an intimate way,” Stewart says.

One tradeoff: When you have two Cancers constantly wading in their emotions, they can become waterlogged. “On the one hand, they can really see each other’s emotional sensitivity and depth, but then they’re always in that space of emotional processing instead of going out and living their lives,” she says.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Both Cancer and Leo are loyal and devoted to their loved ones, but they differ in personality and priorities. Cancer is emotional and sensitive while Leo is passionate, but, at times, stubborn and set in their ways. What’s more, “Leos are sensible and enjoy trying new things, whereas Cancer is conventional in thinking and in matters of relationships,” Newman previously told Well+Good. (Those born on the Cancer-Leo cusp, though, might exude more uncertainty than pure lions).

Regardless, their opposing personalities can make for a tumultuous relationship; Cancer might be too emotionally sensitive for Leo, whereas Leo might come across as self-indulgent to Cancer. However, if they learn to understand each other’s differences, they can build a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

A Cancer and Virgo make for a power couple, which is largely owed to their complementary astrological elements: water and Earth. Organized, detail-oriented, and particular, Virgo can help Cancer with practicalities, whereas sensitive Cancer can help Virgo tap into their emotions. Both are caring and sensitive, so they can nurture each other and effectively communicate their needs.

If anything, Virgo can be a straight-shooter, and they might come off as insensitive to Cancer, who thinks more with their heart. “Cancer appreciates Virgo’s affinity for a solid plan and they both know how to take care of each other and the people around them,” says Sunday.

Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Cancer and Libra both have a penchant for romance and want lasting relationships. They’re also both cardinal signs with reputations for being self-starters. While they share similarities that can make for a fulfilling partnership, they have different approaches to love that can cause challenges in their relationship. Libras require emotional distance to thrive, whereas Cancers seek deep connections and can be clingy with their partners.

Newman told Well+Good: “Cancer is too sensitive and can not understand the good motive like Libra does, and sometimes becomes too anxious and judgmental for Libra’s taste.” Cancer can also be prone to mood swings, and Libras might not take well to their hasty emotional shifts. “But they can get into trouble when neither of them wants to have a direct conversation and name what’s upsetting them,” Sunday adds.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio are two water signs, and Scorpio shares many of Cancer’s characteristics: loyal, truthful, and emotionally aware. “They are innately sensitive and both help each other to nurture,” says Newman. However, “Scorpio enjoys gossip, and Cancer dislikes it, which might lead to friction, although it is seldom a major issue,” Newman adds.

Lastly, both are guarded and don’t open up and trust too easily, so they’ll need to let each other in first before their trust and love can thrive. “Scorpio must first earn a place in Cancer’s heart, which might be challenging because Cancer does not trust easily,” says Newman. (And visa versa.) “However, once a bond is established, it lasts longer,” she says.

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius is a mutable air sign that is born to explore. This makes the zodiac sign a challenging partner for Cancer, a comfort-loving homebody. The archer’s desire to roam can rub Cancer the wrong way. “They dislike Sagittarius’s gregarious and adventurous character and instead value family most, and so they frequently expect their spouse to spend time with them,” Newman told Well+Good.

When Sagittarius is chasing their next adventure, Cancer may question Sagittarius’s sincerity and feelings for them, and on the other hand, Sagittarius may feel suffocated by Cancer. If they can openly communicate their needs, the crab and archer can work despite their differences.

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn and Cancer might seem an unlikely pair from the offset. Cancer is deeply sensitive, while Capricorn is logical—sometimes overly so—which can lead to miscommunication between them. However, both zodiac signs have the potential to balance out each other’s differences, and when they do, they can fulfill one another’s needs.

“Capricorns guarantee that their partner’s life is stable and secure, and Capricorn’s greatest soulmate is Cancer, who gives comfort and care to their relationship,” Newman told Well+Gold. “Together, these two signs form a lasting and harmonious partnership, and while there is potential for miscommunication, both signs are mature enough to deal with it in order to help make it work.”

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius is an air sign and appreciates independence and socializing while Cancers are fine with a date night indoors. “Cancer prefers to spend time with a spouse over other individuals, and Cancer is more overly emotional, whereas Aquarius is more analytical in decision-making,” says Newman. So, there’s a difference in the signs’ natural way of thinking and feeling, where emotions are felt and choices are made in mismatched ways.

Aquarius might be impatient and unable to grasp and understand Cancer’s feelings, as well as handle them. Cancer might be too needy for Aquarius, who is itching for their alone time. “Both tend to believe that their partners do not understand their emotions and do not give them adequate space to express them, which aggravates the relationship,” says Newman.

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

Pisces, like Cancer, is a water sign, and together they can have excellent communication and work as a natural match. “Pisces needs a partner who is grounded, protective, and spiritual, and Pisces and Cancer are both sensitive and are better understood when they are working together,” says Newman. Cancer can sometimes be a little too heated and argumentative for Pisces, but it’s manageable with the right energy and outlook.

“While Pisces is calm, peaceful, easygoing, and adaptable, Cancer is temperamental, emotional, and overly concerned,” says Newman. “However, they balance and complement each other's characteristics and have a strong bond.”

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