3 Ways to Stay Whole30-Compliant Without Giving up Cannabis (or the Munchies)

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Using cannabis to try to help with everything from anxiety and depression to sleep apnea and chronic pain can lead to one common denominator: a serious case of the munchies. So what's a girl to do when she's trying to get a THC fix and stay compliant with your Whole30–style diet? According to one writer who's successfully merged the two, having the best of both worlds isn't as difficult as you may think. As Dante Jordan notes on Leafly, a site dedicated to cannabis-related intel, you just need to incorporate simple rules into your routine to prevent those hunger pangs from ruining your diet.

"The way THC affects your body may still yield the same hunger, but what the Whole30 does is put you on a system where your munchies will be fruits and veggies, not cakes and pies," he writes. "You get so used to eating what’s essentially the Paleo diet of lean proteins, eggs, and fruits and veggies that even when you do have the munchies, it becomes incredibly easy to snatch up a healthy option."

Here are 3 ways to stay Whole30-compliant without giving up cannabis.

1. Keep diet-approved snacks on hand

If you tend to crave processed, sugary snacks after using cannabis, Jordan suggests keeping simple Whole30-approved snacks on hand so you'll be prepared when the munchies strike. He recommends sticking to veggies (like sliced carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers), nuts, fresh fruit, guacamole, and Larabars.

2. Partake around mealtimes

Since you'll likely want to snack directly post-cannabis, Jordan says you might as well just partake around set mealtimes. "Only smoking around mealtime will make it easier to stay on track because your munchies will hit when you’re supposed to be eating anyway."

3. Stick to the buddy system

Whether you're adhering to a diet like Whole30 or a fitness routine, doing it with a friend seems to make even the loftiest goals feel more reachable. "Having a partner that you don’t want to let down will be a lifesaver during those times of 'Screw this, I’m stoned and I need pizza,'" he says. Armed with a buddy, you're more likely to make sure your cannabis habit and Whole30 goals jibe.

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