#WhyIYoga: How Yoga Helps This Novelist Gain Perspective


Whether you’re a just-hooked newbie or seasoned yogi, your reasons for turning to yoga are personal. Physical strength? Balance in your day-to-day? Serious vibes? There’s no wrong answer—and CorePower Yoga gets that. On the eve of the national megabrand’s arrival in New York City (look out for its Upper West Side debut in late spring!), we’re teaming up to highlight the inspiring stories behind its star instructors. Because every #WhyIYoga moment = goals.

In today's uber-busy world, it's easy to get lost in the tumult inside your own head. You know the deal: Ruminating over tiny (or big) problems, obsessing over your to-do list, or stressing over a creative blockage.

CorePower Yoga instructor Carola Lovering knows the feeling—and is here to say that yoga can provide a way to quiet that very loud internal convo.

"I remember the feeling of being on my mat," she says of her first CorePower class. "I felt like, in that space, whatever the dimensions are, I could do so much there. And I felt that translate to other aspects of my life—I could start from right where I was."

The introspective yogi first took up her practice while attending Colorado College in 2007. After trying it—and falling in love—she got certified as a yoga instructor while still a college junior. A few cross-country moves and 180-degree career flips later, and she'll be a starring teacher at CorePower Yoga's first New York City studio this spring.

"Finding that physical release doesn't just make you feel better in your body, but also feel better in your mind."

The grounding practice has come in handy for the New York native, who ditched a job in PR to focus on teaching yoga—and work on her debut novel, which will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2018. "I’m definitely a more creative person than analytical," Lovering explains. "Yoga is a place where in addition to letting go, I can be creative and come up with a lot of ideas."

And she says the gains can be vast for anyone, aspiring novelist or not. "I think that everyone holds—with or without knowing it—a lot of tension in their bodies that may be manifesting itself in negative ways. A lot of people are working all day at desks, and finding that physical release doesn't just make you feel better in your body, but also feel better in your mind."


How yoga spurs creativity

Yoga has been crucial while working on her debut novel—an intense look at relationships, secrets, and forgiveness partially inspired by her own experiences. "If I have an issue with a character or plot line taking up space in my mind, or I’m struggling with a decision or need to flesh out an idea, I’ll go to a yoga class and usually come out of it with a solution," she says.

Wheel pose yoga pose

Favorite pose

Lovering can flow from one complicated position to the next with (apparent) ease—but wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana) is a personal favorite.

"Wheel is an intense, heart-opening backbend that strengthens and elongates the vertebrae, increasing the flexibility of the spine," she says. "It feels amazing after a day hunched over my computer typing—it opens the shoulders and hips in a stretch."

Yoga instructor wellness essentials
Graphic: Abby Maker

1. Outdoor Voices Springs legging, $95; 2. Tocca Yma Candela candle, $38; 3. Aura Cacia lavender essential oil, $9; EveryOne coconut lemon lotion, $7; 5. JBL Flip 4 portable speaker, $100; 6. Yogasana Ether yoga mat, $95; Taste Nirvana coconut water, $33 (for a 12-pack)

The yogi maintains a home practice with a soft cotton yoga mat, wear-everywhere leggings, and a portable speaker to stream Bon Iver and Fleetwood Mac. "Having a good Spotify playlist on hand is essential for me during a practice," she says.

Another must-have: coconut, whether in the form of moisturizer or refreshing water. After all, hydration is essential for coming up with creative flows—or writing complex books.

Stay tuned for CorePower Yoga’s first NYC studio in late spring. To learn more, go to corepoweryoga.com

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