Is Whole Foods Trying to Move in on Trader Joe’s (Budget-Friendly) Territory?

Photo: Getty Images/Cavan Images
The battle of the grocery stores is on. When it comes to low prices on all your refrigerator and pantry staples, Trader Joe's is usually the best place to find them. You can fill your cart with fresh produce, freezer essentials, and even beauty products and still easily stick to your budget. While Whole Foods hasn't exactly been able to compete with the deals and steals in the past, a major drop in prices is hints that a rivalry could be brewing.

Starting tomorrow, you can expect to see the grocer drop prices on hundreds of its products. According to a press release, it's Amazon's and Whole Foods' biggest investment in lowering prices yet since the online giant bought the grocer in June 2017. Not only will there be better bargains on fresh produce, but there will also be double the number of Prime-member deals available, like an additional 10 percent off hundreds of sale items throughout the store.

"When Whole Foods Market joined the Amazon family, we set out to make healthy and organic food more accessible," Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer, said in the release.

The grocer says prices will be cut by an average of 20 percent on select items—mostly the "high-quality, peak-of-season produce," including large yellow mangoes for $1 each, organic bunched rainbow chard for $1.99 each, and mixed-medley cherry tomatoes at $3.49 for 12 ounces. And throughout the next few months, you'll see 300 Prime-member deals available on popular finds, like 40 percent off Kite Hill products and 35 percent off Justin's products in April.

From now on, you might want to schedule in a couple different supermarket stops on your weekly shopping trips.

Another reason to hit up Whole Foods? You can now bottle your own almond milk there. And while you're at it, find out how to snag a Whole Foods salad without dropping $20 at the weigh-your-own bar.

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