7 Whole30-Approved Meals You Can Make in Your Instant Pot Right Now

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The payoffs for the Whole30 may be great—better digestion! knowing exactly what your body can and can't tolerate!—but man it comes at a price. Cutting out refined sugar, processed foods, grains, legumes, and dairy is tough. Even though there's still plenty left to eat (primarily vegetables and fruits, and organic meat, eggs, fish, and nuts), if you aren't used to the eating plan, it's easy to fall into the trap of rotating through the same two or three meals. (Egg burnout, anyone?)

What if someone gifted you a list of recipe ideas you hadn't thought of, and they were all meals you could make in your Instant Pot? Consider this a gift from the healthy food gods. Rounded up here are seven meals—all Whole30-approved—that will hit the spot every time.

Keep reading for the best Whole30 Instant Pot recipes that will massively free up your weeknights.

Whole30 paleo chicken instant pot
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1. Butter chicken

Sticking to the Whole30 food list absolutely does not mean giving up meals full of flavor. This recipe calls for turmeric, coriander, smoked paprika, and masala powder. The ghee-ed up chicken will soak up the spices in the Instant Pot, ensuring every bite is delicious.

whole30 instant pot soup
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2. Chicken tortilla-less soup

Another way to upgrade your chicken using your Instant Pot is with a Mexican-inspired soup. (This recipe has a couple versions for other eating plans, so just be sure to nix the coconut cream to stay compliant.) Like the butter chicken, this soup is full of spices. Garnish with some fresh avocados, which will tone down some of the spicier add-ins, like green chilis.

instant pot whole30 pot roast
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3. Pot roast 

The Instant Pot does its magic, making beef and veggies both juicy and tender, soaking up the flavors of Italian seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, and pepper—aka all spices you likely already own, eliminating the need to go on a grocery store scavenger hunt. Use beef broth for extra collagen and healthy fats.

instant pot whole30 sweet and sour chicken
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4. Sweet and sour chicken

Craving Chinese? This recipe nails the sweet and sour notes without sugar. (The secret is pineapple juice.) Other healthy all-star ingredients in this recipe are apple cider vinegar, ginger, red bell peppers, and red pepper flakes. This dish only takes ten minutes to throw together and 20 minutes in your Instant Pot. That's actually faster than takeout.

whole30 instant pot seafood gumbo
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5. Seafood gumbo

Thought you'd be stuck eating chicken every night? Don't worry, this seafood gumbo is chicken-free. What it does have: sea bass, shrimp, ghee, cajun seasoning, and bone broth—to name a few ingredients. It also calls for tomato paste, so just make sure what you buy doesn't have any sneaky sugar or additives in it.

instant pot while30 minestrone soup
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6. Minestrone soup

If you thought minestrone soup couldn't be made without beans, think again. This recipe is so packed full of veggies that you won't even miss 'em. Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onion, carrot, zucchini...your Instant Pot will look like a farmers' market. There's also beef, to your protein is covered.

instant pot whole30 meatballs
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7. Italian tomato meatballs

There's something about a bowl of meatballs that is just so darn comforting. Finding a Whole30-approved tomato sauce in stores can be tricky, which is why this recipe includes how to make your own with a few simple ingredients. The meatballs also call for a few key spices to really amp up the flavor. Consider this your comfort food fix.

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