8 Whole30 Snacks That You’ll Want to Eat for Way More Than a Month

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Finding good-tasting Whole30 snacks can be somewhat of a challenge seeing as how the diet, founded by Melissa Hartwig, resets your system by having you eliminate an extensive list of foods for (you guessed it) one month before slowly adding them back in to see how exactly your body responds to different things.

Among the food groups you won't be eating while on it are sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy (which is why it can be hard to figure out what's safe to eat and what's not)—especially when you're on the road with very limited options. But fear not: There are some portable goodies that'll help you create peace among your travel and health plans.

Since gas station and airport options are only going to get you so far, being fully prepared before you step foot outside the comfort of your own Whole30-approved kitchen is key. After you're done packing for your next getaway—be it a few hours away or on the other side of the globe—whip up some of these snacks that'll keep you full, satisfied, and right on track with your goals.

8 Whole30 snacks you can make ahead and take with you on the go

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1. Beet hummus with veggies

This recipe was originally geared toward those following the Paleo diet, but it works for anyone who's doing Whole30, too. Instead of making hummus using chickpeas—which aren't part of the eating plan—beets make a solid, vitamin-packed replacement. Just don't forget to bring plenty of veggies along for dipping.

2. No-bake Whole30 apple almond butter bars

Given that I live in New York City and tend to store plenty of miscellanea in my oven, no-bake desserts have a special place in my heart. This one doubly-so, since the recipe calls for the unbeatable sweet combo of almond butter and cinnamon.

3. Whole30 baked fries with chili ranch fry sauce

Potatoes are blessedly allowed on Whole30, so as long as their baked, you don't have to banish the golden snack from your diet. A dip made of mayo, ranch, and a handful of spices makes this snack even more delicious.

3 Whole30 snacks to create peace among your travel and health plans
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4. Baked plantain chips

When you're on Whole30, you're not allowed to buy any sort of commercially-made chips, whether that's potato or kale. What you can do, though, is make your own. By baking up these plantain chips at home, you'll have a snack that's just as good plain as it is dipped in some of your favorite salsa.

5. Onion and chive mixed nuts

Plain old nuts are so good for you, but flavor-wise, they can get boring. Mix them with garlic powder, chives, and onion powder, though, and they'll suddenly become your favorite snack.

6. Carrot cake caveman cookies

This recipe calls for a mere seven ingredients, almonds, coconut oil, and—you guessed it—carrots. After pouring all the ingredients into a food processor, bake these off for an afternoon treat to enjoy all week.

3 Whole30 snacks to create peace among your travel and health plans
Photo: Bowl of Delicious

7. Chocolate coconut energy balls

You might not be able to eat any sweet snacks made from grains, but these energy balls will totally hit the spot. Made with walnuts, Medjool dates, shredded unsweetened coconut, and some cocoa powder, you can keep them on hand for whenever your sweet tooth decides to strike.

8. Paleo everything almond crackers

An afternoon snack with a crunch? Yes, please!

This post was originally published on June 28, 2019; updated on March 4, 2020

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