Why You’ve Probably Been Putting Your Mascara on All Wrong

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Turns out most of us have no idea how to apply mascara. Here's how to do it like a makeup artist, and in a flash.

Shirley Pinkson model mascara W3LL PEOPLE
Shirley Pinkson working her mascara magic on a model. (Photo: W3LL PEOPLE)

That tube of trusty mascara you love and pretty much don't leave the house (or gym) without applying? You’ve likely been putting it on all wrong.

What makes me so sure? When Shirley Pinkson, the makeup artist cofounder of W3LL PEOPLE, showed me the eco-chic company's brand new Bio-Extreme Expressionist Mascara ($23.50) and applied it to my lashes, there was this little step she added that I'd never seen in my 12 or so years of beauty reporting. And it had this effect of defining my eyes, not just lengthening my lashes.

I asked Pinkson for the 411 on how to do it myself this way each and every time I reach for a tube. "If you do this right, not only will you add definition and length," says Pinkson, "it will look almost as if you have a thin line of liner on.” Who's game? —Melisse Gelula

"It contains nourishing sunflower seed oil in a base of organic beeswax and natural cellulose microspheres that deliver fullness and volume," says Pinkson, about the new mascara.

Here is Pinkson's simple mascara tutorial that will blow your mind (and save you a step in front of the mirror):

1.    Nestle the mascara wand into the base of your lashes. Get in nice and close.
2.    Wiggle the wand side to side—this is the brilliant move that deposits product between the lashes and gives a subtle eyeliner effect—then gently twirl the wand between your fingertips out towards the tips of the lashes to elongate them. Yes, twirl the brush, so you're using all the product on the wand.
3.    Let's do it again!

After following these steps, you'll have gorgeous lashes and eyes that pop.

*Precautionary note: If you want to go for a third coat, proceed at your own risk! You're likely to get caked-up lashes. Most mascaras are designed to provide two effective coats, says Pinkson.

For more information, visit www.w3llpeople.com or check out the Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara


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