Heathy Intel Alert: Here’s What Whole Foods Corporate Employees Snack on at the Office

Photo: Stocksy/Bonnin Studio
Having a stash of snacks at work to dip into for a needed energy boost can be crucial for powering through the day. At Well+Good's most recent TALKS event, panelist and The Nutritious Life Studio founder and CEO Keri Glassman, RDN, CDN, explained that snacks can either be something that fuel your body or can make you feel tired and sluggish; it all depends on what you eat.

As you can imagine, there's no shortage of snack options at Whole Foods' corporate offices. Fellow panelist Kelly Landrieu, the global coordinator of local brands for the organic supermarket chain, shared that the corporate office in Texas is completely tricked out in the snacks department. And to keep their kitchen organized, she revealed the smart way they stash their snacks: "We have one drawer that's the breakfast snack drawer, filled with granolas, grain-free granolas, and oatmeal," she says, adding that the kitchen has a whole other snack drawer for afternoon snacks.

The Whole Foods employees know about products even before they hit shelves and are familiar with everything available. So what makes the cut in the office? "Our snack drawer has dehydrated fruit, grain-free popcorn, nuts, toasted split peas, and toasted lentils," Landrieu says. "People at the office really want snacks that are nutrient-dense to help them power through the day."

There's one snack in particular that she says is especially popular at the office: trail mix with peanut-butter cups. "Some people pick out the peanut-butter cups though," Landrieu says. "How disappointing is that?"

It turns out even with all the snacking options in the world, the good old standbys like popcorn, granola, and trail mix still win out.

If you want to go to Well+Good's next TALKS panel, here's where you can get tickets. And these are the snacks wellness CEOs keep stashed at their desks.


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