This Pretty Pink Flamingo Wallpaper Will Take You One Step Closer to Nature

Photo: Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

These days, it's not uncommon for businesses to design their spaces with Instagram opportunities in mind; however, four years ago, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club stumbled into nature-inspired Instagram fame due to an unlikely bathroom decor decision. After much debate between founders Ashley Albert and Jonathan Schnapp, a loud flamingo-print wallpaper was added to the walls of their soon-to-open establishment's bathroom. Selfies ensued en masse, prompting the now-prolific hashtag #beakoftheweek.

Albert's not necessarily surprised by the response."One of my arguments for the wallpaper was that it makes everyone look good," she says. "The color is so rosy." Double taps aren't the only potential reason for the paper's popularity in this particular moment, however. "From a color therapy perspective, I see it as a calling for vulnerability and compassion. Pink is a call for unconditional love for the self and others. The hint of yellow adds the courage to do so," explains Walaa AlMuhaiteeb founder of The Color Recipe. "Mixed together they bring the message that openness and softness are the new strong."

Science offers further insight into the sudden ubiquity of such prints. Studies have shown that nature makes us happier, but exposure to the natural world can be hard to come by these days between in-office, computer-centric jobs and urban dwellings. One way to remedy this is, of course, to add flora and fauna to your space—these three plants are the new succulents for anyone searching for hard-to-kill greenery—but it can't hurt to add nature-themed prints to your space by way of pillows and wallpapers as well.

If you're as smitten with these flamingos as are the Royal Palm's clientele but are worried about how you can pull off the look in your own home, interior designer Emily Henderson offers some words of advice. "When it comes to graphic wallpaper, less is more," she says. "If you have a large room, think about wallpapering just one focal wall, or use it in a small space like a hallway or powder room to create a jewel-box inspired look." In other words, paper the bathroom in a flattering, happiness-boosting, natural print and let the selfie bonanza begin.

Browse flamingo prints below to bring a little more happy into your home.

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